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Leatherman Crunch - Nylon

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Leatherman Crunch

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Leatherman Crunch - Nylon

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Leatherman Crunch - Nylon

Leatherman Crunch - Nylon



The Leatherman Crunch is a new kind of pocket tool made for the most demanding professional or do-it-yourselfer. It is the only folding tool on the market that offers locking pliers. All interior blades lock as well. Each opens individually, locks positively in place, and is unlocked by a push-button mechanism. The Leatherman Crunch is full of surprises, like jaws that open to clamp on V' diameter pipe and a ¼" hex bit adapter built right into the end of one handle. And it all comes in a tool that folds down to the same length as Leatherman's original PST Crunch, weighs six ounces and has a closed length of 4". It is, of course, made in the USA of 100% stainless steel. It is offered a belt sheath included. With precision locking pliers and a long list of useful, innovative features, the Leatherman Crunch provides a new way to get genuine Leatherman versatility. Only available with a nylon pouch. Tools included:


Code WIT-LT800N
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Leatherman
Pouch: Nylon


  1. You won't be disappointed! (unless you try bushcraft with it)Review by
    I've wanted a Leatherman Crunch since I 1st saw one in 2004 but could never justify the expense, then at my current job (Assembly Technician for a small Manufacturing firm) I found myself constantly carrying around a set of mole grips from the tool cabinet in my back pocket, having to hike up my trousers every 5mins, so I decided I finally deserved a £100+ multi-tool & I was not disappointed, it literally is like having a set of precision mole grips on you all the time!
    I wouldn't advise taking it into the woods, but if you're a sparky/plumber/builder etc. or just about any kind of shop-floor level technician then you want a Leatherman Crunch, it's not as versatile as the other Leatherman's (Leathermen?) & bear in mind the Crunch is a mid-range Leatherman that's been about for a strong minute (1999 debut) so don't expect any of the post-millennial features like replaceable wire cutters or outward opening tools, just an awesomely niche design & standard Leatherman quality.
    Eventually the drivers will get the teeeensiest bit rattley when you snap the grips shut, but the grips themselves'll remain stout as ever, also it would've been even sweeter if it came with it's own fitted leather pouch instead of the standard nylon offering (WIT-LP405)
    But those are literally the only petty gripes I have to indulge.
    (Posted on )
  2. Super ToolReview by
    Best vice grip I have, super tool. (Posted on )
  3. Crunch timeReview by
    Top quality tool. One of 3 Leatherman knives that I own and use. The crunch stays in my archery quiver. The locking grips are great for pulling out arrow points and holding the point when hot glueing to a shaft. The scallops on the blade make it ideal for removing fletchings from an arrow shaft. Plus the rest of the blades and accessories. (Posted on )
  4. infinitely usefulReview by
    Don't carry it as you're only pocket tool unless you have no choice. Getting the pliers out is a pain to do. BUT if it's not your primary pliers based pocket tool and you use it for backup then the gripping action of the pliers is UNBEATABLE. The rounded knife tip is safe too. (Posted on )
  5. QualityReview by
    Had this tool for quite a while now used it hundreds of times and its never let me down, used previous types with the pliers but this does all they can do and more. Excellent product. 5 Stars (Posted on )

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