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Martindale Golok

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Martindale Golok Martinale Golok

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Martindale Golok

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In Stock

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Martindale Golok

Martindale Golok



The genuine "Crocodile" blade is made from hot rolled high quality British Steel by the Ralph Martindale mill. The strip is tapered in section to optimise the unique cutting characteristics with the weight of the tool and is therefore lightweight and easy to use. The blade is roll forged to give an outstandingly well balanced tool to meet the arduous demands of outdoor use. All Martindale handles are made from German beech wood. They monitor the moisture content of the timber to make sure the product is consistent and does not split under normal circumstances. The timber is cross-sawn for maximum strength and stability and the handle is fitted to the blade with solid steel rivets and washers. It is supplied with a canvas and leather sheath and a file sharpener.


Code CCUTH207
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Martindale
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 33.0
Overall Length (cm): 43.5
Handle Material: Wood
Handle Colour: Brown


  1. used in angerReview by
    I have owned one of these for a few years and have really worked it hard. the handle is not the best and quite slippery unless you wrap it with something grippy like skateboard tape. there is no lanyard or hole for one which is lunacy considering what you are swinging. the blade is good steel but needs both a file and a Dremel/wet and dry paper to get it bloody sharp. the edge retention isn't the best but this is made up for with the ease you can resharpen with basic tools. the sheath is utter crap and mine rotted in the shed. keep this oiled and dry as mine pitted really badly from being left in the shed and needed sanding and Dremel polishing to remove the dead metal (mine now looks kind of rough and ready but has no effect on the performance. my advice is to get one just be prepared to learn how to sharpen it properly and you will love it! (Posted on )
  2. cracking bit of kitReview by
    Like most, my, Golok started life in the British army and has most likely been to a few far off places seen some action and possibly had the honour of opening a beer or two when the Sgt wasn't looking. Unfortunately, it was then left to rot in the barracks basement for god knows how long until a private was stupid enough to end up being charged with cleaning said basement for "dumbassery". I found this rusted and looking worse for wear in a cold damp corner which I assume was someones squatting place to keep things for later use. sadly he never returned to it so I dug it out gave it a clean and polish and sanded the handle down and it came up great, holds a nice edge and is a real brute. its now in my possession as a wood chopper for the log stove and will cleanly cut a dry log with ease. so yeah for what its worth great bit of kit even for the 40 they selling it for. if you got it for free bingo! have taken it to camp many times and waited for the chance to unleash the beast and so far has beaten everything thrown at it (Posted on )
  3. Tried and testedReview by
    I am a full time gardener and use it all the time for jobs it was and wasn't made for.
    Keep it in a van full of dampness and extremes in temperature.
    Definately aa beater.
    Hard to get an edge.
    Comes with a great file i use on all my tools.
    Better at harder, woodier growth then soft brush, brambles etc.
    Bit short prefer longer blade for whipping out the wrist action.
    Have tramotina 18" too, much better.
    (Posted on )
  4. Utilitarian and brilliantReview by
    I've owned my Martindale No. 2 Golok for about 6 years and it continues to give sterling service and takes an excellent edge. From day 1 I smoothed off the beech wood handle, giving it a coat of linseed oil. a rub down with a Tuf Cloth Marine between uses stops corrosion. Most thorough review of Martindale machetes, including the Golok is at the following link. Highly recommend rthis practical tool. (Posted on )
  5. Be Realistic it's made with Quality British Steel and it's cheap!Review by
    I have an original British army issue Golok My father was issued it in the army in the early 1960's when we lived in Malaya. I've had it through my military service it must by now have hacked a hundred miles of jungle or more,pine forest in Germany,every imaginable type of tree, bush, it has seen service in the far east (Malaya,Borneo,Brunei) West Germany, Canada, 3 or 4 African countries along with most of the European trouble spots of the last 25 or so years it is still going strong. The new manufactured ones need a little work to bring them up to an acceptable standard of "fit & finish" but once that's been done you'll have tool that wont let you down. Get yourself an old 1944 Pattern webbing sheath when you buy a new Golok it's tough webbing with a pouch on the front to keep a sharpening stone where you'll always have it to hand. It's made of good steel so if you buy one don't mind the bit of grinding / polishing you'll need to do to make it into a great tool that will last you a lifetime. (Posted on )
  6. After a good amount of workReview by
    After taking delivery of my Golok I firstly worked on the blade until it was really quite sharp ... not necessary on a machete but it feels good. Once the blade was sorted I sanded the handle fairly well down on what it was ... once it was comfortable I used linseed oil to get the final finish I wanted. Its now looking and feeling good.
    I worked on the sheath for two or three days making it from 3mm veg tan leather which I dyed mahogany and stitched with yellow waxed linen thread..
    Now it is a work of art. Should I decided to sell it the cost would be over £100 ... but hey its not for sale.
    Whats next? The British Army Survival knife ... from Hiennie Haynes
    (Posted on )
  7. Good potentialReview by
    I bought this knowing that I was not going to get an engineered piece of art and yes I was right it was not a piece of art. The handle was rough and had a jaggy edge but its made from quality beech and with some work it will look and feel good in the hand. Some oil and it will be a good handle.
    The blade ... well .... I could have cut my hand on the burrs on the blade and it was very dull.
    The sheath is already in the bucket and I will make a custom leather one.
    Hey but the file is good!!
    There is a British flag on a blade sticker and if I was Martindales I would be ashamed to put that on it.
    Given all that once I have worked on it and made a sheath it will be spot on.
    (Posted on )
  8. Pull up a Sand bag!Review by
    Lots of genuine old Squaddies ( and 'Walts' wanting to winge ! If you were issued it,you got it for free and could have RTU'd it to 'fight again,but you kept it! Most who bought it knew they were buying a 'work in progress'.I am sure Martindale can make world beating Goloks given the chance.This is the Brit. M.O.D. 'Spec' i.e. Maximum kit for minimum cost! if you bear this in mind ,either bring it up to what you want,or get it done,as has been repeatedly said it has the potential to be as good as you can get.As has also been said 'one of these in good nick and a S.A.K.,your sorted for most likely needs' The British Army has been carrying these since Christ was a CPL,and will still be lugging them about when he 're ups'! (Posted on )
  9. Very PoorReview by
    I have an original, which is excelent, and wante d another for a friend. The product supplied was of poor quality. I am not prepared to spend the money for a DIY tool to finish. Sent it back and money refunded. Not a happy experience. (Posted on )
  10. StealReview by
    Wanted one of these for a while now and took the plunge. Came slightly dull but took little work to get shaving sharp! Received within 20 hours also, excellent! (Posted on )
  11. Good, once you finish it.Review by
    A good strong tool, capable of a lot of work, made from good steel with a good quality handle, problem is that it's let down by the usual British thing, overpriced and lack of finish.
    At half the price it would be on par with the Tramontina for standard of finish, but selling at this price it's time Martindale started finishing them off better, the handle is good quality beech, but needs a lot of filing and sanding to make it fit the tang and be comfortable. The blade is good quality steel, but is hand ground, badly, and has no real edge.
    However, I am a collector rather than a user, so it was pleasant to spent a few hours filing, sanding, and polishing to make this into a good tool. But at this price it should come finished from the factory.
    This is why British industry failed, a decent product, but badly put together and then overpriced.
    (Posted on )
  12. lot of bang for your buck!Review by
    Picked mine up a couple of years ago from an ex-squadie at a car boot for ú20 & came with the rare MOD sheath. It has the MOD arrow & marked 1995. He was a Royal Engineer & it had been around the world several times & he swore by it. It had a few dings in its edge but after an hour with a file & oilstone + sandpaper for the handle it looks brand new & is shaving sharp.
    I have seen good & bad reviews on you-tube but can honestly say I don't regret buying & I love mine. The newer versions may not be as good as mine so look out for the MOD date on the blade.
    I shall be trying the Paratrooper next in the near future.
    (Posted on )
  13. absolute disgraceReview by
    The (in)famous Martindale Golok No.2, giving British Knives a bad name since? well, old legends tell of good standards, very old ones?
    Mentioning German beech in an attempt to pretend quality - a shame.
    Hint: the wood doesn't matter if you get splinters in your hand. The Craftmenship does.
    The blade has to be reground to make it any usable.
    If you put 50 more quid into it or a huge amount of your spare time, it results in a very good, tough companion.
    Like with Cold Steels Hawks: off the shelf it's crap, but you can turn it into a gem.
    I bought mine used (and modded to the better) for 20. The normal price for new ones is pure theft on Martindale's side.
    My advise: sell them all with a warning: You could call this Factory seconds, but they make nothing better!
    (Posted on )
  14. interesting productReview by
    Delivered unfinished. Handle is v rough, will hurt your hand until contoured & smoothed. No parang-type backstop or lanyard, both ESSENTIAL (not supplied).
    Good length blade (13"), supplied dull, good shape, steel holds edge v well. Personally, would like it a touch shorter & heavier. Good service from HH.
    (Posted on )
  15. Martindale GolokReview by
    In all honesty I was issued this in the Army, early 80's! It is still going strong, the rough as hell wooden scales are still on it and still tight. It has been sharpened more times than I can remember and only Quasimodo has experienced more abuse! This is not a pretty posing toy for 'Back yard Ninja's, its the real deal. The sheath is rubbish compared to the Issue, but I had a leather sheath made for it while playing away and it's lasted best part of thirty years! For the ú's saved you can get a decent sheath, buy a file and still have money left for beer! (Posted on )
  16. Christ, no!!!Review by
    Low money, low quality!!!
    Stay away from it!!!
    Blade needs to be reshaped to konvex-type blade, otherwise doesnt bite timber much.
    I didn't get mine from H/H, I am suprised that HH keeps it in stock...
    (Posted on )
  17. DerekReview by
    Ive had one of these for years, and its a great tool. Handle caused blisters so whipped it with twine, problem sorted. Sheath, absolute rubbish, thin nylon, blade wore through in no time. On the whole, a rugged tool well up to hard work. (Posted on )
  18. True British Quality At Its BestReview by
    Thats what you can honestly say about this one, its real brit quality. The handle is awful, its supplied not just blunt with with a flat cutting edge. The sheath is the best part. The Quality is lacking on the handle which does not fit and its finish is extremely poor. Come on heinnies you dont supply low rate tat why stock this?
    Get anything else, dont buy this!
    (Posted on )
  19. Great ToolReview by
    ive had mine for about a year now and its just given away to my abuse (the handle has spit), this is a very good machete if you want to cut anything. The only downside i could find was the sheath, i had to mod it my sewing on higher belt loop and a retention strap because the sheath didnt come with one.

    after all that it is a GREAT tool, highly recomended
    (Posted on )
  20. VersatileReview by
    This golok can do everything an axe/hatchet/machete/knife can do and then some. The weight and length are well balanced, it chops nice and sharpens easy. Cannot buy better for the price. (Posted on )
  21. simply effectiveReview by
    For the money you can't get better, I have been building hides with it for years it's never let me down. (Posted on )
  22. great golokReview by
    Just wanted to say its a great tool & good value. (Posted on )
  23. A little bit of work and you have a fantastic toolReview by
    This is a great tool, once you have given it an edge this golok will perform amazingly well.
    Comfortable, well weighted and holds a lovely edge.
    You may want to put new scales on as these are the only weak point, a bit slapped together.
    Overall great value for money and a invaluable tool that will last your lifetime and more! 5 stars here.
    (Posted on )
  24. Great value and solid constructionReview by
    This is a great machette. Fantastic value, good quality, and holds a good edge for the money (Posted on )
  25. GolokReview by
    Reasionable for light duty work. Not as good as the versions from a few years back. Could do with having a bit more length and weight. (Posted on )
  26. With a bit…Review by
    With a bit of work this golok can become one of the best out there. It takes and holds a super edge. (Posted on )
  27. Excellent ValueReview by
    A crude but undeniably brilliant tool.
    Right size, right weight, bargain price.
    You will need to sharpen it and be cautious with the sheet, but the golok has excellent sharpenability and the perfect blade hardness for this type of tool. This is no over-long springy machete, this is a precision tool that will do it all.
    Tested, abused, respected and recommended.
    (Posted on )
  28. good overallReview by
    Good value, fairly blunt when it first arrived but sharpened quickly. Sturdy construction, but the handle was attatched further down the blade compared to the pic on the site. other than that its great, and at 20 quid you can't go wrong. (Posted on )
  29. Top bit of…Review by
    Top bit of kit ,distal taper work's justfine , balance is spot on, usual martindale quality plus sharpening file.
    Very fast delivery great to do business with.
    (Posted on )

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