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Glo-Toob AAA Pro

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Glo-Toob AAA Pro WHITE

test 1Glo-Toob AAA Pro WHITEtest 2Glo-Toob AAA Protest 3Glo-Toob AAA Pro WHITEtest 4 Glo-Toob AAA Pro WHITE
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test 1Glo-Toob AAA Protest 2Glo-Toob AAA Protest 3Glo-Toob AAA Protest 4 Glo-Toob AAA Pro
test 1Glo-Toob AAA Protest 2Glo-Toob AAA Protest 3Glo-Toob AAA Protest 4 Glo-Toob AAA Pro
test 1Glo-Toob AAA Protest 2Glo-Toob AAA Protest 3Glo-Toob AAA Protest 4 Glo-Toob AAA Pro
test 1Glo-Toob AAA Protest 2Glo-Toob AAA Protest 3Glo-Toob AAA Protest 4 Glo-Toob AAA Pro

Glo-Toob AAA Pro

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Glo-Toob AAA Pro

Glo-Toob AAA Pro



The Glo Toob Pro series defies even the most extreme environmental conditions. The polycarbonate case protects the electronics up to 200m dive depth - whether for diving, mountain rescue, fire fighters or the military - the Glo Toobs help to keep track of the situation - in EVERY situation.

  • The new Nextorch ™ Glo-Toob ™ GT-AAA Pro glow around 360 °, so you do not have to worry about mounting the Glo-Too ™.
  • With a high-quality GT-AAA Pro Glo-Toob ™ you will always be seen from all sides: the light weight of the new GT-AAA Pro is guaranteed at 200 meters!
  • Especially for children on the way to school, the new GT-AAA Pro Glo-Toob ™ offers such great security.
  • No matter where you are traveling with the new Glo-Toob ™ GT-AAA Pro, the signal light is always safe and reliable at -15 ° C to + 55 ° C.
  • The new Glo-Toob ™ is guaranteed to be waterproof even as a dive depth of 200 meters is the robust luminaire!
  • Can be used to select between three lighting levels by means of a simple rotary switch: 1. On (High mode) 2. Dimming (Low mode) 3. Flashing.
  • Supplied with a single AAA battery for 5.5 hours in high mode with 200 meters of luminosity. In low mode, which is still very bright, an AAA battery is enough for an incredible 27 hours of light!
  • Lasts for a long time, mainly due to the built-in LED, which is extremely energy-saving and delivers at least 100,000 hours of operation.
  • For secure attachment, the Glo-Toob ™ comes with a ring of high-quality, stainless steel and an extremely resistant nylon band.
  • An alkaline AAA battery is also included - so it can start immediately!


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Glo-Toob
Batteries: 1 x AAA
Waterproof: Yes
Dimensions (cm) Non Config: 7.1 x 0.8
Product Weight (g): 30


  1. Pour mes ultra trails la sécurité de nuit en mode strobeReview by
    Coureur d'ultra trail , plusieurs glo toob pro AAA bleu et blanc dans mes sacs
    Accroché à l'arrière en position haute, en mode strobe , pour les courses de nuit en montagne.
    Ma sécurité mon glo toob en plus etanche compatible avec les piles gps ou lampes frontales de secours.
    Même ds mon kit de secours le glo toob pro bleu y figure
    Un excellent produit
    (Posted on )
  2. Useful marker -best dog light available.Review by
    Bought for the dog as he runs through the forest at night time.
    Clearly visible at a good distance, survived daily swims with no problem. Battery life is good.
    Much better than the glowing dog collars you can get.
    Very happy with the product, and the usual Heinnie service.
    (Posted on )

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