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Maserin Marinera

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Maserin Marinera

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Maserin Marinera

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In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Maserin Marinera

Maserin Marinera



The conventional, non locking pen knife is a highly useful tool for so many reasons. The Marinera features all the usual Maserin qualities of manufacture and materials and is ultra sharp out of the box. The blade is 420 stainless steel whilst there is a choice of equally strong handle materials in Olive wood or bone.


Code MASPE200516-$$
Brand: Maserin
Blade Material: 420 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 6.6
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.0
Overall Length (cm): 16.4
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry:


  1. Good basic EDCReview by
    I like this one. It has a more Continental feel than the more stylised and more expensive Case Sodbuster Jr., which is really a comparatively recent iteration, from 1976, when Case introduced the model. It is of course a Farmer's knife, a very old and agricultural pattern. Hence WR Case's name for their model. On the other hand, the Marinera is closer to the real deal, stainless notwithstanding. This feels authentic. You could imagine a European farmer of an earlier century using it daily.

    It has a feeling similar in cross section to a French Laguiole in that the handle is more so thick than it is deep in your hand. Not that it looks like the famous French folder, just that the wider and narrower parts of the handle feels similarly backward at first. For example, a traditional English lamb foot pocket knife is, like the blade, broad across its sides and narrow when viewed from the spine and back spring. The Marinera is fatter.

    Mine arrived a bit dull. No big problem, easily sorted. And the steel seems decent. It performs well. The olive scales like a bit of olive oil now and then, applied thickly and left standing overnight. The scales are a deep golden russet colour now, particularly at the joint end, where the end grain has darkened. It looks rich, and quite authentic. True, the stainless will not form a patina, but that is a minor observation.

    Four stars is appropriate because the blade develops side to side play after a while. Pinching or clamping temporary solves this unwanted sloppiness. I hesitate to hammer the pivot, as I've done for a couple of loose slip joints by other makers. Play is a somewhat common thing in slip joint pocket knives, and it is very worthwhile to learn how to sort the problem. Basically just bash it until it behaves! All right, use due care, and protect the bolsters with at least a paper wrap. Or, realise that you will have to do some buffing afterward. You may anyway. The last session involved an elderly wobbly pocket knife, a rock, some tissue paper, and my battered old Estwing hammer. And some judicious whacking. The result was well worthwhile; a repaired heirloom and boosted self confidence.

    I hesitate to try it on this little Italian job. No bolsters, so not sure if staking the pivot would split the pretty olivewood scales. For now, I can live with a tiny wobble.

    So overall, yes, I recommend this pocket knife. Charming, rustic and traditional, it will give an honest day's work. Thank you, HH. A pleasure doing business with you!
    (Posted on )
  2. Good value small pocket knife.Review by
    I bought the Olive wood version. It came very sharp and has stayed sharp enough for use without my sharpening it in a couple of months use. It's well put together, everything fits well with no gaps and the blade sits straight with no wobble closed or open.
    My only gripe would be that it has a very strong back spring, makes it hard to open. I've rounded off the corner of the blade stub where it drags across the spring and that's eased it off a wee bit but I can't do any more as the knife cannot be disassembled.
    (Posted on )
  3. Superb for the priceReview by
    I had this bought for me, off my GF for my birthday.. The knife is simply superb for the price. Very sharp from the box, and has a bit of weight to it. The back spring is very strong for a slip joint.. I would recommend this knife to anyone for a UK legal EDC. (Posted on )
  4. Great legal carry knifeReview by
    Nice little knife, I've had mine for a few years now and I still like it. Of course it is a cheap knife, so a few lacks in finish, but nothing important. All in all a great legal carry knife, certainly worth the money. (Posted on )
  5. Brilliant for the moneyReview by
    Thanks to Heinnie for the stunning delivery and service, they deserve 5 stars !
    Now the knife, this is my first Maserin but it will not be my last, out of the box it looks impressive for a sub £20 knife, Nice finish to the stainless blade and paper cutting sharp ( a little bit ragged ) just a little work improves it to a smooth cutting blade.
    The rest of the knife benefits from the little bit of attention an extra £10 would bring, 5 minutes with the 1500 paper removes all of the slightly sharp edges of the liner and a spot of oil works wonders to the action. All in all very impressive and worth every bit of the price. Well done Maserin
    (Posted on )
  6. Pretty little knifeReview by
    Bought this as a cheap and cheerful legal carry knife even though I'm not a fan of non-locking folders.
    The spring is quite stiff so this helps in that respect.
    Finish is decent, all rivets flush, etc. but the spring does stand a bit proud when closed.
    Edge is sharp enough to shave out of the box, hope it can keep an edge!
    (Posted on )
  7. Reasonable quality sodbusterReview by
    My girlfriend bought me this, rather than the olive wood version, by mistake. I'd have preferred the latter, and it's nearly half the price, but this is a nice-looking knife. Finish is reasonable, but on closer inspection there are plenty of gaps between the spring and liner, and a gap at the rear between the liner and scale you can wiggle a thumb nail around in. Pins are also a little proud. It's a shame Maserin can't work in carbon-steel, or at least in a better stainless, but the blade was nicely ground and came quite sharp. A little work took it to hair-shaving sharpness. I'm not in a position to say how long that edge will last yet. The scales are quite chunky, which makes this a comfortable knife to use, but it takes up more space in the pocket than it would otherwise. All in all, not a bad little sodbuster, but the olive wood version is certainly a better price for a knife in 420, and in my opinion, has more rustic charm. (Posted on )
  8. sharp, solid, basicReview by
    Sharp, solid knife. Handle lacking finish but decent, practical edc. HH service outstanding - and excellent value. (Posted on )
  9. Nice KnifeReview by
    As has been mentioned in other reviews, the finish on mine wasn't quite perfect, but it still feels like value for money. It's a quality brand knife for ú12.50, and other than the smallest details on the finish, the quality is there. Mine came sharp out of the box. Overall very happy with knife and service. (Posted on )
  10. Lovely little knifeReview by
    I bought the wooden handled version and loved it! It was sharp out of the box, felt perfect in my hand and fitted snuggly in my pocket. The slight imperfections give it a loved look, I like it a lot! Such a nice knife!!! (Posted on )
  11. A nice pretty…Review by
    A nice pretty little knife, but was not very sharp and does not hold an edge.
    Good service from HH.
    (Posted on )
  12. Good edcReview by
    Bit of a gap between one of the scales and the frame I had to fill in myself but once done the overall look is appealing. The blade is stiff but thats no problem. Not too sharp out the box but easily fixed. Generally very pleased. (Posted on )
  13. Poorly madeReview by
    The bone version wasn't bone at all, but plastic. Therefore I find it strange that it is more expensive. Mine did not came out sharp from the box, the blade was in fact very poorly sharpened. Overall I think it is quite poorly made. I can't relate to any of the other comments. (Posted on )
  14. Lovely Little KnifeReview by
    As the title says this is a lovely little knife beautifully put together and very sharp, a little stiff opening but as a non-locking knife not a problem. As always Heinnies service is excellent.... (Posted on )
  15. sharp sharp sharpReview by
    It's a lovely little knife, that came incredibly sharp out of the box, I've had many Moras and even a handmade swc knife, and this was sharper than all of these. The handle is quite broad and smooth and feels really good in the hand. The only drawback is that you can still see where some glue residue has not been properly sanded off; but in saying that the handle feels silky smooth and looks great, with the grain of the wood really showing through. its my new edc and I love it. think of it as a sharper beefier and tougher Opinel. (Posted on )
  16. NiceReview by
    This is a great knife for little money, nice wood handle is chunky & fits well in the hand, super sharp blade, when mine arrived one of the wood sides was slightly loose & had to be glued, also the spring sits slightly proud of the handle when the blade is closed leaving a sharp edge (could be ground flush), still a good buy for the money. (Posted on )
  17. Well pleased with…Review by
    Well pleased with this item, and again the service form heinnie.

    Nicely shaped handle with comfortable grip, and super sharp blade.

    great value for money.
    (Posted on )
  18. Excellent knife and…Review by
    Excellent knife and super sharp. The handle is slightly wider than I expected, but in all a top notch legal carry knife. (Posted on )
  19. Good, cheapReview by
    A very good knife, when deciding whether to buy this knife
    I looked around on the net for info. These suggested that while it was good value for money the craftmanship was not up to manufaturers like German eye(no reflection on heinnie) and when the knife was delivered I understood what they mean't. There where traces of wood glue visible where the scale's where attached and some other really minor things!. but overall it's a good every day use knife and is razor sharp (I already cut meself)
    (Posted on )

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