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Ka-Bar D2 Extreme

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Ka-Bar D2 Extreme

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Ka-Bar D2 Extreme

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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From: €187.00
  • Leather
  • Kydex
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Ka-Bar D2 Extreme

Ka-Bar D2 Extreme

From: €187.00


The Kabar D2 Extreme Utility knife is believed to be the first fixed blade production knife made from D2, a steel most commonly found in custom knives. 12" Overall length, 7" blade with 2" serrated section and black epoxy powder coating. Kraton G Thermoplastic elastomer handle with epoxy powder coated steel guard and butt.

Available with leather or Eagle belt sheath with large utility pouch and leg tie.


Code KA1282-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Ka-Bar
Blade Material: D2 Tool Steel
Blade Length (cm): 17.7
Overall Length (cm): 30.5
Handle Material: Polymer


  1. great knife! too expensive!Review by
    This is a great knife! Looks and feels awesome! HOWEVER... the price is too much. Its a good knife for worth £90 not £140. Yes I know it has D2 steel... Yes I know its looks cool... and it will perform. But this is an upgrade of a £40 knife which has been selling for years and £140 is a rip off! H&H has excellent delivery and cust service but they tend to get their pricing mixed up from time to time. I would buy for £90... I would definately buy for £80. Everyone who loves knives would buy for £70. So what will it be H&H? :) (Posted on )
  2. ImpressedReview by
    I spent a lots of time researching options for a good quality "survival" type knife. This was one of the very few knives that really seemed not to have any real negatives. The D2 steel is theoretically brittle, but it would seem that unless you want to break rocks with the knife, this is not an issue. D2 can apparently be pretty tough to sharpen, but just as tough to blunt - so I guess that all balances out. Probably not one to sharpen "in the field," but I have not yet had to sharpen it.

    On the subject of sharpness - it was paper splitting sharp from the box, however the edge was (is) pretty rough, which is a shame. Also, I would have preferred a full non serrated blade.

    Overall though, it feels well built. The handle is better than the photo make it look and the sheath seems pretty sturdy.
    (Posted on )
  3. Ka-Bar Knives D2 ExtremeReview by
    Brilliant knife, had it over a year now still like new and Heinnie one of my favorite shops in UK!

    (Posted on )
  4. Deserves respect!Review by
    Had this knife 2 years, just a couple of thoughts. D2 is a sod to sharpen and the blade was blunter than a letter opener out the box.
    The flip side is, it has stayed sharp with very little retouching.
    The blade has been wet and dirty a lot & has shown no signs of tarnish in 2 years.
    Handle is really abrasive, great for grip & comfort. Not so good for repetitive chopping. Sheath is tough, light & comfortable. Weight is handle-heavy which makes chopping difficult. Bringing me to the main point.
    D2 is BRITTLE. Ka-bar have left it a little softer (59-60 HRc vs 60-61 HRc.) As a result the blade is still unchipped, but stays sharp: nice work! However it is a knife and meant to be used like one! It is NOT a crowbar, hatchet, machete, piton, thrower or baton. If you want a blade for military or survival use, or just to abuse, get one of the 1095 versions. If you want a stainless version try the Ka-bar Bull Dozier. If you need a large knife that will stay sharp a long time, buy this.
    (Posted on )
  5. I've used one…Review by
    I've used one of these for years in my job as a commercial diver. The knife itself has been excellent, especially as it has a hole for a lanyard, so it doesn't get lost accidentally underwater.
    The hard plastic sheath is the reason I don't give it 5 stars - the aluminium rivets and backing nuts slowly corroded away to nothing, which is a shame. The part serrated blade eats rope, which is the main use I have for it.
    (Posted on )
  6. Wicked knifeReview by
    Just back from a long camping trip and I have to say this knife was awesome.One word : INDESTRUCTIBLE.
    After a week intensive use it still looks brand new,I used it for eveything,digging,cutting branches etc.
    This is a must have beauty for a keen hiker/climber.
    By the way thanks for the excellent customer service.
    (Posted on )
  7. good knifeReview by
    It's good & strong knife. A well made sheath just a little lite for choping for any length of time. (Posted on )
  8. ExtremeReview by
    I give this a 4 Because although the knfe is fantastic MY leather sheath split. It might just be my fault!

    (Posted on )

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