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Kizer Vagnino Zip Slip

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UK Friendly

Kizer Vagnino Zip Slip

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test 1Kizer Vagnino Zip Sliptest 2Kizer Vagnino Zip Sliptest 3Kizer Vagnino Zip Sliptest 4 Kizer Vagnino Zip Slip
test 1Kizer Vagnino Zip Sliptest 2Kizer Vagnino Zip Sliptest 3Kizer Vagnino Zip Sliptest 4 Kizer Vagnino Zip Slip
test 1Kizer Vagnino Zip Sliptest 2Kizer Vagnino Zip Sliptest 3Kizer Vagnino Zip Sliptest 4 Kizer Vagnino Zip Slip
test 1Kizer Vagnino Zip Sliptest 2Kizer Vagnino Zip Sliptest 3Kizer Vagnino Zip Sliptest 4 Kizer Vagnino Zip Slip
test 1Kizer Vagnino Zip Sliptest 2Kizer Vagnino Zip Sliptest 3Kizer Vagnino Zip Sliptest 4 Kizer Vagnino Zip Slip

Kizer Vagnino Zip Slip

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Kizer Vagnino Zip Slip

Kizer Vagnino Zip Slip



Michael Vagnino is a knife maker of great repute and a real flare for design.

The Kizer Vagnino Zip Slip is a UK legal carry folder with a non-locking, slip joint mechanism. As a working tool for your pocket it is second to none.

The S35VN stainless steel blade ensures a razor sharp edge and the thumb hole means engaging the blade extremely straight forward with one hand for when you have your hands full. Plus the back spine includes a notch that stops the blade halfway during closing.

The titanium handle is a very attractive feature which not only looks great but affords the hand a secure grip. The low carry clip means it will ride low in the pocket.


Code KI3507
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Kizer
Designer (Text): Michael Vagnino
Blade Material: S35VN Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.2
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.28
Closed Length (cm): 10.10
Overall Length (cm): 17.1
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Finish: Satin
Grind: Flat
Handle Material: Titanium
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
One Handed Opening: Yes
Pouch: Nylon
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 88
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Elegant little bladeReview by
    This ticks all the boxes for a perfect EDC Knife.

    The Quality:
    10/10 Top notch materials meet a tight production. No flaws, no blemishes. This is as good as production knifes from the far east can hope to be.

    The Carry:
    11/10 for the pocket clip. Smooth, springy, matte titanium. Discrete deep carry. Extra point for the countersunk screws that make the operation extra smooth.
    Overall, with its size, form factor and rounded edges this knife is easily pocketed, sits tight until needed and then comes out smoothly. You won't feel it sitting there.

    The Folding:
    9/10 for the operation. The back spacer that won't move is a nice detail with the spring on the inside that makes this adorable little ping when you pass the safety stop. The well placed thumb hole makes this a smooth knife. One point shy of a 10/10 because the thumb holes' edges are rounded off a little too well, so the purchase is somewhat lacking, especially with damp or wet hands.

    The Knifing:
    The S35V is a great steel for an EDC blade. It keeps the edge reasonably well, but can be touched up quickly if needed. The back spring is not the tightest around, so the blade can fold with only a little pressure applied to the back, but the ergonomics dictate that you place your index finger into the choil that is half ricasso and half blade, thus preventing it from unwanted folding - just like the small Spydercos do.
    This is not a heavy duty knife anyway. The blade does everything you'll want from your pocketknife with ease and style. The metal scales give enough purchase - heavy work with wet hands would require a better grip, but this is not what this knife was made for.

    All in all, this knife replaced my UKPK with ease. I've carried it daily for months now.
    (Posted on )
  2. Beautiful knifeReview by
    I've just recieved this from Hennie and it really is a beautifully constructed knife. Very premium material feel, excellent sharpness out of the box and just handles very well.

    Extremely simple and quick delivery from Hennie and will definitely be ordering from them again.
    (Posted on )
  3. Excellent - under-ratedReview by
    In summary - this knife is simply fantastic, the machining quality and tollerances are just about as good as you can get for the price. The use of premium materials, titanium and S35VN steel make it among one of the best choices as a UK legal carry knife.

    Blade - the cutting edge is long enough to be useful for most tasks throughout the day, yet well under the UK legal limit, leaving no ambiguity for the law. The steel S35VN is well known as one of the best EDC (every Day Carry) steels, holds an edge for a very long time and is reasonably easy for most to sharpen with ease after a bit of practise. although I would say this blade didnt come out the box as sharp as it could have been, but this was easily fixed with a bit of light stropping.

    Handle - full flutted titanium handles are found on this knife, a brilliant bit of engineering, the flutting allows for a reasonably grippy-grip. the handles arent too thick allowing for an easy fit into a tight pocket and the light rounding to the overall face of the handle allows for a comfortable grip.

    Pocketclip - Perfection, titanium cliip for a very springy feel, it doesn't snag any pockets when been placed in and the matted finish of the titanium allows for a descreet look, with it also been a deep carry clip, this knife almost disapears or even gives off the impression of been a pen.

    Fit and Finish - the Knife has absolutely no blade play, all surfaces are finished uniquely and very consistently, with the use of stonewashing on the blade that helps hide useage scratches and any dirty fingerprints. the milled sections of the handle are completely hidden with the surfaces been lightly bead-blasted, to leave an almost soft-touch finish.

    Overall a very under-rated knife, with many people going for the UKPK or other more popular knives, this remains a hidden gem in the UK EDC community, and I would advise more people take a good look into this.
    (Posted on )
  4. Great UK legal knifeReview by
    I've had this since Hennie first stocked it. Nice and sharp out of the box, good even grind and blade is perfectly centred. One handed opening with either hand, and a nice premium feel, with no sharp edges. If you use the finger choil, for lightt tasks it's pretty good for a non locking blade.
    I prefer it to either of my Enzo pk70's (G10 flat grind and curly birch scandi grind) and they're both good knives.
    (Posted on )

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