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Marbles Bolo Camp Cleaver

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Marbles Bolo Camp Cleaver

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Marbles Bolo Camp Cleaver

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In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Marbles Bolo Camp Cleaver

Marbles Bolo Camp Cleaver



The Marbles Bolo Camp Cleaver is a tough tool for the outdoorsman and bushcrafter. Simple, economical design with a well balanced and comfortable handle it is a great tool for clearing thick bush or preparing the ground for camping. It should never be lost with the orange 1070 Carbon Spring Steel. A cordura sheath with sharpening stone is available as a separate item.


Code MR51214
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Marbles
Blade Material: 1070 Carbon Spring Steel
Blade Length (cm): 21.5
Overall Length (cm): 38.7
Handle Material: Wood


  1. Superb for the moneyReview by
    When it arrived the handle was a little loose and rough, but a mi ute or two's work on the rivets with a ball peen hammer and a bit of rubbing with sandpaper resolved those issues.

    The shape is excellent and it is nicely balanced for chopping work. The short blade makes for easy handling.

    The knife is very good for brush clearing and surprisingly effective at cutting through thicker stems. It is ideal for cutting up and trimming the branches of felled boughs. Much more handy than a hatchet.
    (Posted on )
  2. Bargain for the priceReview by
    positives; Its a decent short machete, does everything it needs to do,
    Its fairly light in the hand. i even used it to split firewood and it was surprisingly effective,

    negatives; handle is a little chunky and only roughly finished,
    ... and the color might not be to every bodies taste,

    (Posted on )
  3. Good camp knife.Review by
    Well always amazed at HH delivery,ordered at 4pm Thursday and with me at 12.30pm Friday,as for this camp cleaver ,get one,great chopping ability from a not very heavy knife so great as a lightweight option, I've sanded my handle already as a bit rough and you get the one with paint at the rear of the handle and a lanyard hole with brass tube , for this price grab one . (Posted on )
  4. Excellent .Review by
    Had one of these for years. Used as a daily tool, chopping, cuting, clearing. Best all round tool I've used. Fits in a rucksack, and it's not too heavy, so doesn't add weight if your on foot. Easy to keep to keep sharp, but the edge does chip easily, but at the price that is not a problem. With regards to previous comments regarding paint and handles, it's a tool for using, not looking at. Buy one. (Posted on )
  5. GoodunReview by
    I Lllllllllllllike it !!! (Posted on )
  6. Good steel, nice shape of blade.Review by
    It is cheap so it is a bit of a project. I sharpened it to razor sharp easily. I am going to take away the orange and shape the handle to be more rounded then epoxi, wrap with string and oil it. Fit is absolutely not perfect but the steel is really good. Chopping food and to turn over food on a grill is my intended use for it. I will take it into the woods when i got a sheath for it. I picture googled it and it came up some nice mods people had done to this model! (Posted on )
  7. Great Value And very useful, easy to use and sharpenReview by
    This is a great little tool for clearing and cutting. I'v used it in place of a hatchet for taking down a thick ivy bush in my garden. Not only is it easier to and faster to swing than the hatchet, it's just as effective for chopping and the large surface area of the blade allowed me to chop large amounts of Bush at once. It also managed to chop through 3-4inch thick girth with a couple of heavy blows. It's got some chipping but that's to be expected given how cheap it is. Its a perfect tool In-between a knife and a hatchet. You can't go wrong at this price. You get a lot of blows for your money (Posted on )
  8. As crude as can be, but there's a tool in thereReview by
    Okay. From the outset this is horrible. Paint, pulpy wood handle, badly shaped badly fitted and badly varnished.


    It stripped the paint, carved a new handle from rhododendron. Fitted it with new brass pins and epoxy. And now it is a very nice, pretty, worker that cuts branches with a gorgeous ringing sound.

    Only buy if you hate yourself, or you're handy and willing to put in some work on it.
    (Posted on )
  9. Brilliant!!Review by
    As an ex-soldier with a sense o' humour and now a chef, I bought this for a laugh and I'm still laughing, it's brilliant!-chopping up chickens has never been so much fun! Cheap but you only get what you pay for, so had to sort the handle out and that orange paint is horrible but my sander fixed that, would I buy again? No, it's a 'one off' but different!!!!!!! (Posted on )
  10. great buyReview by
    got it for chopping meat, not clearing bush, does the does well at lower cost, orange color is not a problem , as it is intended for outdoor work and easy to find if placed on ground. shipping was good , for the price no complaints, will buy again. (Posted on )
  11. Oh dear!Review by
    I recently worked a Martindale golok into a nice tool and made it a custom sheath. I decided to try this tool and ti do the same. While the handle on the Martindale was a bit rough the Marbles was very rough and looked like it had been rough sawn and not sanded. On the top the scales are nearly flush with the tang ... only about a 2/3 tang and on the bottom about 1/4 in!
    I will work on the handle a lot before taking off the blade coating ... then sharpen the completely dull blade and if its of any use I will make a sheath for it.
    Mind you at £8.95.its worth the bamble.
    (Posted on )
  12. removing ugly coatingReview by
    Acetone does the trick on removing the ugly orange coating from the marbles nessmuk meatcleaver, looks pretty cool underneat

    sum dark scratched patina surface
    (Posted on )

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