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Kanetsune Fixed Blade 612

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Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

Kanetsune Fixed Blade 612

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test 1Kanetsune Fixed Blade 612test 2Kanetsune Fixed Blade 612test 3Kanetsune Fixed Blade 612test 4 Kanetsune Fixed Blade 612

Kanetsune Fixed Blade 612

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days



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Kanetsune Fixed Blade 612

Kanetsune Fixed Blade 612



The Kanetsune Fixed Blade 612 is a traditionally styled Japanese knife with a cherry wood handle and blade cover. The blade is chisel ground SK5 carbon steel with a traditional motif stamped into the flat side.


Code KB612
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Kanetsune
Blade Material: SK5 Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.1
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.23
Overall Length (cm): 16.6
Handle Material: Cherry Wood
Blade Shape: Chisel Point
Blade Type: Plain
Tang: Partial Tang
Grind: Chisel
Sheath: Cherry Wood
Product Weight (g): 61


  1. Food Prep BargainReview by
    I've looked at this knife several times; I like the look and idea of a Kiridashi knife for food prep.

    Ordered yesterday p.m., arrived this a.m. and it is exactly as described. I'm very happy and looking forward to lunch!

    One star dropped as the "sheath" is very loose. Not a real problem as the knife will be living in my utensil drawer
    (Posted on )
  2. Sharp!Review by
    A bargain @ only a tenner. Chisel sharpened on one side only but this is not a problem in practice. Great for wood carving & comes shaving sharp otb. Holds well in the cherry wood scabbard which could be better if it matched the shape of the handle. The only thing I'm not too sure about is 'bolster' which appears to be plastic but I don't think that matters Too much at this low price. Unusual knives normally cost Much more than this so this is a bargain for use or to add to your collection. Recommended. (Posted on )
  3. Just what I expectedReview by
    I was so intrigued by the unusual featured of this knife that I just simply had to have one! As it's steel is a good carbon one, this made it even more appealing. Blade was razor sharp, a paper cutting test confirmed this. It's an ideal little knife to have around the home, for those light cutting tasks. Don't be put off by the chisel grind as I nearly was. For the price, it's indeed a good little fixed blade knife. (Posted on )
  4. Great little knifeReview by
    This is a rather unassuming little knife so for a tenner I wasn't expecting much. However, it turned out to be surprisingly good, if not excellent in its functionality. Razor sharp right from the off, the blade is excellent, and holds an edge really well. It is also easy to hone. I liked it so much I spent an hour rubbing the wood down to a really fine finish, and I gave it a few coats of Danish oil and a good buff up which has really made a difference, giving it a rich colour and prominent grain. Of course that was not necessary for what is effectively a toolbox knife, but it deserved it. I'll be adding another to my next heinnie order, and I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of them. (Posted on )
  5. Beautiful knifeReview by
    This is one of those knives , that everyone should have in there tool box or fishing box.
    As for me I use it for crafting as it feels great in the hand when doing lots of fine cuts.
    (Posted on )
  6. Very good Review by
    I have this myself nice easy to sharpen but holds edge well, I've used every day for about 2 years good craft knife I work with leather and wood has pateena but doesn't get chance to rust as in use all the time good buy recommend (Posted on )
  7. Good knife at this priceReview by
    Would have given 5 *. Got two of these, one as a present, but after 3 days the knife cover which at first held well, now drops off. Now I’ll have to unpack the one intended as a present and see if the cover also goes slack. The knife arrives packed air tight. So maybe the wood reacts to different climate.? The blade and hold on the handle is superb. Just be ready to glue in a sliver to make the cover grip again. (Posted on )
  8. Fascinating KnifeReview by
    Usual speed of light delivery from HH. I was intrigued by this knife at under £10 I felt I could afford to be. A small and light fixed blade of excellent quality from the Land of the Rising Sun.
    Kanetsune Seki are a brand of the company Kitasho Co Ltd which was formed in 1930 and Kanetsune is named after a master swordsmith from the 15th century. The blade shape looks quite unique with a diagonal cutting edge of 5cm against an overall blade length of 7cm. The hefty handle allows for a very good grip and I feel this would be most suitable for small scale wood carving. The very traditional look of the knife adds to the charm. This is not a heavy duty knife but could be used for all manner of light tasks including food preparation. Also it would just be nice to have in any collection.
    (Posted on )

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