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Heinnie Haynes Tactical Paracord Bracelet Kit

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Available for Delivery

Heinnie Haynes Tactical Paracord Bracelet Kit

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test 1Heinnie Haynes Tactical Paracord Bracelet Kit Thumbnail Imagetest 2Heinnie Haynes Tactical Paracord Bracelet Kittest 3test 4

Heinnie Haynes Tactical Paracord Bracelet Kit

In Stock

Available for Delivery

  •   Pink
  •   Zombie-Black (HH)
  •   Khaki-Black (HH)
  •   Red-Black (HH)
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Heinnie Haynes Tactical Paracord Bracelet Kit

Heinnie Haynes Tactical Paracord Bracelet Kit



Be the talk of your mates with this cool and highly practical tactical paracord bracelet in Heinnie Haynes' famous red and black, or a choice of other colours.

Kit includes 2 x 2 metre lengths of 550 paracord, one plastic buckle and instructions to create your very own cobra bracelet.


Code HH-TB-PB-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Heinnie Haynes


  1. Perfection in ParacordReview by
    I can recall seeing this in an Heinnie email when they first released it and thinking to myself that I must get one.. before promptly forgetting all about it!
    So whilst browsing at lunch and lamenting the rise in prices of spydercos I came back across it and immediately hit add to cart.

    With long winters nights closing in I thought this would be the perfect remedy to being forced to sit in front of so called celebrities in so called jungles, and I was not mistaken. After a little furrowed brow and head scratching I deciphered the ancient egyption hieroglyphs.. silly me, instructions, and in surprisingly little time had a very neat and, if I do say so myself, handsome paracord bracelet.

    As usual a great quality product with quality service, can't recommend the product and the company highly enough. Now.. about those spydercos..

    P.s. Surely the perfect stocking filler? If you're reading this just go for it, it's a fiver you won't regret!
    (Posted on )
  2. Paracord Kit... not a giraffeReview by
    Whenever I pop to the local shop and spend £30 on booze, I like to throw in a bar of chocolate for the nipper. It was thus that I found myself purchasing this paracord bracelet kit, alongside some rather more expensive items of cutlery, during my last visit to the HH website.

    Now said daughter may have constructed a fully working model of the Wankel rotary engine solely from loom bands, but she was totally flummoxed by the (badly) photocopied instruction sheet which accompanied the kit, and instantly gave up.

    I snatched it away, disgusted by her typically adolescent lack of effort, only to realise that the instructions did indeed make less sense than a chocolate teapot.

    In despair, I turned to my wife. She has a PhD in physics and can untangle thirty feet of kite string in under a minute, one-handed, so I felt sure this 'beginners' kit would present the merest trifle of a challenge. But my optimism was misplaced. 'Step 1... Step 2... Part 1... Part 2...' I could hear her murmuring, as she began rocking backwards and forwards in the armchair.

    Her descent into madness lasted some ten minutes, at the conclusion of which she looked up, blurry-eyed, and announced that I had in fact purchased what appeared to be a string model of some kind of animal. Possibly a dead giraffe.

    Still, her interest and ire were piqued, and she soon began toying with the paracord and plastic fittings. Thirty minutes later and there it was: a marvel of green and black woven loveliness, ready to adorn my wrist, completed almost entirely without reference to the tear-stained piece of paper lying crumpled at her feet.

    'What's it for?' she asked, innocently, as I clicked the two halves of the catch together.

    'Um, emergencies,' I replied.

    'What types of emergencies?' she said, waving her arms in the general direction of Cambridge's urban heartlands.

    'Oh you know, making bivouacs and stuff,' I ventured, my voice becoming sullen.

    The following day, fearing that she may have spent the entire night dreaming up alternative uses for six feet of super-strong cord, I promised to contact Hennie Haynes, and to plead for better, clearer instructions.

    And here I am.
    (Posted on )
  3. Good kitReview by
    Rapid delivery. Bit difficult to understand instructions, but OK in the end (Posted on )
  4. BrilliantReview by
    What a great idea. Reasonable price and good choice of colours. I hope that they will increase the colours available and maybe produce a lanyard version, buy a knife and lanyard kit at the same time, you've got the knife to trim the paracord ends. The Chris Reeve style is an easy knot to master and suits many knives as well as being great for un-gutted 550 Paracord. (Posted on )
  5. Makes it easy.Review by
    This kit made the beginning of my epic "paracordist" journey.. Very clear. Very easy. very awesome. like always, superb shippining. I still don't understand how they get their packages out so fast. 10/10 (Posted on )

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