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Hultafors Outdoor Knife OK4

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Hultafors Outdoor Knife OK4

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Hultafors Outdoor Knife OK4

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In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Hultafors Outdoor Knife OK4

Hultafors Outdoor Knife OK4



The OK4 is a durable outdoor knife with friction grip suitable for tasks in the field. The hardwearing textile belt loop allows up to 80mm wide belts. The blade has a Scandi grind and is made from Japanese 3.0mm carbon knife steel that has been hardened to 58–60 HRC and has a rust protective electrophoretic deposition coating to withstand corrosion. The ground spine of the blade is designed for starting a fire with a fire starter.

  • The cutting edge has a Scandi grind for superior sharpness and is easy to resharpen. A protective electrophoretic deposition coating (EPD) for best rust protection.
  • The handle is made from super-durable PP plastic and fitted with a Santoprene friction grip. A long tang makes the knife very durable.
  • The textile beltloop allows up to 80mm wide belts and is equipped with a pocket for a fire starter. It is also detachable if you want to attach the holster to the button on your work clothes.
  • Ground spine for use of fire starter and scale engraved on blade is optimized for outdoor usage.


Code HULT-380270
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Hultafors
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 9.2
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.29
Overall Length (cm): 21.0
Handle Material (Text): Santoprene
Blade Finish: Black
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Type: Plain
Grind: Scandi
Sheath: Plastic
Product Weight (g): 150


  1. Great knife! Review by
    I’m really impressed with the feel and quality of this knife. Feels great in the hand and cuts well. For the price it’s an absolute bargain. Comes with a nice stealth and belt loop. (Posted on )
  2. BUSHCRAFT.Review by
  3. All the knife you needReview by
    Got mine a few years back, came with a fire steel and was only about £16.00
    Never been a fan of the black finished blades but thats how they are made so I live with it.
    The balance and feel of this knive is perfect, the steel is excelent hold an edge and performs like a bushcraft knife should,
    I replave the universal plastic sheath for a inexpensive black leather from H H for about £6.50.
    So far this knife has stood up to everything I have tried it on,
    I re ground the spine for fire strike and over time worn the blackening away from the Scandi grind profile, but what did you expect.
    At £32.00 now begining to to nude Mora 2000 budget range and thats a bad thing . This was a good knife for a sub £20. - £25 carefull not to over price it's self for not much more the Condor mini Bushlore is within range of budget.
    Still Im happy to have paid what i did
    (Posted on )
  4. Best bushcraft knife under 50 pounds! Review by
    I own Moras (kansbol, bushcraft, pro c, pro robust), cold steel, TBS Boar but this little Hultafors is my favourite bushcraft knife. I actually got myself second one just in case if they will stop producing it. It's well made. Grip is amazing. Blade is scary sharp and very easy to resharp. I own this expensive TBS Boar but I prefer to use OK4. I have more control and blade is thinner 3mm than thick 4 mm boar which makes it easier to do feather sticks or process wood to detail. I preffer OK4 rather than Mora bushcraft and TBS Boar.
    (Posted on )
  5. Great little knifeReview by
    Compact, strong looking blade and a great handle. I bought the OK4 to use as a general camping knife and first impressions are that it won't disappoint. Not worried about the measuring scale: the blade is beautifully finished., and the chamfer on the finger guard is a stroke of genius. 5 Stars. (Posted on )
  6. A "user" not a draw dweller.Review by
    Had this for a few months and its become my go to knife
    Great for splitting wood and equally at home doing more delicate tasks such as carving wood.
    It showers sparks off a firesteel like a good'un.
    Most importantly though its cheap enough to not worry about using and
    abusing it. Definitely one for the belt not the drawer.
    (Posted on )
  7. mora pro vs Hultafors Outdoor Knife OK4Review by
    First off, this knife is fantastic. I now have both this and the mora pro which are very similar, all I can say is this has.
    - more grip on the handle.
    - coated blade stops corrosion
    - inch and cm (not sure how useful that is but whatever)
    - locks into the sheath better, although you need to exert more effort getting it out.
    - loop on the sheath to put a fire steel.
    - the guards side is contoured in a triangular fashion making it more comfortable to use while on the blade.
    - 90 degree blade back.

    for this price its worth every penny, its not the best knife money can buy but its cheapness in my opinion is its best feature as your more likely to push it to its limits until it dies.

    And that's what they are there for to be used.
    (Posted on )
  8. great knife for the moneyReview by
    I've been using Hultafors knives for years, totally rock solid, in my opinion much better than Mora's, I always feel as if the blade will snap with Mora's, just too bendy to trust them fully. This is going to be my new "Im not frightened of losing it "knife, I already like everything about it, webbing belt loop, elastic fire steel loop, coated blade, rubbery handle, only thing I don't quite get is the ruler on the blade, but otherwise I would highly recommend to anyone. (Posted on )
  9. Solid!Review by
    Ordered about 3pm, Heinnie's had my order there the next morning. The knife was in pristine condition. Fantastic service! The knife itself arrived sharp and is so solidly built I couldn't believe I'd paid the price I did. The handle feels great, very grippy, comfortable and a good size. The blade has a little more belly and is a tiny bit bigger than the equivalent shaped Mora (a robust pro) and this really makes a difference, it just feels more 'right'. The tang feels solid and seems to be most of the length of the handle. The sheaths nylon belt loop will improve things as I've had Mora sheaths slip off my belt in the past. The only criticism I have is the plastic sheath is a bit thin and feels a little cheap and nasty. All in all a fantastic, solid cut price knife, in fact this is the only budget blade I've ever bought where I have no initial misgivings whatsoever. I'm going to get 3\4 more Hultafors knives before they get more popular and the price goes up! (Posted on )
  10. Horrible!Review by
    I have seen so much better knifes than this miserable piece of metal! (Posted on )
  11. A great little all rounderReview by
    Excellent value, solid little knife. I have many Hultafors knifes, all have been worked hard, non have let me down, looks a winner. Thanks HH (Posted on )
  12. Cracking little knifeReview by
    Ordered around 4pm and received the knife the next day with standard delivery. HH does it again! That's why they're the best.

    I kinda knew what I was buying, but I was pleasantly surprised by the OK4, nonetheless. It's a cracking knife, especially for the price, which seems to have dropped by a pound (?). Not very sharp ootb, but a strop soon sorted that. Well made and the grip is fantastic. Perfect size for my hands, extremely grippy aided by a well designed choil. Feels great and secure in the hand. Coated carbon steel blade, good thickness, sharp spine, Scandi grind. Not entirely sold on the sheath design, but it works, holds the knife securely, two belt loop options and the firesteel loop is a great feature/ bonus. This knife is a no-brainer. Get one ... actually, better get 3 or 4! I certainly will.
    (Posted on )
  13. A little belterReview by
    Not gonna get chance to get out with this knife for a while so got some 4x2 out the garage and processed it down for the chimnea, and it performed great
    Batoned it no problem, great feather sticks and throws a great spark

    Great little sheath, holds the knife snug with no rattle and holds my ferro rod tight

    Haven't tried sharpening it yet, haven't needed too

    All for £17, what's not to like

    Was out of stock when i ordered, but still turned up in 5 days, Cheers Guys

    All in all, a great little knife, and HH are as good as everyone says

    Thanks again
    (Posted on )
  14. Does everything my F1 doesReview by
    Title sums it up really. A £17 pound knife that cuts and mantains its edge as well as my Fallkniven F1, and due to its price I'm not afraid to beat on it, so really its does more than my Fallky.

    Has a nice weight and balance, and feels much sturdier in the hand than a Mora HD (I'm not sure how far the tang goes on this but feeling the weight of it I would suggest its longer than a standard hultafors). Blade shape is also better than a Mora HD, due to a fatter belly.

    Sheath retention is so far a million percent better than a Mora companion, but time will tell as i assume it will loosen just like a mora. And the firesteel loop is a lovely touch. Only complaint is the coated blade - you will need to remove the coating on the bevel to get this knife sharp.

    Whilst Mora have been shouting about the release of their £100 prybar, Hultafors have silently released a bushcraft knife that betters Mora's entire budget range. Well done Hultafors
    (Posted on )
  15. Great for the priceReview by
    My first fixed blade knife purchase for several years. Wanted a robust general purpose knife, and thought that the black blade looked more 'tool' and less 'knife'. Wasn't fully sharp out of the box but a few strokes on a stone soon soerted that. Think this will do exactly what I need. Sheath is basic but secure. (Posted on )
  16. beast of a knife. Get two.Review by
    5 stars.

    I've left photos up on Heinnie facebook page. This beast slices, it is razor, slivers of Apple and tomato, sharp. Throws a cloud of sparks of a fire steel, and after making two shelters in the woods was still hair shaving sharp.

    An absolute tank of a blade.
    (Posted on )
  17. 5 Stars Review by
    Delightful in the hand, razor (Slivers of tomato) sharp from the store, and after an over night camp making feather sticks, battoning, constructing a shelter, it performed magnificently.

    The handle is warm in the hand, I love the finger guard, feels a lot safer in use knowing there will be no accidental slippage onto the steel.

    Oh, one last mention, the spine is very acute, throws excellent cloud of sparks from a fire steel.

    5 stars.
    (Posted on )
  18. Can't Go wrong Review by
    Picked up on of these today and for the price you can't go wrong , great in hand definitely won't slip even in wet conditions, fits in the sheath as snug as a bug, will be putting it though its paces in the next few weeks (Posted on )

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