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Mora Garberg

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Mora Garberg

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Mora Garberg

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Mora Garberg

Mora Garberg



A full tang knife has been at the top of the wish list for Mora's most dedicated users for a long time. Now finally it’s here, and we’re convinced that the Garberg, with its sturdy design and shock-resistant material, will be greatly enjoyed by both experienced and new members of Team Morakniv.

The Morakniv Garberg is a powerful full tang knife, designed to withstand the toughest challenges imaginable. Its blade is 3.2 mm thick and made of high quality stainless steel, specially treated in Mora's factory to make it even stronger. The blade has a special Scandi-grind, making the knife easier to keep sharp. Also, the spine of the blade has been ground to be used with a fire starter, so your essential fire is never far away. It has an exclusive leather sheath, a handsome and resistant protective cover.


Code MORA-12635
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Mora
Blade Material: 14C28N Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 10.9
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.32
Overall Length (cm): 22.9
Blade Colour: Satin
Handle Colour: Black
Handle Material (Text): Polyamide
Blade Finish: Brushed
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Type: Plain
Tang: Full Tang
Grind: Scandi
Sheath: Leather
Product Weight (g): 272
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. A High Quality ProductReview by
    If you are a 'knife person', you likely appreciate quality.
    This knife delivers. The blade looks a little longer in the images here and perhaps, therefore, seems a little longer than it is.However, it is perfectly formed, the balance and weight prove positive in the hand and the whole knife would appear to inspire a lifetime of devoted service.
    The leather sheath is a cracking piece of kit. I am so glad I went for that option. I am reliability informed that the leather is, or is similar to that, used in saddles - that I can easily believe.
    This rounds off the Mora collection for me with a resounding 'wow' (well, until the next one:-))

    HH again deliver overseas the following morning.
    (Posted on )
  2. Great toolReview by
    I have used the knife on 3 trips away so far and it has been flawless in every way.
    This knife is quickly becoming my utility knife as it stays sharp cuts anything and is a single strike ferro rod fire starter.
    The knife can be used to split wood but it seems a bit pointless when I have an axe to do this. However, making fine batons is a breeze.
    The sheath also performs well and holds the knife in place.
    Perfect blade of which I would highly recommend.
    (Posted on )
  3. Hard to buy a better all rounder at approx £100 -Review by
    Bought Garberg on Black Friday deal.
    Superb quality.
    Nice grind, does have micro bevel at edge which I think is fine on this blade thickness.
    Handle is hard with tiny bit of give, obviously highly resilient to wear but abrasive on hand.
    I like 14c28n as a steel a lot. Sheath is top notch holster style.

    Overall I like this about the same as my Eka W12. I like that the Eka strips for cleaning (nice)

    I think it is a sub £100 knife, just. I can't think of a better all round knife for that money.
    The rubber falknivens rust badly under grip, I suspect this Mora will outlast them easily.

    (Posted on )
  4. it's ok but nothing to get excited about.Review by
    I bought this knife at a Heinnies reduced price and I'm glad I did, I don't think I'd have paid the full price and after holding it in hand and trying a few tasks I'm glad I didn't. Don't get me wrong, its a nice knife, feels good in the hand and is reasonably well finished but when you see the quality of other knives available for the same price you soon see it's not all it's cracked up to be. Buy it for half price, avoid it for full price. Heinnies delivery and service is as always impeccable..24 hrs from order to delivery. (Posted on )
  5. A really great knifeReview by
    I have to disagree with the earlier negative review.

    The Garberg is a high quality full tang knife in a great sheath. It's considerably cheaper than my Fallkniven F1 and S2 and, for me, as good if not better to use (love that handle ).

    It is in a different ballpark to the budget Mora's, and much more expensive for reason of materials and manufacturing process. Compared to similar specified knives from other manufacturers I would not call it over priced. As you can tell I love mine :)
    (Posted on )
  6. DisappointingReview by
    I have bought many knives from Heinnie and own a wealth of full tang blades, including Enzo, Fallkneiven F1, lion Steel, Condor etc and after the rave reviews for this knife I would have to say I am disappointed. Firstly the grind isn't scandi, it has a little bevel which makes it completely pointless to have scandi and secondly the finish of the blade and handle are really not great. The blade spine is rough and catches where it's not been squared and the grind is toothy and ugly.

    I paid half price for this knife and even then part of me is thinking £50 is too much. £100 + is just plain madness. Get yourself an Enzo trapper 95 or a fallkneiven F1 for that price. I dare say this is a tough blade, but honestly the amount of work that will need to go into finishing it and getting rid of that ridiculous bevel edge on the scandi grind is scandalous. Steer well clear unless you can pick one up half price.
    (Posted on )
  7. 5Review by
    Very good knife indeed... (Posted on )
  8. Great service Review by
    Been looking for a new working blade for a while but couldn't make my mind up.
    I dropped into the unit today and wasn't disappointed with the advice or customer service. Nothing was to much trouble
    thanks guys.
    Great knife does what it says on the tin.
    (Posted on )
  9. Spotticus OniccusReview by
    Fantastic blade and well deserved the wait. This simply oozes quality from handle to blade to sheath. If you are after a near perfect bushcraft knife simply get this one. Thank you Heinnies for getting it out so quick so i could have a good play this weekend. (Posted on )
  10. InsaneReview by
    This knife cost like a F1 always chose the F1 always. This knife feels like a €10.00 knife it's insanely expensive. Don't buy this knife. Buy a cheaper mora like the classic one or better yet buy four or five. (Posted on )

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