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Gerber Suspension

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Gerber Knives Suspension

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Gerber Suspension

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Gerber Suspension

Gerber Suspension



If you were to discover that this engineering masterpiece was inspired by the bridges of Portland, Oregon, dont make the mistake of thinking that Gerbers gotten all misty-eyed and romantic. On the contrary, the Suspension has all the down-and-dirty performance characteristics a tough guy would expect.

This is a classic workhorse with spring-loaded pliers, the patented Saf.T.Plus™ component locking system, a ballistic nylon sheath, and the very same structural integrity that goes into every Gerber tool.

Oh sure, it's a sleek looking son-of-gun. And the open-frame configuration is something of a break-through where the industry is concerned, but just because its got nice lines, there`s no reason you cant use it in some pretty ugly situations.


  • Needlnose pliers
  • Wire cutter
  • Fine edge knife, serrated edge knife
  • Saw
  • Scissors
  • Crosspoint screwdriver, small and medium flatblade screwdrivers
  • Can opener
  • Bottle opener
  • Specification

    Code G1471
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: Gerber
    Closed Length (cm): 8.90
    Overall Length (cm): 15.2
    Handle Material: Steel


    1. Great multitool.Review by
      I really like the Suspension. Mine is well made and for the past several years it has never let me down. Alright, I don't use it daily and never abuse it. But it often is ideal for the job at hand. It may not be in the same class as a Leatherman but it is certainly more than adequate. At a fraction of the Leatherman's cost. As a company Gerber is in my experience very good to deal with. IMHO, well recommended! (Posted on )
    2. It is what it is a budget multi toolReview by
      I am in two or three minds when it comes to multi tools. They have a place and are very much needed and used, daily sometimes. I work abroad a lot and a swiss army knife and a multi tool are ever present in my bag of tricks. I use them and they wear out, well some parts wear out and some parts don't. The blades generally sharpen well but then sharpen down to a tooth pick in a year or so. I am reluctant to pay a huge amount of money on a multi tool when the pliers reach the end of their serviceable life and have to be retired but other tools still have life left in them. I like this tool and it's price, it isn't a trophy piece and I have no hesitation using it. It is well made and has the right combination of tools on it. The wire cutters meet 100% along the line of the cutting edges. The pliers are good and thumb studs are a nice feature as are the blade locks, but some tools are quite fiddly to get open but are good to use. It costs £33.95 so I reckon I can use and retire 3 or maybe 4 of these for the price of a top end multi tool . My opinion is it is a value for money piece. (Posted on )
    3. not for meReview by
      I bought this from another site but I hope my opinion is helpful, while this item is not for me it would be suitable for someone who is new to multi tools or for a youngster on a camping trip maybe
      first off the standard sheath, pliers feel rather flimsy and I wouldn't rely on them for anything to heavy the wire cutters struggled to cut a paper clip! the thumb studs on the serrated and plain edge blade are quite useless and painful even after oiling the pivot, plain edge is rough and needed cleaning up the rest of the tools (if you have no nails or larger fingers) are too hard to get open without a second pair of pliers.
      screwdrivers are ok, scissors are very poor, bottle opener works fine but the can opener needed sharpening for it to work, and lastly the saw when open and locked in place there is still a lot of play in it and while it works fine takes twice as long as saws on leatherman and victorinox tools
      (Posted on )
    4. Not a fanReview by
      It's about looks (pretty) versus practicality. I was seduced but won't be again. In a world of Victorinox and Leathermans, I won't be swayed away from them in the future.

      I have many tools at a similar or slightly greater price that do the job infinitiely better.

      Find another tenner and buy something else.
      (Posted on )
    5. 18 months regular useReview by
      Had one of these not from HH. Good enough to start with after 18 months it snapped but it had earned it's keep and was wearing out might get another one. (Posted on )
    6. False economyReview by
      I didn't buy this from heinnie but here's a review anyway.

      Basically, after a few months using it at work it snapped in half, at the pliers pivot.

      Blades could be bigger. Nothing on it feels particularly strong.

      The spring loaded pliers were a joy to use though, until they broke.

      I've since replaced it with a Leatherman Wave, ú90 from heinnie, which has lasted me 9 months so far with no problems. On a ú per month basis, the Wave is already better value, and I expect it to last a good while yet.
      (Posted on )
    7. GreatReview by
      I was given this little gerber for my birthday. It has seen some hard action and still goes fine. Ok the saw isn't the best but its gets the job done alright. I do agree that its not exactly the best for extremely hardcore jobs due to its size. I go out to the forest a lot, and i use it for cutting branches and then whittling it into a spoon or something like that... I also use it at archery for extracting arrows out of wood, because we shoot is a forest. Its perfect for me. Also I read in the comments that someone said the pliers snapped, what did you do? Use a pneumatic drill on it? Cos trust me thats what you would need to break a gerber!
      Highly recommended
      (Posted on )
    8. Beautiful city toolReview by
      Made of poor stainless.
      Screwdrivers, saw, can opener are useless.
      All blades have to be useful on this kind of handtool.
      Too fat for blade use.
      Looks nice, hardly works.
      Not for outdoor use, for boasting in th e city.
      I will go leatherman or victorinox.

      (Posted on )
    9. Great value for moneyReview by
      I bought my suspension multi tool from heinnie about 18 months ago and seem to use it weekly, great value for money. A friend of mine aquired one a fortnight ago, but it turned out to be a cheap copy and lasted about a week, he is very heavy handed, so that probably didn't help!! (Posted on )
    10. silentmanReview by
      dont bother buying this. looks good but plyers snapped like a carrot with light use. but please note I did not buy it from Heinnie. (Posted on )
    11. Good tool for the priceReview by
      The best part of this multitool are the sprung pliers, they are really good for one handed use. I think where Gerbers let down sligtly is the satin finish they coat the components in, it makes the product feel soft and not as hard edged as other multitools. Feel the saw blade on a Leatherman then a Gerber saw and you can feel the difference. However, for the price this is a decent little multitool and worth considering. (Posted on )
    12. goodReview by
      this is a nice bit of kit for the money,i have not found any major flaws in construction yet however im yet to test it, my only real gripe so far is that when its in the open position with the pliers out you need far bigger hands than mine to get any real grip on the tool. (Posted on )
    13. You get what you pay forReview by
      Looks great value for money but doesn't seem to do any job very well. Saw is hopeless for cutting a floorboard. (Posted on )
    14. goodishReview by
      The pliers are good and the knives are sharp and have a good feel about them. On the other hand the screwdrivers don't have a quality feel about them the flathead is too big for conventional screws and i had to file it down. The bottle opener isn't very effective and the can opener isn't very good either and needs a lot of effort to open a simple can. (Posted on )
    15. Very price worthy.Review by
      Excellent for the price point, not indestructable or made to the tolerances of higher end multi's, but definate value for the money.
      Bought them as gifts for a few folks and carry one in my glovebox.
      (Posted on )

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