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Hultafors Safety Knife

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Hultafors Safety Knife

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Hultafors Safety Knife

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Hultafors Safety Knife

Hultafors Safety Knife



A knife designed with a dull point, developed and adapted to minimise sticking injuries. A unique method for attaching the sheath around a button on your work clothes means it does not loosen, but is easy to remove. The knife blade is manufactured in Japanese knife steel, 2.5 mm carbon steel that has been hardened to 58-60 HRC. The cutting edge has been sharpened in several stages with a final honing on a leather strop. The handle and sheath are made of extra durable PP plastic.


Code HULT-380080
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Hultafors
Blade Material: Carbon steel
Blade Length (cm): 8.9
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Overall Length (cm): 20.3
Handle Material: Polymer
Sheath: Yes


  1. From Safety Knife to Servicable KnifeReview by
    Got this a few months back, re-shaped the point and ground the spine with slight angle for fire strike, 100 % versatile and perfect working knife for £4.00 plus a bit of work.
    How can it be bettered.
    (Posted on )
  2. Good way to source carbon steel blades.Review by
    I had to laugh when I opened this - take a £5 Craftsman, round off the end & then charge only £4 for it! I got it to source a cheap blade to make a Nordic Puukko as a blade like this is £10 - £15 on its own depending whether you pick SS or Carbon steel. It's a tough little knife with a 2/3 tang & it took a fair bit of effort to remove the handle. Once off I found that there is an extra 6mm. Of Scandi grind hidden under the plastic so it's possible to use 95mm. Of the blade to make the Puukko. I've purchased a Heavy Duty version to do another if the small one works out! Looking forward to making this; there's plenty of inspiration online & if you research prices you'll see that this type of knife is by no means cheap to buy although a lot of the cost also goes on the sheath......but that's a different project! (Posted on )
  3. the first knife I reach forReview by
    I normally camp with my kids and they always want to whittle and make feather sticks. Over a year ago I bought this knife to let them do that while I carried on with my 'real' knife. Now, this is the knife I pack for me and it's the first one I grab when I want to do anything substantial. It's sharp (sharpens easily and holds an edge) robust and if I damage it I'll only have to shell out £4 to replace it. I haven't damaged it yet. (Posted on )
  4. excellent safety knifeReview by
    Next day delivery. I bought six fro teaching cubs knife safety and skills. A proper scandi grind for easy sharpening, good steel, a nicely shaped handle with a good finger guard, a positive lock in the sheath, and a nicely rounded tip. Excellent value for money (Posted on )
  5. Great workhorseReview by
    I totally agree with dampignak's review.
    Cheap, no frills but very good. I use it for rough jobs on a construction site and it's tough, comfortable to use and well designed. I gave it a second grind with a cheap Gerber sharpener and it sharpens up in seconds but also keeps it's edge surprisingly well. Use it for all the cutting tasks you wouldn't want to use an expensive blade for- it's only weakness is rust so give it a light oil after use in the rain.
    Great knife and amazing value.
    (Posted on )
  6. Amazing value, solid working knifeReview by
    At 3 quid, I don't think there is better value anywhere in the knife world.
    Good scandi grind, good steel (1080 equivalent), comfortable handle, secure sheath. Buy 10 and give them away.
    It is possible to grind a point on the end - it took me less than 1 minute with a bench grinder, keeping the tip cool by plunging it in water every few seconds and going slow.

    Thanks Heinnie Haynes! Super fast shipping to Australia too. Very impressed.
    (Posted on )

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