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Helle Temagami Stainless Steel

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Helle Temagami Stainless Steel

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test 1Helle Temagami Stainless Steel Thumbnail Imagetest 2Helle Temagami Stainless Steeltest 3test 4

Helle Temagami Stainless Steel

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Helle Temagami Stainless Steel

Helle Temagami Stainless Steel



Helle Temagami SS - Designed by Les Stroud

The semi-full tang provides the extra strength associated with bushcraft knives. The tang is exposed on the top and pommel end, but is covered by the wood of the handle on the finger side. This protects the fingers from direct contact with the steel in cold weather. The drop point style blade is made of triple laminated stainless steel that provides excellent edge holding toughness and ease for sharpening. The handle has a bit of a finger guard to help keep your hand off the edge when slippery. The handle shape on the updated version of the Temagami allows a better control of the knife when holding in more positions. The Temagami comes with a leather sheath retaining the knife securely without the need for snaps or straps.


Code HELLE300
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Helle
Blade Material: Triple laminated stainless steel
Blade Length (cm): 11.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Overall Length (cm): 23.0
Blade Colour: Satin
Handle Material: Curly Birch
Blade Finish: Polished
Blade Type: Plain
Sheath: Leather Belt Sheath
Product Weight (g): 155g


  1. outstanding classic.Review by
    There are a few tools that I carry in my Bushcraft bag that earn their place without thinking.
    My Bahco Laplander saw, Wetterlings Bushmans Axe (H H should stock these as they are in my opinion the best axe on the market), firesteel, compass & now this.

    I have been swapping between different Bushcraft knives for years, each one being good but not just right, until now.

    Les Stroud knows what he's doing & got his design spot on. I love his Survivorman programs. He is up there with Ray Mears.

    It's a medium sized knife that feels nimble & light in the hand as it's so well balanced.

    The handle is very comfortable & safe, well finished & looks stunning.

    The blade is very versitile & extreamly sharp,
    I normally hone my knives even when new as I like them razor sharp but this is the first knife I have bought in the past 30 odd years that came with an edge that I could not improve on.

    It is thick enough for my bushcraft needs but also thin enough for food prep & skinning.

    The sheath is good enough & well made & fitted but as a premium price product would look better with a bit of embossing as found on some of Helle's other knives. & also a firesteel loop would improve it further.

    I can highly recommend this knife, it is worth every penny & it will be my constant companion when out in the woods.
    (Posted on )
  2. Wonderful knife and fantastic Helle Customer serviceReview by
    I got this item as a present and unfortunately lost it outside for nearly a year. Once found, the handle needed replacing, but the blade cleaned up rather well. Contacted Helle direct and they kindly sent a replacement handle and sheath.

    The Temagami is a half full tang, making it robust enough as an bushcrafting knife, but not a survival knife. There is no question that the tang of the Temagami makes it stronger than any other model in Helle’s line. In addition to this, the knife which retains an edge well, feels great in the hand and looks wonderful; the fantastic customer service from Helle makes this a smart knife to purchase.

    Other Scandinavian knives I own might be better at detailed carving, and nearly all would be a better choice for beginners requiring the best, sharpest knife for the lowest cost possible. However, none I own are close to being as good a bushcraft knife and none are as beautiful.

    I love this knife :-)
    (Posted on )

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