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Ka-Bar Machete Kukri

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Ka Bar Knives Machete Kukri

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Ka-Bar Machete Kukri

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

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Ka-Bar Machete Kukri

Ka-Bar Machete Kukri



Surviving the toughest field testing, the Ka Bar Kukri boasts excellent test results in chopping and basic field use. The Kukri Machete is constructed with 1085 carbon steel and an ergonomically shaped Kraton G Thermoplastic elastomer handle which is a guaranteed sure grip. Perfect for chopping down dense undergrowth, clearing a camp site or cutting small branches, the Black KA- BAR Machete makes a great all-purpose utility knife. It comes with a black Cordura and leather combination sheath.


Code KA1249
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Ka-Bar
Blade Material: 1085 Carbon steel
Blade Length (cm): 29.2
Overall Length (cm): 43.2
Handle Material: Polymer
Handle Colour: Black
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Made to last Review by
    Made short work the scrub and some small dead trees, still sharp and seems to be built to last.

    Arrived very quickly so well done to HH again .
    (Posted on )
  2. Razor sharp beautyReview by
    I've had mine for about 5 years now, in fact this was the first thing I ever bought from the genius' at HH.
    You can chop, feather, batton, dig, skin, gut, hammer, ferro rod and shelter build in fact anything a good bushcraft/survival knife should.
    This is the best tree beater I've ever used but it's capable of so much more.
    Many thanks HH there's obviously a reason I keep coming back. BZ
    (Posted on )
  3. Well balanced chopperReview by
    This knife has the weight of a hand axe and provided that you hit with the edge just inside the thickest part of the blade, will chop better than any axe I have tried. However, it is no machete, so is limited to brush clearing and similar activities. (Posted on )
  4. Chunky lovely!Review by
    This is an insanely efficient, very very sharp, fairly heavy (though not unwieldy) beastie, which although I've used it for just one day, made short work of everything I threw it at and was still very sharp at the end of the day. On the basis of today's performance, I expect it to munch its way through clearance and chopping tasks until the cows come home. So far, so impressed. (Posted on )
  5. mrReview by
    What a beast, a little odd in the balance but surprisingly effective. (Posted on )
  6. No need for an axe!Review by
    I have used this now for more than a year. It replaced a bill hook and small axe for scrub clearance and forestry. It will cut a 2" branch with one stroke and the grip is secure (I added a lanyard for safety). The blade is excellent for edge holding and resharpens well with a Lansky system. Only downside is the sheath which is falling apart now as the blade catches the stitching when you reinsert it. Overall a superb clearance and chopping tool which is always with me in the woods. (Posted on )
  7. Solid tree beeterReview by
    An outstanding piece of kit. Sharp out of the box and keeps its edge very well. I purchased my Kukri Machete back in 2007 and it has been on many a camping trip over the years. I replaced the scabbard with the British army issue machete sheath which works well, but I'm not complaining, its obvious where your money is going, the steel is of excellent quality and the handle remains comfortable after long and hard use. In its time I have used this machete to clear scrub, chop fire wood, cut bivvi poles and on one memorable occasion take down a dead tree(took nearly 15 minutes constant work to get through the 12" trunk). With a bit of practice handling the weight of the blade in order to cut efficiently becomes second nature. The machete handles so well it has made my old camping axe redundant. So to sum up, if you spend a lot of time camping out in woods then give the KA-BAR Machete Kukri a serious look over you wont be disappointed. (Posted on )
  8. Big & Very Choppy!Review by
    Initial impressions... it's big, it's hefty and it's damn sharp out of the box.

    It made short work this evening of a dozen shiplap panels off the old shed - halving and batoning them nicely ready for the brazier. It also hacked it's way through a 4x4 timber from the old shed floor and finally polished off a large clump of thistles no problem.

    Sharpened back up again OK and the black coating on the blade has held up well with only the odd scratch. Definately gets a thumbs up from me!
    (Posted on )
  9. Very goodReview by
    Although I haven't used many machetes of this type, it really does pack a punch on any green tree. Because of the grip and how it sits in your hand, I didn't get any arm ache from using it. It's also extremely sharp from new and mearley clumsley brushing bark/moss stains off the side of the blade resulted in a very deep cut! Excellent bush tool, maybe overkill for gardening. It raised a few eyebrows :) will be confidently taking it to camping weekends for firewood etc through the summer. (Posted on )

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