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Lansky Puck

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Lansky Puck

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Lansky Puck

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Lansky Puck

Lansky Puck



The Lansky Puck Sharpener is a highly effective, three inch diameter, dual grit, carbide sharpening stone. It measures an inch thick and is ideal for lawn mower blades, machetes, garden tools, etc. Weight approx 211 g


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Lansky
Stone: Oil Stone
Grit: Combination
Dimensions (cm) Non Config: 4.5 x 2.5


  1. Lansky PuckReview by
    Arrived this morning thanks again HH for a fast service used it to work on my kukri edge - impressive tool and easy on the hands to use. (Posted on )
  2. Does it's job wherever you are.Review by
    I often take a small axe with me when I camp to process wood. I found that if I was out for more than a day or two my axe quickly began to blunt, maybe due to the amount I used or or bad technique. And as we all should know, a blunt axe is a lot more dangerous than a sharp one.
    The Lansky Puck was the answer to my problems, being just slightly larger than a jar lid and having no real noticeable weight, it's found it's home in the bottom of my kit bag. In only a few minutes I'm able to put a nice edge on my axe quickly, and most importantly safely. It's easy to hold the puck without putting your fingers near the blade, the course side is good enough to put a usable edge on a blade and the fine side finishes it nicely.

    I've used the puck on both my very cheap axe and my decent machete and I'm very happy with my purchase.
    (Posted on )
  3. Deceptively largeReview by
    I wasnt expecting it to be so big. Its about the size of my girly palm. Abit too heavy to carry but good for prep work before heading out. Feels very coarse which i dont consider a bad think. (Posted on )
  4. Useful bit of kitReview by
    This is a useful bit of kit, very easy to use, and it does a great job with axes and machetes. The instructions are a little sparse, so it's worth consulting one of the many YouTube videos about the Puck. It works a lot better with oil than without. Be nice to see a case for it. (Posted on )
  5. pucking hell!Review by
    Amazing sharpener, works brilliantly with my parang (Posted on )
  6. It's a puck!Review by
    I'm an ice hockey player so the name and shape instantly appealed to me :-)
    It also works very well and and got a good edge back on my hultafors after I chipped it
    (Posted on )
  7. Excellent for bigger knivesReview by
    What can i say. Have had problems trying to sharpen my Wilky and Lofty due to size. With this tool that is now not an issue. Also felt a lot safer using this as fingers well away from blade. As ALWAYS Heinnie service above excellent (Posted on )
  8. Puck PowerReview by
    Perfect for your axe. I think this works best on items made from high carbon tool steel. (Posted on )
  9. Everyone should have oneReview by
    As the title says this is one tool everyone should have use the puck on my axes, hatchets, tomahawk and fixed blade knives and is my favourite method of sharpening stuff.
    (Posted on )
  10. Simple and Inexpensive.Review by
    Ideal for putting a keen working edge on your favourite axe or machete. I use mine on my camping Tramontina and Bolo.
    Tip: Over time all sharpening stones tend to wear unevenly - usually in the middle. Flatten them by vigorously rubbing the stone on a thin layer of sand on a flat piece of concrete. I did this with my Puck and it's good as new :) Great sharpener. Buy one for the home and one for the camping pack.
    (Posted on )
  11. does the job wellReview by
    I have a hatchet which I like bushcrafting with and was at a loss as to how I could sharpen it safely and well. Perfect solution from Lansky at a cheap price and a dual grit to get a nice edge on your tools. (Posted on )
  12. if it's not industrial it's brokenReview by
    Have 2 Puck's, purchased from HH some time ago and recall the impressive service, now a regular HH customer. The Puck will sharpen any blade but obviously not advisable to sharpen chisels. I use water, for convenience so that I can use anywhere then drop in to a pocket with no messy oil stains. Soak the puck and keep it wet when using, rotate stone using a small circular pattern against the edge, you will need to de-burr by using a single full length stroke each side of the blade this will deliver a perfect cutting edge. Brilliant value. Quick tip. If your Puck becomes clogged with fine silt and metal particles, boil in an old saucepan of water and watch the rubbish collect in the bottom of the pan. (Posted on )
  13. Got an axe? Get a Puck !Review by
    After my first outing with my Fiskars X10 axe, it had a few small nicks and wear to the edge. I found these handy Puck sharpeners on Heinnie's site, and the price was lower than anywhere else I could find.

    I left it to soak in baby oil overnight (try it for sharpening, it works well), and it's a thirsty little stone !

    Just the right size for sharpening an axe in the field or at home, gentle circular movements at the same angle as the original edge yield very good results.
    (Posted on )
  14. Ideal for longer bladesReview by
    This works well. Best for longer length carbon steel fixed-blade knives like the Ontario RTAK II or Cold Steel machetes where a scary sharp edge isn't needed.

    For best results I recommend clamping the blade to a shelf edge using a couple of G-clamps. Use one clamp to hold the the blade vertically, tip up / handle down. Use plywood strips so the clamp isn't touching the blade directly. Clamp the knife so the blade spine is closest to the shelf edge and the sharp edge is on the outside nearest you and at 90deg to the shelf edge. Use the other clamp to secure the first clamp to the shelf.

    Then work out your sharpening angle and go for it with the puck sharpening in small circles, coarse side first, then medium side. Far easier to maintain an angle accurately with the blade held by clamps. There are also less risky things to do than trying to hold a 19" blade safely in your hands while trying to sharpen it :-)
    (Posted on )
  15. Perfect for the job!Review by
    I got this with my Kbar Zombie Chop Stick and it works perfectly to get it to a razor finish easily and comfortably, for sharpening anything over 5" out in the field this is now my go to! (Posted on )
  16. BEST ú7 YOU WILL EVER SPENDReview by
    If you want a small compact to throw in pack or pocket to keep axes and machetes with good working edge, then drop 7 quid on one of these you can't go wrong. (Posted on )

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