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Lion Steel M7 Micarta Black

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Lion Steel M7 Micarta Black

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test 1Lion Steel M7 Micarta Black Thumbnail Imagetest 2Lion Steel M7 Micarta Blacktest 3test 4

Lion Steel M7 Micarta Black

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

From: €234.00
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Lion Steel M7 Micarta Black

Lion Steel M7 Micarta Black

From: €234.00


The M7 is the new for 2014 Lion Steel fixed blade knife. Their aim was to build a good multi-purpose field knife which has been achieved and then some!

Lion Steel breathed new life into an old project with designer Molletta and produced a fixed blade of exceptional quality. The blade is Sleipner steel with a choice of satin or black coating. The handle scales are Micarta. It is supplied with a Kydex and Cordura sheath.


Code CCM-LS-M7-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Lion Steel
Blade Material: Sleipner steel
Blade Length (cm): 18.5
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.55
Overall Length (cm): 31.7
Handle Material: Micarta
Blade Type: Plain
Sheath: Kydex and Cordura
Product Weight (g): 630


  1. Excellent knife - excellent service Review by
    I was staying close to Heinnie ‘s and was undecided which M7 to get. One email and Richard from Heinnie was happy to get both types for me to look at before buying. I immediately bought the bright blade but the service from Richard, and Heinnie’s was outstanding. Thank you. JohnT (Posted on )
  2. Excellent camp/survival knifeReview by
    This knife is a work of functional art. From the sculptured solid micarta handle to the crowned spine, everything about this knife is made to perform.
    The blade length, width, and thickness, along with the high flat grind strike a perfect balance for a knife that can handle all cutting tasks in the field while remaining robust. The Sleipner steel solidifies this knife as a premier field tool.
    The kydex and cordura sheath system is the best I've ever seen on a production blade, bar none.
    I am someone that spends a considerable amount of time in the backcountry and have carried and used many different knives from Busse, ESEE and Fallkniven to Cold Steel and SOG. The Lionsteel M7 is by far the reigning champion in the vast stable that is my knife collection.
    One point I would care to address is to those who would claim the M7 is too big for practical use in the field.
    This is completely false. The well executed choil on the M7 allows one to easily choke up on the blade and complete more delicate tasks. Never forget, a well made large knife can accomplish any task a smaller knife can, but the reverse is simply not true.
    To anyone considering the M7 by Lionsteel, I urge you to obtain one without hesitation. It simply excels at every cutting task and does not disappoint.
    (Posted on )
  3. M7Review by
    I bought this knife after much research . From the reviews I thought it would be a perfect replacement for my cold steel trail master. Unfortunately it turned out the steel On mine started to show Staines even after very little use . Not sure if others peoples reviews on hear actually use there knives as I do, if your looking a tool for using in the feild I would choose this knife,, (Posted on )
  4. Very functionalReview by
    used it more for around 500 days. One modification: I have sanded down the guard so it does not interfere with a cutting board. The steel and blade shape works after this modification for most tasks. This knife works for cutting thermal insulation, butchering, skinning, splinting wood, clear bushes and smaller trees.prep vegetable. Fishing, hunting. You can even throw it.The steel will stain over time but who cares; it stands up to abuse. the point is: It is up to any task. i do pair with a lions tispine. it is not heavy since it replace a small axe for backpacking use and a mediumsized knife. It has one drawback: many do not understand it. Do you use the very same tool for skinning, foodprep and firewood? Why do you cary such a big knife? Basically I sometimes leave it for a smaller tool to not offens people who do not understand it? If you asked me to bring one tool to an Island this knife is the no brainer answer. The sheet is superb, and the steel, and the blade shape, and handle after some grinding for the cuttingboard access and easier choking up. I use it daily in my home/garden or while building on my house or in the nature where it belongs... (Posted on )
  5. SuperbReview by
    Not spent much time with the blade yet as only picked it up a couple of hours ago but really very impressed with it so far. Even more impressed with the service from Heinnie. Would definetly shop there again. (Posted on )
  6. Magnificent M7 - BlackReview by
    At the time of writing this review, the M5 is now available. That should resolve the big knife, small knife, argument. So, the M7 is a big fixed blade, not my first choice for fine work. I've got a M5 for that ! The M7 does have a great choil, and the choke-up grip is first class. The handle is just under 5.25" long. The blade is just under 7" long (including ricasso). The stock is 5.5" thick. It has a small rounded extended tang. The spine has a radius, so does the extended tang. There is only one sharp edge, and that's the bevel. Molletta's trademark, beautifully sculptured micarta handle, is just a dream. The balance point, is at the ricosso, the M7 is slightly blade heavy. But it has a big, wide/deep blade, so I can live with that. The kydex scabbard, IS the best I have ever seen, on any fixed blade. It offers a firm click fit. It has a shaped push-off for the thumb. It has a drain port. It has a plethora of mounting options. The retaining strap is detachable, and all the snaps are good quality. If all my fixed blades were as well thought out as this one, (M5 excluded), I would be a happy man. Molletta, gives design lessons to the world ! (Posted on )
  7. Reply to BCTReview by
    I use this knife in the field. It has performed flawlessly in its intended role, which is as an intermediate between a hatchet and a smaller bushcraft knife WHICH IS WHAT IT WAS INTENDED FOR. If I wanted to gut fish or skin game then I would use the appropriate tool for that job, and not complain when I didn't have the foresight to spend my money on the correct knife. If you want a knife for those sorts of tasks then Heinnie has large selection of knives that would satisfy your needs, so perhaps you should buy one of those instead of moaning about this one and ruining the reputation of a perfectly good knife. (Posted on )
  8. M7 Lacks real practical usageReview by
    These reviews are garbage and none of these people have actually really used this knife in the field or they would realise that it is way too heavy and the blade is too wide.
    You cant hunt with it you can't use it to gut fish you can only chop with it, a hatchet maybe a better bet. HH you won't allow this to be printed so it's blogged elsewhere but I had a few min to type it anyway knowing you guys will read it. U used to be good but now sell anything, fair enough that's your business, you're not in the business of not making money.
    (Posted on )
  9. The European (and therefore better) Busse TGLB! Review by
    Firstly, the knife is absolutely superb. The Sleipner is great steel, I'm surprised it took such a great edge with only stropping, yet it remains as tough as nails, and edge holding is great for such a big, tough blade. And the design is simply gorgeous - typical Italian innovation, style and quality. Belissimo!

    Which brings me on to the Busse. I own both the Busse TGLB and the Lion Steel M7. On paper they are similar dimensions-wise, and in terms of their intended use (i.e. as a big, tough, hard use general purpose camp knife). But the M7 is technically brilliant where the Busse is crude. The M7 is understated and subtly stylish where the Busse is crass, loud and overbearing. And most importantly, the M7 is superbly engineered and manufactured where the Busse is lumpen and amateurish.

    Put it this way: The TGLB is like Dodge Challenger musclecar. Fantastic to look at and a lot of fun, but ultimately poor quality, disappointing and embarrasingly over-the-top. And the M7? Well, that's like a 458 Italia. Magnificent quality, gigantic performance, and yet the reality is, on closer inspection it has more charm and passion and flair in one of its handle bolts than the TGLB has in it's whole body.

    (Posted on )
  10. Superb KnifeReview by
    Brilliant blade, great balance & very comfortable in the hand,
    Just a superb all round knife it's also very well made,
    Thanks to Nick for showing me all the knives on my visit to the showroom, can't wait till my next visit to Heinnie Haynes.
    (Posted on )
  11. M7Review by
    Excellent blade, grind angles are perfect, only minor criticism is the Kydex sheath is a little too tight on mine which means whenever you insert/take out the knife the kydex will wear the Micarta blade handle near the front quillon. Apart from that knife is perfect. (Posted on )
  12. Lionsteel M7Review by
    Top class service from Heinnie as usual. The knife is awesome! Razor sharp great in the hand and I have big paws. Top quality can't fault anything about it. (Posted on )

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