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Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack S-Type

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Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack S-Type

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test 1Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack S-Type Thumbnail Imagetest 2Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack S-Typetest 3test 4
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test 1Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack S-Type Thumbnail Imagetest 2Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack S-Typetest 3test 4
test 1Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack S-Type Thumbnail Imagetest 2Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack S-Typetest 3test 4

Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack S-Type

Out Of Stock

Stock due in

  •   Pink Foliage(MAXP)
  •   Khaki(MAXP)
  •   Black Khaki (MAXP)
  •   Dark Brown (MAXP)
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Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack S-Type

Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack S-Type



Left-side-carry version of the world famous Jumbo Versipack

All of the space and none of the waste. The wildly popular Jumbo Versipack reigns supreme, and now it's available for lefties. Inspiring 6 different variants that boast 38% more space than the FATBOY VERSIPACK, the multi-functional Jumbo S-Type is a mirror image of the JUMBO VERSIPACK with the same quick release buckle and tuck-in flap, multiple pockets & dividers, spacious rear compartment with Hook-&-Loop interior for CCW, a paracord cinch pouch fitted for 32oz/1L water bottle or radio, and a quick-release ergonomic shoulder & waist strap for fluent mobility.

It's no wonder Maxpedition customers around the globe rely on the Jumbo Versipack as their #1 everyday carry bag.

Overall size

  • Approx. 13"(L) x 11"(H) x 5.5"(W)
  • Main compartment approx. 9"(L) x 8"(H) x 3"(W)
  • Empty weight approx. 1.8 lbs

    Exterior front

  • 10"(L) x 8"(H) enclosure flap
  • 2" quick release enclosure buckle
  • One (1) 6.5"(L) x 2"(H) loop field for patches
  • One (1) 6"(L) x 5.75"(H) zippered pocket
  • One (1) 5.5"(L) x 5"(H) slip pocket
  • One (1) 6"(L) x 7.75"(H) x 2"(W) zippered pocket
  • One (1) 6"(L) x 5"(H) internal mesh pocket
  • Internal key retention clip

    Exterior rear

  • Breathable padding for comfort

    Exterior left

  • One (1) 3.25"(L) x 5.75"(H) x 1"(W) zippered pouch
  • One (1) interior 3"(L) x 4.5"(H) slip divider

    Exterior right

  • One (1) 7.5"(H) x 3" diameter paracord cinch pouch with base-grommet for 32oz/1L water bottle or radio

    Exterior top

  • One (1) 7"(L) x 4"(H) x 0.75"(W) zippered pouch
  • One (1) 7"(L) x 2"(H) loop field for patches

    Exterior bottom

  • 3-channel PALS webbing

    Main interior front

  • One (1) 8"(L) x 6"(H) slip pocket

    Main interior rear

  • One (1) 8"(L) x 6"(H) slip pocket


  • Fixed shoulder strap made from 2" webbing 33" min. adjustable to 56" max. length; with 2" non-slip shoulder pad, 2" quick release buckle and Keyper™ attachment point

    Additional storage

  • 9"(L) x 10"(H) concealed zippered compartment with internal 7"(L) x 8"(H) loop field for CCW

    Other features

  • Grab handle made from 0.75" webbing
  • Paracord cinch storm collar helps keep contents water resistant
  • Removable waist strap
  • 9-channel PALS webbing on right strap base for attaching other Maxpedition gear

*Please note: Accessories shown are not included



Code MAXP-413-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Maxpedition
Dimensions (cm) Non Config: 22.8 x 22.8 x 7.7cm
Materials: 1000D Water and Abrasion resistant Ballistic Nylon


  1. A winnerReview by
    I too received this bag as a special offer from HH. This is my first bag from Maxpedition but won't be my last. I was very surprised at how much gear I could cram into this thing. Having lots of compartments in which to stow different items makes retrieving them easy and quick. I imagine this kind of approach is brilliant for photographers, medics etc. Not having to rummage around in a cavernous pack to find a small item is great. I use this as a travel day pack. I can carry full set of waterproofs and a light fleece top in main compartment. All my other gear camera, torch, kindle, phone, notebook and pen etc is distributed in the pockets. The external bottle pocket takes 1ltr Nalgene bottle easily. The strap is very comfortable. The whole product feels like top quality and really robust. (Posted on )
  2. Great EDCReview by
    I got this bag 'free' as I spent over ú250. I have been looking for a new EDC and so it was in the back of my mind when I was making my original order.

    As a bag for everyday use and for day trips out its absolutely fantastic! The quality is outstanding and the features work really well with 24/48 hour trips in mind.

    I've fitted water, shelter, fire and food inside this pack, as well as my F1 and a FAK. There's still room to spare!

    Now I've sampled Maxpedition I can't see me buying a different brand.
    (Posted on )
  3. Excellent bagReview by
    I ordered this bag to go on holiday as a day bag - I though a rucksack would be a bit hot and I would end up carrying everyone else's stuff too. I went for the Versipack Jumbo as I want to take my camera, a bottle of water, spare batteries and other holiday stuff like sunnys, mobile, guide book wallet, passport etc. This bag just swallows them whole. I have a Lowepro Apex 110AW for my bridgecamera which fits in the main compartment with spare batteries too and there's still a bit of space down the side and plenty on top.
    The bag itself is very well made and thing it's going to last the test of time, use and abuse. Excellent quality as you would expect from Maxpedition. I got the Foliage green as I think it suits town and country without looking too Special ops. The Foliage green a bit duller and greyer than the OD green - which is defiantly green.
    Excellent service from HH as I have always had in the past, thanks again guys.
    (Posted on )
  4. Great bagReview by
    Got this as a surprise Christmas present from my wife - thank you again, and thanks to HH for next day delivery on 21st December! Very well made and very strong construction. I had never seen one in the flesh before, and its not quite as big as I thought it might have been. That said, it easily holds all my EDC stuff to help me through the day. Plenty of pockets for stuff with the benefit that smaller Maxped' or molle/pals equipped pouches can be attached. To make it more comfortable I purchased a 1.5" maxpedition shoulder strap to use as a chest/stabilisation strap. It clips onto a bottom loop of the bag and I bought a Maxpedition keyper to provide an attachment on the 2" carry strap. I got these in foliage green which is just about a perfect match for the foliage on the bag. It now carries very well without bouncing or slipping round to the front when I bend over - worthwhile mod'. Fantastic quality and the Royal Blue looks nice and bright. (Posted on )

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