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Helikon-Tex M65 Jacket

In Stock

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Helikon-Tex M65 Jacket

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Helikon-Tex M65 Jacket

In Stock

Available for Delivery

From: €78.95
  •   US Woodland(HX)
  •   Olive Green HX
  •   Black
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Helikon-Tex M65 Jacket

Helikon-Tex M65 Jacket

From: €78.95


Legendary M65 U.S. Army jacket reborn and made in the same manner as the original. It is made of NyCo Sateen - durable, abrasion-resistant material and fastened with a zip and press studs. It has four pockets, hood hidden in a collar and a warm lining.

Product Features:

  • Material: NyCo Sateen (50% nylon, 50% cotton)
  • Liner: outer lining material: 100% nylon, filling: 100% polyester
  • Four pockets: Two bottom, Two chest
  • Waist and bottom drawstrings
  • Collar with a hidden hood
  • Very warm, detachable lining
  • Front zipper and press studs
  • Specification

    Code HX-KU-M65-NY-$$
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: Helikon-Tex


    1. 5*Review by
      I ordered my jacket around 7pm Sunday with standard delivery and it arrived Tuesday around 2pm

      It looks and feels amazing quality

      I took the lining out and wore a hoody underneath it and I was really nice and warm in 6° weather with a light shower and strong winds, I was warm and dry still

      I would highly recommend

      I'm 6ft ish with a bit of a dad bod and a large was slightly baggy just how I like it

      If you want a tailored fit I'd recommend medium but be aware the sizes are large normal etc, there's no large long sizes like other m66s

      All in all I would highly recommend
      (Posted on )
    2. M65 jacketReview by
      I used to buy alpha m65 coats in the late 70s and in the 80s this helikon tec one is as good I am a 48" chest and bought a large which was a good call fits snug with a tee shirt and mid layer with the liner in I think a xl would have been a little big (Posted on )
    3. Great jacket warmish to cold weatherReview by
      Wore the original army version for a year during National Service, this is almost as good as the original.
      In winter the liner is very warm, tested in Scotland in the last 3 years down to -10 to -15 C and 30+ mph wind - nicely comfortable walking. Without liner, great in autumn and cold spring, to warm for me in summer except in heavy wind, amazingly windproof.
      Nice water resistance but not really in strong wind-driven heavy rain as we experience here, although the liner definitely helps. Friend reproofed it with Storm last year after 5 years and it worked well.
      Zipper not top notch but worked perfectly smooth after waxing.
      Hood is not really a hood offering much protection, that was designed to put above the helmet in bad weather, I use is in heavy cold wind above a wool hat or in rain above a waxed hat.

      Heavily used in mountains, forest, hiking etc. for the last 3 years and still almost "mint" condition. Amazingly resistant to heavy battering!
      For the price, you cannot go wrong, excellent value for money - could probably buy at least a couple for the price of a lightweight goretex jacket which would not survive a year with me I have costly experienced!
      (Posted on )
    4. Established Friend!Review by
      Coming up for its third Winter season,this remains my ‘go to’ Winter Coat! It is still Smart enough for most things,very comfortable now it’s well broken in and I couldn’t have found a better buy.
      Heliikon - Tex M65 is an outstanding version,definitely ‘Fit for Role’ and a bonafide bargain!
      (Posted on )
    5. Very well made in EU!Review by
      I'm wearing the M65 as a winterjacket so I got a size bigger as normal. Air has to circulate you now and I must be able to layer depending on temperature.

      Quality is good but I can't understand why they used a 'female zipper' on it. Every jacket I own is exactly opposite of what Helikon uses.
      I removed the bulky and SHARP puller from the runner on the zip and replaced with cord and shrink tube. Works just fine.
      I would have liked an inner pocket though.
      Velcro on the arms are to short.

      Do not understand why they put on a hood. This thing sucks and they''d better left it of or made a quality one with a better fit and a double layer!

      Liner does the job but is a bit thin for my taste. Earlier models had pockets on them I understand.

      I like the fact that it's made in EU ( Poland)

      Would I buy one again. definitely :)

      (Posted on )
    6. The ONLY M65Review by
      If you're looking for a M65, look no further. Seriously. I've had a few M65's (Mil-Tec, Brandit) and none of them come close when it comes to quality or finish. The Helikon is the one to buy. Tough, hard-wearing NyCo and well made; it has a real quality feel to it. The price has gone up slightly in recent months, but even at 70-odd quid it's still well worth the money. I bought the olive and the US woodland versions and have donated my other "M65's" to the local charity shop. (Posted on )
    7. great value for moneyReview by
      I did have an old alpha m65 that got ripped beyond repair, it was my go to jacket. After checking the cost of a new one plus liner, it was twice the cost of this version. I was hesitant in ordering another brand but the reviews of the Helikon were all good, so I decided to buy one.

      It only arrived today but I've been out in in all day. It's easily on par with my old alpha. The liner is great but the jacket is warm enough without it. Build quality is good and the zips etc. are all working perfectly. Fit is the same as the alpha brand. I'm in a medium with a 41" chest, great fit with and without the liner.

      It's so good I've just ordered the black too.

      Heinnies service was top notch too!
      (Posted on )
    8. Outstanding version of a real Classic!Review by
      These are excellent M65 's! I was given a G.I. Original in1969 as a present and it and I parted ways too long ago to remember how,but I wanted one like it ever since !I began looking to find another early 2014 and after looking at literally dozens ( there's so many Make and or sell a version of this) settled on this one in O.D. apart from one other that is about twice the price(,as you need to buy the liner separately ) I could not find anything else that came closer to the original.The colour,fit,Quality and warmth of this is identical to the original apart from updates such as Velcro fasteners and adjusters .It is very warm with the liner in and as it is 50/50 cotton/nylon it is very rain resistant.The sizing is on the large size even with the liner in,I wanted mine to be a bit 'baggy',if you don't the advise about ordering a size down from your usual is worth considering.All in all,Outstanding winter coat,smart enough for street wear or trip to the pub,so much so I'm seriously thinking I need a black one as well now!P.S. They do seem to take notice,the Zip on mine is smooth,the pockets a good size,the hood remains more of a standby really but it does the job if needed! (Posted on )
    9. M65 second time around, still goodReview by
      I previously reviewed a black M65 jacket and was mostly very pleased with it. At the same time I purchased the black jacket I also bought a US Woodland Camo. The black jacket lasted approximately two years in constant use and I passed it on , still in pretty decent shape, although the waterproofing was begining to fade a little.

      Time to start using the camo version. All the details, construction, liner, hod etc are the same as my previous review. The camo design isn't as discrete as the all black version, but I see plenty of camo being worn on the street, so I din't stannd out too much. Not much chance of wearing it for anything other than casual or work though. The zip on this jackeet is far better than my previous one, although it is the same heavy brass contraption as before. It just works properly, the built in hood, however, is still rubbish. I did notice buttonholes on the collar, perhaps for an external hood, so perhaps this might solve the issue.

      Second time around this jacket is still excellent value for money and I will be buying again
      (Posted on )
    10. Excellent M65 jacketReview by
      Just taken delivery of one in Large (I'm a 42" chest) and with the liner, it's a good fit - could do with a Medium for the outer worn on its own. Quality of materials and construction is very good. Zip is a bit rough - a few dabs of bike chain lube helped. This jacket is really warm - it's baltic up here at the moment (Scotland), with bitter Easterlies, but with a wooly cap + gloves I'm toasty warm. If this jacket lasts as well as expected I would rate it as an excellent buy for úGB70. Recommended. (Posted on )
    11. A great jacketReview by
      I wanted a hardwearing work jacket that I could use on site (surveying) and still look presentable when I went in to customers houses. This jacket fitted the bill perfectly. I also want to use the coat for bushcrafting/going to the pub etc. It is also perfect for this job.
      On a technical front the jacket is extremely tough, extremely well made and stylish. The zipper is a bit odd but does wear in and will smooth a bit when beeswax is applied. The liner is great, I prefer to wear the jacket with a fleece however (I have used the liner on its own around the house when it is a bit nippy).
      Overall I think this jacket will be with me for years and years. Helikon-Tex gear is really well made.
      I was so impressed with my green jacket I bought another one in black.
      (Posted on )
    12. Mostly good tooReview by
      I bought this jacket as a hard use work item. I have not been disappointed, it is warm(with the liner in), hardwearing, waterproof and discrete. As noted above the annoying bits are the zip, very strong but clunky(some wax lube improves it, the hood is hard to deploy and almost pointless and the material pills up at wearing points.
      The fit is pretty good, but I vivited HH to try and buy, I'm a 50 inch chest and required a XXL which fits nicely with the liner in. Would I buy again, YES YES YES
      (Posted on )
    13. Mostly goodReview by
      There doesn't seem to many reviews of these around, so I thought that I would do a quick one. Shall I start with the bad points?? There are not too many. Firstly the zip. It's awful - very hard to do up, and doesn't run very well. The lower pockets are not bellows type, so they are actually on the small side, the tops of my hands poke out. Lastly the hood is a waste of time, very thin, and not much use. The good points? Well, it's very hard wearing, and very warm. This thing will take a beating. I'm looking forward to wearing it while I pick sloes. The liner is removable and adds to the warmth considerably. So far I've not worn it, but I can't imagine needing much else underneath it, even in the harshest weather. This will be fantastic in the snow and rain, maybe less so in the rain. At this price, if you want a hard wearing jacket, that will last years then get this. Size wise it's a tough one, I'm a 41" chest. I have a medium. Fits great without the liner, bit tight with. (Posted on )

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