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Manly Wasp Digi Camo

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Manly Wasp Digi Camo

test 1Manly Wasp Digi Camotest 2Manly Wasp Digi Camotest 3Manly Wasp Digi Camotest 4 Manly Wasp Digi Camo
test 1Manly Wasp Digi Camotest 2Manly Wasp Digi Camotest 3Manly Wasp Digi Camotest 4 Manly Wasp Digi Camo
test 1Manly Wasp Digi Camotest 2Manly Wasp Digi Camotest 3Manly Wasp Digi Camotest 4 Manly Wasp Digi Camo
test 1Manly Wasp Digi Camotest 2Manly Wasp Digi Camotest 3Manly Wasp Digi Camotest 4 Manly Wasp Digi Camo

Manly Wasp Digi Camo

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Manly Wasp Digi Camo

Manly Wasp Digi Camo



The Wasp perfectly reflects Manly's philosophy of offering users a practical everyday knife made from top-grade materials and representing unbeatable value for money.

The Manly Wasp has handle scales of solid G10 and a repositionable deep carry clip. The stonewash blade with a nail nick consists of powder metallurgical CPM-S-90V, which meets even the most sophisticated requirements. The slipjoint mechanism features three stops when opening and closing. The Wasp's steps offer effective additional protection from accidental folding.

The Wasp is a practical everyday companion offering peerless edge retention - a milestone for its price range. Plus the blade is non-locking and under three inches long so classed as UK legal carry.


Code 01ML040
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Manly
Blade Material: S90V Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.5
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.24
Closed Length (cm): 9.90
Overall Length (cm): 17.2
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Finish: Brushed
Cutting Edge (cm): 7.2
Grind: Flat
Handle Material: G10
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
One Handed Opening: No
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 78


  1. Almost absolutely perfectReview by
    The two things that stop this being perfect are that the blade is ever so slightly off centre when closed and the spring is not quite flush with the scales. Neither of these things bother me or affect the feel or use of the knife. The steel is great, the scales are grippy. The camo pattern on mine is much more muted than in the pictures which to be honest I think I prefer anyway. The pocket clip is brilliant, there is zero knife showing when you are carrying it. Razor sharp out the box. Very strong spring with 3 stops. It would have been nice to match the blade finishing to the stonewashed clip but then it would probably have to cost more. At £57.95 it's an absolute steal! (Posted on )
  2. Outstanding Value UK Friendly Review by
    Absolutely amazing UK friendly knife for the price. Fit and finish is great, the handle scales are a darker camo than the pictures which is superb.

    This is a Gen 3 version so has the blade stop pin and the pocket clip now just has the Manly logo instead of the wording, looks much better and is a matt finish so nice and discrete.

    The blade came shaving sharp out of the box and being CPM-S90V is an added bonus. Don't let this blade steel put you off, it's a breeze to sharpen with diamond and ceramic stones and holds a superb edge for a long time.

    This is a great choice as a UK EDC and is not as aggressive looking as other UK friendly offerings from other manufacturers.

    As usual excellent next day service from Heinnie and great communication from the team, thanks for the great service.

    If you're looking for a decent UK EDC then get this, you won't be disappointed.
    (Posted on )
  3. BrilliantReview by
    I'm less interested in value for money than I am in out-and-out greatness at any level. The Wasp has it; the price is just a bonus. No compromises, what you're getting here is maximum utility within the constraints of UK EDC knife law. Unlike some other reviewers, I actually think this knife looks really good as well, in a rugged yet non-'tactical' way, with the Desert Camo nicely muted in mine. The finish on the G10 is properly grippy, perhaps explaining the absence of gimping on the choil (even so, I wouldn't mind some). The four-stop opening is OK, although I find the last couple of stages a bit too tight for my taste, but this may loosen up with use. I'm not keen on the name (Manly) which I think is rather naff (perhaps it works better in the Bulgarian), but that's hardly a reason not to buy this spectacularly good knife. (Posted on )
  4. Great UK Friendly work knifeReview by
    S90V for 55 quid?! Wow, so good I bought 2! Love these knives. I’ve about 50 UK friendly knives, but one of these has forced itself in to my regular rotation whenever there’s likely to be a hard or outdoor task at hand. Pretty in ain’t, but purposeful it certainly is. Have a look at my YouTube channel Slick Slicers for a short video review. (Posted on )
  5. Buy oneReview by
    You get supersteel CPM S90V at an affordable price. I love my Manly Wasp. Seriously, these are THE most affordable UK legal carry knives that have supersteel blades that you have seen to date. I promise you. They are slicing nutters! They will last you a long long time with normal usage. When it comes time to sharpen them, use a diamond stone (important because ceramic stones will take forever to sharpen on and conjecture suggests they smooth out the carbides too much). A typical diamond sharpener of 600 grit kind of range is best because S90V steel takes a toothy edge very very well and performs best and keeps the longest edge with this kind of grade of sharpening. Paradoxically it is quicker to sharpen by only needing around 600 grit, compared to people who keep going up and up using more and more stones. The smoother (higher grit) you go, the worse the hardiness of your edge will be, based on people's tests.

    The thin metal on this makes it a superior slicer, coupled with the toothy edge which helps to easily slice through things like tomatos which a highly polished blade can struggle to deal with! (without more force).

    In short, buy one of these knives in what ever colour you prefer. It seems at this time the camo version is a separate product rather than just a colour option on the original product, probably to make people aware of the new addition. So if you want other colours search Manly Wasp on the site.
    (Posted on )
  6. Great Knife but do a check for blade nick problem.Review by
    Excellent Knife, but read on.

    I think Heinne has all new stock, My Camo Wasp did not have the problem.

    There was a problem where the blade would hit the center screw buldge on the inside of the knife when you closed the blade and break a nick out of the blade.

    The old version has an hump, the new version it`s flat as the hump has been grounded down.

    Also it can be difficult to reassemble the knife if you take it apart fully something to do with the back spring, check youtube video`s

    (Posted on )

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