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Hultafors Hatchet

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Hultafors Agdor Trekking Axe

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Hultafors Hatchet

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Hultafors Hatchet

Hultafors Hatchet



A small axe for outdoor use in forests and open land. Made from plasted and laquered ironwork, it is also suitable for work in the garden. The shaft is curved and made from hickory. An edge protector is included.

  • Hand-forged from Swedish axe steel using traditional methods in use since 1697
  • The steel is struck several times, increasing its density and thereby the durability of the axe
  • Has a clear tempered zone within which the axe can be sharpened whilst not detracting from the strength of the edge
  • The shaft is made from hickory and treated with linseed oil


Code HULT-840066
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Hultafors
Cutting Edge (cm): 8.4
Overall Length (cm): 44.4
Blade Material: Swedish Axe Steel
Handle Material: Hickory
Sheath: Yes
Axe Weight (g): 0.8
Product Weight (g): 800g
GTIN: 7391408400664


  1. A lot of axe for the moneyReview by
    I've had mine for six or eight months now, and I just love it. I chucked away the "mask" that came with it, because the rivets wear on the blade edge and got a better one, but other than that there are no complaints (and, when you think about how good this axe is for how little you spend on it, who cares about a cheapo mask?).

    The axe sharpens very well, holds an edge brilliantly and can handle surprisingly large logs in terms of bucking and splitting. It also fells small trees well and is an invaluable tool when pleaching hedges.

    I absolutely love mine (so much so that I look forward to applying more linseed oil to the haft) and would recommend it in a heartbeat.
    (Posted on )
  2. Really nice axeReview by
    Ordered this axe weekend before last and arrived mid week.

    When it arrived it had a slight burr on one side of the cutting edge, which was remedied on the Rite Edge Razor Strop, purchased at the same time and the handle was roughly finished, which has been mentioned on a couple of the other reviews. I sorted that with a quick, light going over with some fine Wet and Dry, used dry, and it is now nice and smoothe. After that i gave it a thorough rub over with a cloth to get rid of the wood dust, then gave it a couple of coats of linseed oil, letting it dry between coats.

    The leather blade cover, as has also been mentioned, was badly fitting, so after reading the other reviews, I looked at the Helko sheath, but didn't like the look of them and finding the Hultafors head cover type sheaths difficult to find as an aftermarket item, i have bought a Gransfors Bruks Scandanavian/Wilderness Axe sheath from Ray Meares' site. It has a strap to fit it around the shaft under the back of the head and it is a snug and secure fit and it is absolutely spot on. Pleased there was something on the blade for transportaton etc., but definitely advise buying a new, better fitting sheath for it.

    Had some use at weekend and was really impressed with the performance. Made very light work of some logs for burning.

    If you're wanting it more for bushcrafty type stuff, it's a decent size for fitting in a 25l and over pack size. Anything smaller than 25 and it may start to be a tight fit and become noticable through the material.

    The actual axe is worth 5 stars, as you can't really complain about the £33 price tag, but I'm giving it 4 due to the sheath not really being fit for purpose and, mainly, the finish of the handle letting it down slightly.

    Overall, it is value for money and worth a little time to get it just right for you.
    (Posted on )
  3. Great workhorse, good value - get another sheath though !Review by
    Great value, feels good to wield, chops cleanly, a great addition.
    Only criticism - hence the four stars - is the, erm, "mask" (bit of floppy leather that falls off) but David's review very helpfully pointed me at the "Helko small/medium leather sheath" which is now protecting the edge. I punched an extra hole in the strap of this, so that now sits blow the head meaning I can use it as a hammer with the sheath in place.
    On reflection, I've changed my mind and made it five stars, simply because it's such very good value !
    HH service and delivery speed is just incredible.
    (Posted on )
  4. Great Value Review by
    Swift delivery and good service from HH.
    The Axe itself came pretty dull, (no biggie) , spent around half an hour on a king 1000 grit to get it sorted and a few strokes on the 6k stone to polish up then to the strop with white compound .
    It now shaves my arm hair with ease .
    I had to spend some time also sanding down the whole handle (again i dont mind) and gave it some beeswax and olive oil coating i made to protect it .
    I took it out to test and it seems to be pretty solid for the size of it , id say its worth the money since you will pay triple for a Gransfors , yeah it may be finished better, but still .
    (Posted on )
  5. Solid, but not without flawsReview by
    After the usual great service from Heinnie, I took delivery of this hatchet.

    My first impressions were that it was larger than I was expecting, but this was in no way a bad thing; the heft of this hatchet made me feel comfortable it would be up to the task of copping firewood. The head of the axe is also sharp and well made. It feels like a quality tool.

    The only downside to my purchase was the shaft; yes, it's hickory, but it felt almost unfinished and I was preparing to give it a fine grit sand down when I noticed a split in the hickory. After a brief e-mail exchange, the team at HH sent me a returns label and swapped it out. So, one star dropped for the disappointment and fault.

    All in all though, it's a fine tool and, for the money, a good purchase
    (Posted on )
  6. updateReview by
    Loving this hatchet. I've taken the grey finish off it and given the handle a few more coats of linseed oil. The dirt from use and oil has darkened the handle a bit more. I've had to sharpen it, a couple of hard knots had left their mark on the cutting edge. It's done lots of chopping and splitting, up to 8" logs so far. All done with ease.

    The sheath has gone and been replaced with a Helko small/medium leather sheath, fits great and makes the axe look like it should.
    (Posted on )
  7. Solid workhorseReview by
    I purchased this 2 days ago, it's been delivered and used already. I needed an axe that fitted into my smaller backpack. Top notch service from HH.

    The axe is very well made. The handle was smooth enough to be comfy but not too slippy, it's great with a coat of linseed. The handle is also a little bit thicker than my SFA. The grind was very good and it was very sharp.

    The axe felt very head heavy at first compared to my other axe but after a few uses I never noticed it. The extra weight of this head splits fire logs easily.

    The biggest fault with this axe is the sheath. It dropped off every time in my backpack. When I got back in yesterday I dropped it into boiling water for 2 minutes then dried it in the oven for 10 minutes. I had nothing to lose, it didn't fit anyway. It now fits perfectly!

    (Posted on )
  8. excellent valueReview by
    Massively impressed with this hatchet its unbelievably good value! have hammered this since i had it and cant fault it in any way. This was out of stock when i ordered it but have still had a fast delivery and the communication about delivery has been excellent. Hugely impressed with Heinnie Haynes will definately be using them in the near future (Posted on )
  9. Preliminary review and I like what I see, Review by
    Looks like the real deal, legendary steel quality so no problems there, Initially the head feels to heavy to use constantly, weighing in at 1 & 3/4 lbs I would normally use a 1 & 1/4. With this you can feel the extra half pound tugging at the forearm when using constant chipping blows.

    Very confused with the price structure of these axes, the Carpenters axe is almost exact in spec and over twice the price, I could replace the shaft of my hatchet in the future for a straight one and thats it, job done.

    Amazing service from HH, spoke with customer service when I had realised I balls up my online order and nothing had arrived , very helpful and as anticipated the next day 5 items, all in stock, all delivered , how do they do it.... well done HH
    (Posted on )
  10. Great trekking axeReview by
    This axe plus a half decent Bushcraft knife (Condor, Mora, etc) is all you need when out in the field. Good weight to the head - not too heavy, pretty sharp from new and is easy to resharpen. Handle feels smooth and comfortable and is long enough to get two hands safely around. Sheath is okay but nothing special - no big deal if it gets lost!
    For a couple of mods, I put on a lanyard and bought a hammer clip from B&Q to wear on belt. Sorted!
    As always, a top notch service from Heinnie - cheers guys keep up the fantastic work.
    (Posted on )
  11. non-flashy practical tool.Review by
    I didn't purchase this from Heinnie... My axe came quite dull and with a crack at the bottom of the handle. After sharpening though, and deciding the crack was merely cosmetic, this tool is amazing. ú35 is a fair price, I paid less, but I had said issues.
    Easily splits a 10 inch log in two in one strike, with very little effort yet is not too heavy to be able to do finer work such as making feather sticks or kindling. I find I get a couple of chips, but the metal is soft to work with and they can be taken out fairly easily.
    The included sheath is actually quite nice, it is a little loose, but as the back is left bare it can be used as a hammer with the sheath on.
    (Posted on )
  12. Mr eadieReview by
    Great service from HH. This axe is fantastic, sharp out the box (but I did sharpen it a bit more). After three days of being put through its paces it still was sharp enough to cut paper, weight and size are perfect only reason it's not 5 stars is the poorly fitting sheath but it's not that bad and for the price a definite my have. (Posted on )
  13. Top ToolReview by
    Ordered from Heinnie just before Crimbo and as usual first class service!
    Great tool used and abused a great deal over the festive period, chopped and split an entite tipper of logs and is as sharp and trusty as can be! Awesome!
    (Posted on )
  14. fantasticReview by
    Fantastic axe, easy to sharpen and cuts brilliantly. Best value for money out of any product I've bought. (Posted on )
  15. Click 'buy' and you won't regret it!Review by

    First of all I'd like to state that in my opinion, Heinnie Haynes has the best delivery service in the world! The axe was out of stock and due into the warehouse in 7-10 days. Two days after I ordered; bam - it's on my doorstep!

    Secondly, I'd like to say what a beautiful piece of craftmanship this axe demonstrates. It appears as though someone really took their time over this tool and to say that it splits logs in three strikes is no exaggeration. In skilled hands I'd imagine that it'd be possible to split big logs in one clean strike.

    Heinnie exceeds my expectations every time I order from them. Highly recommended. Thank you!
    (Posted on )
  16. qzakReview by
    Brilliant axe for the price and quality of construction you won't beat it, up there with other Swedish axes that are easily double the price if not more!!! Put it through its paces today and as expected it performed awesomely! Only thing I would change is the sheath, doesn't fit tightly! I'll forgive that because as I say the axe is great. Buy one! (Posted on )
  17. Nice Axe shame about the maskReview by
    Good axe, as expected. The mask falls off though so had one made that fits. For 30 quid they're forgiven!!
    Next day service by HH for free.
    (Posted on )
  18. MrReview by
    Bargain of the century. Any other Swedish axe of this quality would cost double. Great bit of kit!! (Posted on )
  19. Hultafors trecking axeReview by
    Cracking little axe, great size for rucksack and typical Swedish quality. best of all is the price. Not often you get Swedish axes for ú30!!! Heinnie service and product as always excellent.. (Posted on )

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