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Marathon Pilot's Navigator Quartz WAS £247.95

In Stock

Available for Delivery

Marathon Pilot's Navigator Quartz WAS £247.95

test 1Marathon Pilot's Navigator Quartz WAS £247.95 Thumbnail Imagetest 2Marathon Pilot's Navigator Quartz WAS £247.95test 3test 4
test 1Marathon Pilot's Navigator Quartz WAS £247.95 Thumbnail Imagetest 2Marathon Pilot's Navigator Quartz WAS £247.95test 3test 4
test 1Marathon Pilot's Navigator Quartz WAS £247.95 Thumbnail Imagetest 2Marathon Pilot's Navigator Quartz WAS £247.95test 3test 4

Marathon Pilot's Navigator Quartz WAS £247.95

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Marathon Pilot's Navigator Quartz WAS £247.95

Marathon Pilot's Navigator Quartz WAS £247.95



The Marathon Navigator Quartz watch is intended for use with high altitude operations.

It features a Bi-Directional Time Zone Ring, analogue dial with 2 time scales and has a stop second (hack) high torque movement. It is water resistant to 6 atmospheres has a fibreshell high impact case with stainless steel engraved back.

The crystal of the glass is made of Hesalite which forgives excessive external pressure changes. The black face features both 12 and 24 hour dials, with luminous hands and hour markings, white numbers and a sweep second hand. Luminous features are indicated by self lighting tritium tubes. The Navigator is made in accordance with MIL-PRF-46374G Type III, Class 1 and is supplied with a black nylon mil-spec strap (Extra long 12 inches to fit over uniform). It is manufactured in Switzerland.

Another useful feature is the EOL (End of Life) display where second hand advances in 4 second increments when battery needs replacing.

NATO Stock Number 6645-01-544-9475


Code MARA-WW194001
Limited Edition: Yes
Brand: Marathon
Colour: Black
Case Material: Fibreshell high impact case with stainless steel engraved back.
Case Diameter (cm): 42.8mm
Strap: Nylon
Display: Analogue
Power Source: Battery
Crystal: Hesalite
Movement: Stop Second (hack) high torque


  1. Simply simple and perfcetReview by
    I admit its not g shock or suunto but I am not wearing it as a sprts watch, i am wearing it in a very sandy place where time is critical and this is the most accurate watch I own. So appreciate it for its accuracy as after all thats what a watch is suppose to do. It is picks upo some scares on route it will look like its owner. Great time piece with great reputation (Posted on )
  2. Just a disappointing watch :-(Review by
    I bought this as a 'beater' a year ago to be worn when cycling, climbing, hiking etc.
    I was reluctant at first to purchase, mostly due to the odd shape (secondly the price) to be honest you don't actually notice the large crown guards when its on the wrist.
    Light and comfortable to wear, the shape stops the crown digging into the back of your hand when your wrist is bent.
    The Lume, is great. Constant glow makes it very easy to tell the time whatever the lighting conditions.
    Poor and cheap quality. The rotating bezel failed after a month and I have had to glue it in the 12 position to stop it spinning around freely and dropping off.
    The soft plastic crystal is a huge scratch magnet and mine now has deep scratches that are too deep to polish out.
    The strap, (which I actually quite like)for some reason causes a nasty rash if I wear it more than 24hrs. Never had a problem with any nato/zulu/nylon type straps before even when wearing for weeks in hot and damp tropical climates.
    The price. All I can presume is that the lume must be really really expensive, because there is nothing of substance to justify the cost of the plastic Swatch style construction.

    Overall its a cheap £20 watch with great lume.
    There is a good reason why the worlds military forces choose to wear G-Shocks and not these ;-)
    (Posted on )

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Dears Sirs I write You from Italy. I would like to ask You if I can buy the Marathon Navigator Quartz MARAWW194001 £188.00 from You
It is currently out of stock but yes you can place an order and the card will not be charged till we contact you when it arrives.
richard answered on 19 April 2016

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