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Glo-Toob AAA Series

In Stock

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Glo-Toob AAA Series

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Glo-Toob AAA Series

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Glo-Toob AAA Series

Glo-Toob AAA Series



Glo-Toob is an essential piece of safety and illumination equipment.

Glo-Toob is a multi-function, reusable light with hundreds of applications.

Constructed from the most durable components, Glo-Toob provides reliable and reusable illumination in the most challenging environments. Whether you're SCUBA diving, camping, hunting, fishing, or cycling, Glo-Toob provides intense light that can be seen for miles.

The AAA series is the newest, smallest and most convenient Glo-Toob yet. It takes a AAA battery and is waterproof to 60metres (200 feet). Its compact design and convenient, inexpensive battery source allows you to take it with you wherever you go - whether you are night diving or just walking the dog!

  • Waterproof to 60 metres (200 feet)
  • Powered by inexpensive AAA battery
  • 3 modes to fit any situation
  • Unbelievably tough
  • Modes: 100%, 25%, and flash.
  • Carry System: Simple Twist Tail-cap
  • Available colours: Red, Blue, Green, White, Amber
  • Specification

    Code NEXT-GT-AAA-$$
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: Glo-Toob
    Light Duration (hrs): 15.0
    Body Material: Polymer
    Signal Distance: 1000m
    Batteries: 1 x AAA
    Waterproof: Yes
    Dimensions (cm) Non Config: 7.5 x 1.9
    Product Weight (g): 34g


    1. Glo Toon fanReview by
      Whilst not impressively bright, Glo Toobs in general have found a special place next to my heart - I can't really explain why, perhaps it's the pleasing aesthetics, robustness of the Toobs or just the general convenience of having a low level light at hand.

      I've got all of them except the lithium series. What sets the AAA series apart is the battery type that they use which are easy and cheap to come by, so I always have at least one of them on my person or within arm's reach at all times.

      Saying that, I still usually need a longer range beam when the sun goes down but when I don't want to make a lot of light, the Glo Toon comes out.
      (Posted on )
    2. OK as a marker...Review by
      but not much else, and even then there are brighter/more eye catching markers around.

      I like my lights. Can't beat a good grower but I also appreciate those that have a very dim setting for when your eyes have adjusted and you only need a meter or so of better illumination. I've been umming and arghing about a glo-toob for years and finally bought this one in the amber colour. Delivered at the usual high speed by HH of course.

      Have to say, I'm underwhelmed. Perhaps it's the Amber colour dulling the light? I thought it would be a good compromise between a camping lantern and one of my other torches on a half lumen setting for reading at night. It certainly won't fill the family tent with light and, even on full power, will only be good enough to read with. The colour is quite orange so not the best for identifying other colours or detail. The only thing it's therefore good for, as I see it, is a safety marker. Even then, it's a bit dim and the flash is pretty slow. I'd be happier with a cheaper offering from Nathan for a safety marker that grabs attention.

      Think I'll hand this straight over to the kids who can have fun swinging it on the lanyard at the next festivall! Saves buying a glow tick that you have to dispose of next morning.
      (Posted on )
    3. A useful safety led light! Un marqueur lumineux efficace! Review by
      I use it in when i come back late home after work in order to be seen by cars.
      Not heavy, i can attach it to my backpack.
      I am very satisfied with it!

      Très bon produit! Léger, polyvalent, visible de loin. Très satisfait de mon achat!
      (Posted on )
    4. Nice piece of kitReview by
      When returning from country walks, I sometimes have to return along badly-lit roads, and wanted something to make me more visible to any traffic. I've previously used chemical light-sticks, but this seems to be a great non-disposable replacement, which I can keep attached to my rucsac for when it's needed. I've already bought two, and will probably buy more for friends. Plenty of potential uses, an easily replaceable AAA battery, and good construction - I'm impressed. (Posted on )
    5. Great safety illuminationReview by
      Good improvement from the last generation Glo Toob due to the AAA battery which is cheaper and easier to buy.
      Compact design and a robust look with easy operation to access the 3 different lighting effects.
      Bright enough to be seen in the day and exceptional glow / flash in the dark.
      I'm not sure about the waterproof claims from the manufacturer (hence 4 stars for the review) as I did have a first generation Glo Toob and it failed after 1 week of scuba diving (I was exceptionally careful with it) but interesting the USA website states these are not covered under warranty if they become flooded?? So I'm avoiding the full submersion bit this time round, and quite honestly night diving with these are ok for close range (5M apart) but any diver will tell you light does not travel far under water.
      However, it's not put me off buying several of these again for other outdoor pursuits I do as nothing comes close to the Glo Toob's versatility, compactness and overall ability to throw strong pulses of light when venturing out.
      Service from Heinnie Haynes has been excellent with email notification and updates of shipment and delivery - cannot fault and recommend all round.
      (Posted on )

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