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British Pattern Survival Knife - Wood

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Stock due in 6 Weeks +

British Pattern Survival Knife - Wood

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British Pattern Survival Knife - Wood

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 6 Weeks +



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British Pattern Survival Knife - Wood

British Pattern Survival Knife - Wood



This British-pattern survival knife is made in Sheffield to original British MOD specifications.

The blade is made from phosphated Carbon steel and measures 17.5cm (7in) long and 0.6cm (¼in) thick, with strong wooden scales, held to the tang with copper rivets.

The knife will not win any beauty contests, but it more than makes up for that in its all-round usability. This is a hefty tool, designed to be used, and constructed to last. It has a balance in the hand that can only be appreciated in the flesh, but once you’ve put your trust in this companion, it should last you a lifetime.

The knife is supplied with a sturdy black leather sheath which is designed to be worn on the left side of the body.

The knife does not carry the NATO cage number.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Arthur Wright
Blade Material: Phosphated Carbon steel
Blade Length (cm): 17.7
Overall Length (cm): 27.9
Handle Material: Wood


  1. Jack of All TradesReview by
    Have had one of theses since the late 80's. I own prettier, more functional knives but this is my 'Jack of All Trades' does everything I want it to.... cut things, chop wood, dig holes .... and I'm not afraid to abuse it!

    Sheath is admittedly poor and replaced by a Cordura DPM British Army Bayonet Sheath Handle will give you blisters with prolonged use as the scales don't meed and the rivets are recessed. I infilled with Milliput and sanded back which made a massive difference.

    (Posted on )
  2. Best knife I've ever ownedReview by
    I live in Florida, USA. I lost almost everything I owned in a house fire. For 4 months I lived "homeless" in a tent in the forest near Ocala , Florida. The only knife I had was an Opinel no8. I went to an Army surplus store to buy a Kabar. My Kabar I was issued in the Pacifice , back in the 70s was lost in the fire. I could not afford a Kabar. The man showed me an old 1984 "British survival Knife" and wanted $40.00 for it. I bought it.

    I have used this knife to actually survive with. I have made shelter, dug holes, cut vines, made fishing poles,skinned a squirrel I killed for food, defended myself from another homeless guy trying to rob me with a revolver- luckily he didn't shoot it! This knife has done it all and NEVER flinched. I've never had a knife I feel I can trust and count on like this one. Some say she's ugly. Not so, beauty is in function, and she is all function. This knife really will last a lifetime. Don't hesitate to buy one, you will not regret it.
    (Posted on )
  3. Great knife. Review by
    I chopped up an old couch with mine and it was still nice and sharp afterwards. In fact, I think I have two of these kicking about the house. Certainly won't break on you. (Posted on )
  4. Rough but goodReview by
    I have this knife, the original finish is generally poor, but with a little bit of effort you can transform it into an absolutely fabulous knife that will do everything from chopping down a small tree to skinning a rabbit. It's a bit like Kelly Brook's body with Susan Boyle's face, not pretty but feels lovely in the hand. (Posted on )
  5. Excellent with flawsReview by
    I've had one of these knives for many years, the quality of the handle fit is generally poor(ish), and the blade is usually blunt(ish), but with a small amount of work it can be transformed into a virtually indestructable BEAST of a workhorse that will do ANYTHING you ask of it and it will beg for more. Buy one and you will never regret it, it's not pretty but it's a beauty, I can make feathersticks, baton through logs, and hammer in tent posts and it comes up smiling. (Posted on )
  6. Brutal CROWBAR of a knife !!!!Review by
    I like things built SIMPLE & STRONG! A serious workhorse you could trust your life on in a survival situation. That's exactly what you get with this knife. All business! About as far removed from a pretty 'wall-hanger' as it is possible to get.
    They say using a knife as a pry bar constitutes gross misuse. But I tell you what, if 'any' knife can withstand this abuse, this will be the one! It's not just it's massive quarter inch thick steel that ensures huge reserves of strength, it's that it's full thickness for most of the depth of the blade & for the full depth of the tang. I have a KA-BAR USMC knife which is a decently sturdy knife & an absolute classic, but it's strength of build next to the John Nowill, is like comparing Sylvester Stallone with his Mum!
    First Class service from Heinnie Haynes staff (after a little hick-up which was 'swiftly' sorted when I made them aware of the problem) which is why I choose them over other knife companies.
    (Posted on )
  7. Left handed sheath Review by
    I have had this knife for years and it's a great knife so I didn't return it when I left the army. A lot of reviews mention the left handed sheath. The reason for this is this is a military knife which means that the right hand will be holding a rifle. (Posted on )
  8. Heavy duty piece of kit.Review by
    Excellent service yet again from Heinnie.
    Much of the comments have already been made . This is a good "solid"!knife."
    The sheath is a pretty /very bad fit and not a thing of great beauty I am not sure whether it was intended but the top rivet underneath the finger guard had failed to secure both pieces of leather. Perhaps it was made late on a Friday.
    My knife was fairly sharp and performed well splitting wood, and other heavier garden tasks. Very pleased with it.
    Finish my wooden handles ,blades and leather sheaths with Renaissance Wax. ( it won't do much to improve the sheath on this knife though!!
    The five stars are for the knife alone.
    (Posted on )
  9. The woodsman's friend Review by
    I recently purchased one of these 1993 models at the 2017 War & Peace Revival show here in the U.K. It was recommended to me by a woodsman & I must say, without even using the thing yet, that it is a fantastic implement.
    I will echo the gripes about the sheath but shortened my over sized clip by cutting the push button off & adding another bronze coloured one from a shoe repair shop. I then treated the whole thing with Neatsfoot oil from a saddlery shop.
    As for the knife itself, I have left the handle as is except for dunking it in Linseed oil. I let this soak in and it's given the wood a lovely, dark varnished look, instantly making it look more classy.
    To the blade I applied ACF50 oil which also added to the overall look of the knife I think.
    A seriously knife that inspires confidence the moment you handle it. Recommended.
    (Posted on )
  10. What a beast! Review by
    Received my knife today and WOW!

    This thing is a monster of a knife.

    Granted I expected it to come with an sharpened edge *hint hint* But it does come with enough to work out a b*****d of an edge.

    It is big, it is heavy and it does feel like you could abuse the s**t out of it and it will just keep going,
    Which is good because that is what I purchased it for!
    It fits wonderfully in my hands, a lot of people have complained about the oversized scales but I find they improve the feel.

    The sheath does feel a bit flimsy compared to this leviathan but it's easy to whip up a sheath so hey ho,
    To be honest my biggest gripe with it is the "left hip draw " but I knew that was the case when I bought it.

    Overall I'm really really happy with and impressed by this knife as well as the website and service teams.
    Definitely going to be repeat customer
    (Posted on )
  11. This Knife will Outlive YouReview by
    I was issued one of these in the early 90's and thought so highly of it, i have since bought another one, .... its a Beast of a knife, designed for chopping wood, digging holes, hammering or being used as a crowbar, ... it is not a pretty knife or a toy.

    To some who are used to tacti-cool knives, it is probably going to be a little rough around the edges, admittedly, the sheath is junk.
    The over sized scales are actually a design feature for use in the arctic to stop skin on the hand from touching the tang, I'd advise either sanding it or adding tape an (inner tube) grip if you plan to use it for prolonged use.

    Overall, if i were in a real life survival situation, i'd trust my life to this knife,
    I use one now every time i go camping as a work knife,
    Its a little cumbersome for small tasks, so you might want to buy a small neck knife or folding knife as a companion for it.
    (Posted on )
  12. Love my customised versionReview by
    I have 2 of these knives, one is still as original and which I have had for around 10 years. The other I have had for more than 20 years and it has been vastly improved by a little customisation.

    The oversized handles are uncomfortable and quickly generate hot spots in use, so I sanded mine right back to meet the edge of that full tang handle and now it feels great and the bubinga wood has come up beautifully.

    I also removed all that balck gunk from the blade and due to the high carbon steel, this let the knife patina well over the years.

    The standard sheath is serviceable and basic at best, so I took mine to a local saddler and they made be a stunning saddle-hide one with a piggy-back style pouch that carries my original Blackjack Yukon Skinner (folder) and in the 20 odd years I have had this combo, I've yet to see one that can match it, let alone better it.

    Fantastic, basic knife that is easily turned into a masterpiece with a little work.

    Highly recommended!

    (Posted on )
  13. Great knife, but needs a little work on the finnishReview by
    Great work horse, but there are som details that needed to be taken care of
    1. C***y edge out of the box
    2. The coating ( this is my personal opinion some like it I dont)
    3. The handle scales
    4. the knife sheath

    After regrinding the edge, handle and removing the coating it looks and feels like a much more expensive knife. Been using it for couple of trips in to the woods, choppin, batoning, making feathersticks, making shelters and so on. The knife has been tested to its limits and I must say IM IMPRESSED it holds the edge very well. Not as good as the more expensive knifes I have but still this is a knife worth every penny

    The sheath is c***y, the loop thats supposed to hold the knife in the sheath is too big for some strange reason, The stiching is not grooved in the leather and will get worn, some of the rivets are pushed throu the stitching and the leather is to thin. I will make a new kydex sheath for this knife.

    But for the price I payed for this knife Im totaly satisfied to have it as a workig horse when Im outdoors and dont have my axe with me
    (Posted on )
  14. Solid ToolReview by
    The knife came looking a little scruffy; if your looking for a pretty little show piece, then this knife ain't for you. What you do get, is a large, heavy bladed chopper, that feels capable of anything you can throw at it. Also, some people have complained about the sheath; which I found sturdy and well made. I keep mine seated on the front of my right thigh. This way the knife can be unclipped and drawn very swiftly into a hold where the knife is in a stabbing down position. It's handy to have a knife that can be deployed swiftly in an emergency situation. The service at Heinnie, as usual, impeccable. (Posted on )
  15. Yikes!Review by
    Wow, this MOD3 is a knife! This magnificent beast(superlatives are appropriate) just arrived. Because it is so icy, Haven't tried it in the orchard yet. Preliminary "table top" review:


    1. Mine came with a much better finish than expected. Even if much rougher, would still love the knife, as will become apparent.

    2. Edge grinds are even on my sample. A bonus. Even if they were crap, would still love the knife. Easy to fix.

    3. Mine is sharp enough to cut typing paper, which has enough resistance to catch, but not newspaper, which is too soft and moves away from the cut. Good enough for chopping, splitting, and snedding. But not for fine cutting. Will correct.

    4. The primary saber/Scandi grinds are even on my sample. Another bonus. But will convex for the ultimate utility.

    5. Balance point is just ahead of guard, so a chopper rather than an agile fighting knife like the Ka-Bar. Since I've never been attacked by Zombies in my orchard, that's what I wanted anyway.

    6. Weighs around 20oz, sans sheath, according to my kitchen scale. So about as heavy as my Ontario Military 18" blade machete, and my Sheffield "Jungle Knife"/Special Forces Survival Golok/Golang.

    7. Full tang beast. Can do all the things the more delicate Ka-bar(thin clip point for stabbing, weaker tang, lack of heft) won't do well: dig, pry, hammer, split, chop, use as a blunt instrument etc.

    8. The over-size grip is more than big enough for my broad palms. That might be a con for many.I like the options that gives you regarding grip position. And you have a lot of wood to customise :)!

    9. The pronounced heel stop of the grip allows you to get your hand right back on the generous handle and really chop. You can also just put three fingers on the grip, like you would for a Leuku, and chop away safely, without effort. That is because you are using the weight of the blade to do all the work. And there is little danger of the knife flying out of your hand due to centrifugal force.

    10. 1085 steel, hardened to the low to mid 50s Rockwell. Should be just about indestructable, especially since:

    11. It is a quarter inch thick!

    12. It's very inexpensive for a bush/survival knife, and more capable than most that cost five as much.

    13 The left-hand sheath is better than I expected: leather, riveted, and fits. But it has a caveat, which is in the cons below:

    Cons.......and how to fix:

    1. As mentioned, won't cut newspaper. Waterstone/mousepad + sandpaper, whatever.

    2. Big and heavy for small weak people, or people who are afraid a knife this intimidating might jump out of its sheath and attack them when their guard was down. Not an issue for me. My knives have never done that, but......see below:

    3. The sheath retention strap is in the wrong place. It should be just over the guard, where it can retain the knife. You won't lose the knife, and it won't jump out and take your leg off. But a few inches of edge will be exposed if the knife is inverted. Add another retraining strap just above the guard.

    4. The sheath is left handed! 15% of people will love this.....

    5. The over-size grip scales are proud of the full tang. If you have big enough hands, just fill with a silicon gun etc, same for the rivet holes. If you have smaller hands, reduce the grips flush with the tang, and thin the grips. That might take a while :).

    6. The edges of the grip scales are a bit too square. Even though I like the size, I'll smooth them down to prevent hot spots.

    On balance, definitely five stars, because it is of the best buys out there for anyone who wants an indestructible do-it-all survival knife. You can leave your machete or hatchet at home, and take this instead, along with a Mora or SAK.

    Yikes! I seem to have written the War and Peace of knife reviews, and I haven't taken the MOD3 into the orchard yet..............
    (Posted on )
  16. reply to Gordons review, make sure you buy from Heinnie HaynesReview by
    Thanks for your excellent review Gordon, I stand corrected & I hope I have not put people off by my misguided review.
    As my friend did not buy his from Heinnie Haynes then he may have a copy.
    He thought he was getting a genuine one by buying elseware on the internet ( to be fair I think they were out of stock at HH at the time) & it did come in a nylon DPM sheath & does not have a convex edge like mine. The coating also came off after a couple of mins use. He has had to spray paint his blade to protect it.
    As I said in my previous comments my Wilko is excellent so if the Norwill is the same then it does deserve 5 stars & the lesson is to do as I do & buy from the best Heinnie Haynes as I have been doing for several years now!
    (Posted on )
  17. Superb survival knife - the real deal!Review by
    The MOD spec survival knife, manufactured in Sheffield by Jack Adams, owners of the John Nowill brand, is a well designed practical working tool. Made from EN42 Tata steel with an added percentage of manganese for resilience, the blade is phosphated so you need to touch up the secondary bevel. Once done, this knife holds a very sharp, durable edge and the sabre grind profile is excellent for splitting wood. The wooden scales are Bubinga and deliberately oversized to MOD spec. BEWARE CHINESE COPIES sold in modified vanguard bayonet frogs (see previous 1 star review) as their profile is wrong and the steel is inferior. Adams used to make the predecessor, which had a convex edge for Wilkinson Sword. Bill Bagwell defined a serious survival knife as being able to sever a sapling as thick as a mans wrist in 3-5 strokes. Put a good secondary bevel on this and the Nowill/Adams survival knife will match Bagwells definition. Great tool and fit for purpose. (Posted on )
  18. look for the Wilkinson Sword insteadReview by
    I have had the original Wilkinson Sword version from a British Royal Marine Commando who had it issued for artic use to cut ice blocks for a couple of years & it makes the Nowill look like a poor cheap copy. ( I've read the MOD changed to the Nowill as it was a third of the price but still issue the Wilkinson to the elite units)
    A bushcraft mate of mine has the Nowill & the edge was destroyed in just a couple of mins cutting & chopping wood. I dred to think how it would do against rock hard ice.He commented the steel is just too soft. He has bought an after market Vanguard sheath as the one supplied is rubbish.
    My advice would be to search out the original & then you would have an hairloom knife to not only last your own lifetime but your kids & grandchilds as well. It's sheath is also much beter.
    (Posted on )
  19. A tough, ugly work horse.Review by
    I picked this up to temporarily replace my ESEE 5 that some scum-bag stole the other month.
    It's a big, ugly lump of metal and wood but it's exactly what you need.
    Yes, it needs some work to sharpen the blade to a perfect edge and the handle could do with sanding to customise it to each individual but it's a knife that won't let you down.

    However the sheath definitely needs replacing as it's far from ideal.

    The usual excellent HH service.
    (Posted on )
  20. Bit of an animal...Review by
    What a BEAST! This blade brings a smile to your face every time you use it, now I know why people used to give their blades names, it has so much character. It is nothing to look at, the handle scales need a lot of work to get into some sort of shape, the rivet holes need filling with epoxy, the finger guards need modding, BUT that said it doesn't take a star off the rating, because when you get going with the beast it will spit out your seasoned hard wood and go, is that all you've got??? with a pepperami sort of attitude.

    The balance point is one finger width forward of the finger guard so it is set up for chopping, that said it is perfectly well behaved with finer tasks, you'd still want a secondary blade like a Mora for fine stuff and carving spoons, but then I have no idea what all this bushcraft spooning obsession is about anyway, Monty Python Life of Brian influence maybe?

    If I were to give this beast a name it would probably be Gimli, short, powerfull and with great character. For the money its a steal.
    (Posted on )
  21. big camp knifeReview by
    I have had MOD for two years, and had been using it a lot, until on one camping trip I gave it awayto one friend of mine, he was so enchanted by it that I couldn't stand his drooling over it any more.
    Ever since, and that was some eight years ago, I haven't found a good replacement for it in any other knives. Robust, thick, hefty knife in combination with 5“ 19 century pattern butcher knife, used for fine cutting and food preparation, from the same manufacturer, is what covers most of my needs.
    I don't like sheath though, but some modification would make it OK, and knife needs some sharpening and minor reprofilings on edge out of the box.

    (Posted on )
  22. Worth every pennyReview by
    Hard to be disappointed with this seriously good value knife, a practical mans knife, solid well made and very pleasing in the hand, the sheath for the money is actually pretty good I think if you just keep it in your pack, although I purchased the HH cheap nylon carry all sheath for £7 odd as I intend to belt carry. It fits the knife perfectly. The blade needs sharpened but that is easily done and to be expected at this price, trust me you will like it! Rough and ready but superbly robust and will last a lifetime of abuse, A good alternative to a GB small forest axe if you want a lighter pack! Bulletproof, not for Girls! If I paid double I would still be happy, Get one. (Posted on )
  23. un vero compagno d'avventuraReview by
    questo coltello dimostra che la qualità la robustezza non sempre e necessario pagarla centinaia di sterline , il M.O.D e l'unico coltello che dovreste avere il giorno che sarete naufraghi su un'isola o dispersi nella boscaglia , il fatto che abbia prestato servizio per la corona britannica per cosi tanto tempo dimostra la sua qualità. GRAZIE HEINNIE PER LA SEMPRE VELOCE PROFESSIONALITA .

    [this knife shows that the quality and robustness does not always need to pay hundreds of pounds, the MOD and the only knife that you should have the day that you will be shipwrecked on an island or scattered in the bush, the fact that he worked for the British crown for so long proves its quality. HEINNIE THANKS FOR ALWAYS FAST PROFESSIONALISM.]
    (Posted on )
  24. Master of all trades, Jack of none.Review by
    Update from my July review... I've just had this knife reprofiled with a shaving sharp convex grind. I didn't like the idea of one knife to rule them all, but the John Nowill Survival Knife seems to do everything from shelter building to skinning, and it does it all really well. Holds its edge incredibly. I wish they would supply it with a well finished edge. HH have the best customer service in the world. (Posted on )
  25. Best fixed blade knife out thereReview by
    It can do anything a knife, hammer, hatchet, crowbar and baton can do.
    The blade spine is 6mm thick.

    Absolutely walks all over any american kabar too, mostly because it has a proper full tang instead of a crumby stick or rat tail!
    (Posted on )
  26. M.O.D. Survival knifeReview by
    Like the others, my knife needed finishing before it was fit to use. It really didn't take too long, especially as I used a power sander to ease the task.

    As another reviewer stated, it is part of the bonding process and well worth the effort. After a couple of hours work, it is very comfortable in my hand and is now very sharp.

    I bought this knife as I enjoy Field Archery and I needed a more substantial knife to remove the odd arrow that is stuck in a tree instead of the target.
    (Posted on )
  27. Solid but poor finishReview by
    Unbelievably tough knife but it came with a terrible grind. One side convex, one side an uneven double bevel. I'd expected a lot more care from such an esteemed knife maker. It also reflects poorly on HH, one of the best companies in the world. (Posted on )
  28. Good tool but needs some workReview by
    It makes me smile everytime I take it in my hand. The size and weight... it is the ultimate survival knife and perfect 'one tool option'. However, neglected details make it rather a 'do it yourself' kind of thing. The edge is badly finished and needs to be reprofiled. It's kind of like an unfinished scandi grind with dents and bulges. The handle is rather rough and needs sanding. The sheath... Don't even ask. Cheap leather and bad design. I wouldn't buy a trouser belt made out of something like this. Does hold the knife in place (most of the time) though. But if you're willing to spend some time and make some effort, you'll have one of the most versatile and cheapest knives you can get. It will chop, it'll dig, split wood, carve, slice, shave, skin and make fire with both ferro rod or flint and charred cloth. (Posted on )
  29. Serious toolReview by
    Worth pointing out that the design intention was for individual users to shape the deliberately oversized handle to a profile that suits them.

    I have two (why? I can't imagine wearing one out!). The blade can be taken to a seriously sharp edge. Cheap for what it is.
    (Posted on )
  30. Safety... last?Review by
    Brilliant knife and I echo all the other comments, good and bad. It is a sharpened crowbar, it does need an edge putting on it and the scales are crude and overhang the tang, so it needs some work.

    What concerns me is the sheath. It says it is designed to be worn on the left (and so, presumably, drawn with the right hand). It is not. If you do that you are drawing it across you with the edge towards your guts. Now wonder they don't put an edge on this.

    Either they should say it's a left-handed sheath or they should point out that you need to supply a sheath.

    Good knife for its purpose, though.
    (Posted on )
  31. excellentReview by
    Damn great knife! A superb wood prepper. A becker beater almost!? (Posted on )
  32. A Real Brute!Review by
    I can only echo the previous reviews of this knife: it's a real brute, extremely strong, perfect for batoning and pretty much anything else you are likely to throw at it! Not sharp out of the box, but can be brought up to a good edge with a little work. A hot glue gun or silicon filler will make the handle more comfortable. The sheath is a bit crude but of good quality, real leather and heavily rivetted. Good value for money, a real workhorse. Delivered in 48 hours. Buy one while they are in stock!! (Posted on )
  33. A brute but…Review by
    A brute but I love it. This is an ugly duck with appeal. A no nonsense knife that will not let you down and will go on and on! Thanks to big "H" for their usual outstanding service! Just try one! Customise and enjoy! (Posted on )
  34. Jungle Survival KnifeReview by
    I'm a collector and user of many knives. When I bought my JSK it was love at first sight, but some things had to change. First I made myself an ambidextrous sheath with lateral and horizontal loops. The left hand only belt sheath is too limited. I sanded the grip down & shaped it to suit my larger hand (yes the standard grips are pretty hefty). Next was grinding down the top of the handguard to be able to apply thumb pressure to the spine. Putting a decent edge on the thing was also on the cards. Once I had all this done I gave it a good testing on some Aussie Hardwoods. It passed with flying colours. The last thing I did was buy a second knife to add to the collection in an unmodified state. These knives are a well thought out design and size. The heft from such a short piece of steel will take most by surprise. These things carry a bit of weight. This is, as someone else has said, a sharpened crowbar. (Posted on )
  35. PerfectReview by
    This is a great knife worth every penny. It's very strong will do any job you what it to, yes the handle is a bit rough but its not a problem. (Posted on )
  36. John Norris MOD Knife, wood handleReview by
    Hefty knife, suited for its true purpose. Potential to customise handle by sanding and oiling. I cant wait to use this knife out in Africa on my hunting trips & put it through its paces. It comes with a decent enough, sturdy leather type sheath, nothing fancy but does the job adequately. Blade will need improved sharpening, but this is not any problem, look at it as bonding time with your new chum! Hennies Haynes, Top service, great products, keep it up. (Posted on )
  37. Big beastReview by
    This arrived after a long wait due to supply problems and I'm very impressed. As per the other reviews the handle needs some sanding to get rid of the rough blister inducing edges. This is a tough knife and will easily cope with extreme workloads and then beg for more. Just be aware of the size and weight it's a massive thing. I can't wait to really put it through it's paces. (Posted on )
  38. After writing my…Review by
    After writing my first review about this knife I ordered another about a week later for a work college and Heinnie Haynes done their magic. Had to do the usual sorting the handle job but it didn't take long. Their was a chip out the blade but my mate was amazed with his new knife and ran around camp showing it off. I think John Nowill should pay me commission because half the American army are going to get one. And it takes a bloody good knife to impress an American service man. (Posted on )
  39. Served on missions…Review by
    Served on missions all over the world for 21 years started off with the Wilkinson sword knife but as it was turned in to a collectors item I put it away and got one of these. I can have the pick of the best knives in the world but mainly use this beast just as good as the Wilko. (Posted on )
  40. Proper knifeReview by
    Had this knife for a good few years now. A real tough cookie. Easily sharpened. Can be used to cut 45gal oil drums if needs be. Only gripe is the handle needs to be sanded a little to round off the edges. (Posted on )
  41. Survival of the fittestReview by
    I cut a couch into bits with this knife and it was still shaving sharp afterwards. If you're stuck in the wilderness and there are couches everywhere, this is the knife for you. (Posted on )

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