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John Nowill Seamans Knife

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John Nowill Knives Seamans Knife

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John Nowill Seamans Knife

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 6 Weeks +



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John Nowill Seamans Knife

John Nowill Seamans Knife



The John Nowill Seamans knife is simplicity itself. No whistles and bells just a piece of British carbon steel, two hardwood handle scales and a black leather belt sheath make up an unpretentious, use for anything and anywhere utility knife.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: John Nowill
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 11.0
Overall Length (cm): 20.8


  1. In stock, finally!Review by
    Got one at last! I imagine that these sell like hot cakes given the low price, so patience is needed. It was worth the wait, though. I just wish I could have got the Green River knife @ £19 as well. Funny how the A. Wright version is always in stock - at £35! The Seaman/Boatman's knife is easily worth the £15 paid even though fit & finish do leave a little to be desired. I can easily overlook these minor faults at this ridiculously low price - including a leather sheath! At less than 2mm. thick and tapering towards the front edge the blade will flex a bit but this can help with certain tasks. The carbon steel takes & holds a good edge but will need to be lightly oiled from time to time - use a little Sunflower oil or similar if using the blade to prepare food. I mostly use it in the shed or out in the garden. It's a good item for the price and is a good, all-round multitasker. I may be a bit biased as I am a Sheffielder & I've just made a copy of this in Stainless Steel & Rosewood etched with SUFC 130 yrs. old & promoted to the Premier League. Up the blades - all types! (Posted on )
  2. What a bargainReview by
    A lovely little knife, fit and finish are good and while not shaving sharp from the off plenty sharp enough for day to day use (Posted on )
  3. light weight neck carryReview by
    I bought this hoping it would fit in my kit as a light weight neck knife and it will it has a thin blade ( 1 1/2 - 2 mm )but then its not for chopping down trees its for cutting cordage, feather sticks, striking a ferro rod and preparing foods and butchering small game.
    It will need a bit of work to get it nice like re profiling the edge and point and squaring off the spine, maybe I will replace the scales but as far as the steel goes it will take a nice edge and sharpen easily.
    The sheath is a thin leather pukko type design which works well as I want it to be light weight and hold the knife secure.
    I liked the shape as it reminded me of the knife Mors Kochanski made in one of his videos and had the same rough specs he prefers.
    Bargin in my opinion for £13-00 these could even be great for anyone wanting to make a custom necker to use as a donor blade.
    4 stars as it is not fit a finished well but the base product is sound.
    (Posted on )
  4. Bang on. Review by
    Lovely little knife, really is a no frills carbon steel blade. Not shaving sharp out the box but took very little effort on my ceramic sharpener to get it there. With a little work this could be a really, really good little knife. It's gone straight in my shooting pack. And as ever, top service from HH (Posted on )
  5. Top Value!Review by
    Seriously, how much fun can you have foe £13 in this day and age?

    For the price of 20 fags and a pint you get a British made, carbon steel knife with wooden scales & a leather sheath.

    It's certainly no frills, but fit and finish is fine, handle is very comfortable and the blade takes a good edge.

    I genuinely don't know how they can produce a knife in the UK to sell at this retail price.

    At this price don't hesitate, just hit the button & buy - you won't regret it.

    (Posted on )
  6. Today I received…Review by
    Today I received my Seamans knife ..., and although the knife and sheath are like the photo, I noticed a rust spot on the tip which cost me a lot of cleaning, and has left an indelible mark. (Posted on )
  7. good valueReview by
    Great knife for the price but there are some bad points; The sheath isn't great, the blade has black marks and scratches, and the fit of the handle isn't perfect. HOWEVER for the money its excellent value!! I wouldn't hesitate to buy another. (Posted on )
  8. Good for the money.Review by
    For the price I couldn't really ask for more. Full width tang, full flat ground and carbon steel. Came a bit blunt at the tip but a few minutes on the oil stone got it sharp. The sheath could be improved a bit with regards to the belt loop and the fit, but it's serviceable. Further the blade came with slight brown marks however it dosent effect the performance of the knife. Im using it as a beginner bushcraft Kinfe. Also super fast delivery from HH - its reputation shining through here. (Posted on )
  9. This is more…Review by
    This is more of a foo prep utensil than an all-round utility knife. Great for that but not up to general chores or survival tasks. (Posted on )

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