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John Nowill Divers Knife Titanium

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John Nowill Knives Divers Knife Titanium

test 1John Nowill Knives Divers Knife Titaniumtest 2John Nowill Divers Knife Titaniumtest 3John Nowill Knives Divers Knife Titaniumtest 4 John Nowill Knives Divers Knife Titanium

John Nowill Divers Knife Titanium

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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John Nowill Divers Knife Titanium

John Nowill Divers Knife Titanium



Large, tough titanium divers knife from the traditional knifemaking capital of the world. The handle and rubber sheath are both rubber whilst the blade is an impressive piece of titanium with an ultra sharp double edge, one plain and one serrated/saw.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: John Nowill
Blade Material: Titanium
Blade Length (cm): 20.3
Overall Length (cm): 33.0
Handle Material: Rubber
Sheath: Yes


  1. Make it your own !Review by
    I own this knife in titanium and severel other brands and I have to say that the people who talked below me on here clearly don’t know anything about titanium knives. There are many types and grades of titanium but they all share common traits. Titanium has a very high tensile strength and it has the highest strength to wait ratio of all of the alloys. It’s tensile strength is 10x that of steel so according to the chap who is a diver for the RN, he said the titanium just snaps or chips when in fact because of its tensile nature it actually just bends or deforms but never chips or snaps so to me it looks like he had the stainless steel version and I deffo can’t see the RN buying these titanium knives in bulk due to expense. The other thing is that the knife has been done to the point where it allows you to customise the knife as divers have very specific needs in a blade. I’m a diver and have had my knife customised with a custom handle and a custom sheath and have put a convexed edge which is a good idea with a titanium knife so it has more belly to support the edge . The reason why some specialised RN divers use titanium knives is because when they are clearing or near Magnetic sea mines they can’t have any ferrous metal close to the mine or it will detonate due to the attraction of the magnetic field and they are very very sensitive to steel and the bonus is they don’t corrode but like aluminium will rot if not properly cared for. Well I hope this has helped you to decide wether it’s the titanium or stainless for you, personally I’d go for the titanium as it’s a great conversation peace and they are hard to get hold of so are quite rare and titanium is far far more expensive than steel pound for pound and also can be hard to work with. (Posted on )
  2. As describedReview by
    Quick delivery as usual from Heinnie,top quality service.
    Recently I spoke to the guy that actually makes these knives at Sheffield Knives, for the Royal Navy. So from the horses mouth,the blade is dull as its titanium,both the blade and the rubber handle are unmarked with makers names etc,one way of telling its the titanium version and not the stainless steel version. Or just try sticking a magnet to it !!!
    A good knife, a little expensive considering the steel version is less than HALF price. Its,plain,simple and nothing fancy.
    I have both versions and the titanium is defo lighter,but not alot.
    Many thanks again Heinnie,

    (Posted on )
  3. Divers KnifeReview by
    I have a stainless steel version of this knife which I will say has given a few years of service with no problems. It holds its edge well but I am unsure of the reason why the titanium version should be so poor. (Posted on )
  4. ReviewReview by
    First of all they ship using Royal Mail to U.S.A., Royal Mail made a mistake and said the package was in France for delivery.

    Then when the titanium divers knife finally arrive to my home, Royal Mail said the my knife was still in France. Once opening

    the package the expensive 199.99 British pound plus shipping was not even in a box. No proper packaging. No papers, warranty

    card, nothing except the sheath and the knife. I could not believe it. The blade is not even marked Titanium, in fact no markings

    what so ever, not even the name of the company or model. The blade was dull and chipped. No dive leg straps came with this

    knife. Nothing except a chipped blade, dull blade, and a sheath. And the hole at the end of the handle is not even drilled all the

    way through. The blade bends and they claim it is titanium? It is non magnetic. The craftsmen's ship is poor. This was the worst

    purchase I have ever had on the net.
    (Posted on )
  5. Dont BotherReview by
    As an ex Royal Navy Clearance Diver I used this knife for many years. They do not hold an edge and are heavy and cumbersome they are also brittle and break if used as a lever or scraper. I and many of my colleuges today buy our own Spyderco salt series knives and you get change at this price the RN obviously has money to burn. (Posted on )

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