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Gerber Pro Scout 600 with Tool Kit

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Gerber Pro Scout 600 with Tool Kit

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test 1Gerber Pro Scout 600 with Tool Kit Thumbnail Imagetest 2Gerber Pro Scout 600 with Tool Kittest 3test 4

Gerber Pro Scout 600 with Tool Kit

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in



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Gerber Pro Scout 600 with Tool Kit

Gerber Pro Scout 600 with Tool Kit



The Pro Scout is the most deluxe version of Gerbers Multi Plier 600 line, with Fiskars scissors and the patented universal saw coupler with the premium RemGrit blade. Like its brethren in the Multi Plier 600 family of products, the Pro Scout is engineered from premium stainless steel. And it sports popular one hand opening pliers and the Saf.T.Plus locking system.

14 Tools:

  • Needlenose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire crimper
  • Fiskars scissors
  • 1/2 fine edge & serrated knife
  • RemGrit GJ-4 saw
  • File
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Small flat screwdriver
  • Medium flat screwdriver
  • Ruler (inches/cm)
  • Bottle opener
  • Can opener

    Includes: 10 piece tool kit comprising of adapter, 3 different sizes of flathead screwdriver bits, cross point screwdriver bits and hex head bits


  • Flick of the wrist, one hand opening pliers (patented S.H.O.T. technology)
  • Saf.T.Plus (patented)
  • Fully locking components
  • Deluxe version
  • Bead blast finish
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Ballistic nylon sheath
  • Specification

    Code G7564
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: Gerber
    Blade Material: Stainless Steel
    Blade Length (cm): 5.7
    Closed Length (cm): 12.70
    Overall Length (cm): 16.8


    1. A Complete ToolkitReview by
      The Gerber Pro-Scout may be an old fashioned design, but it still works well!
      The additional Hex bits supplied fit into the pouch (additional torx etc. from hardware stores)
      The pouch also takes a couple of spare saw blades (also from hardware stores)
      The large pliers flick open quickly, lock securely and open wide.
      Plier handles are close together giving a comfortable grip on large items, yet they don’t pinch.
      Wire cutters can’t be replaced, but mine have survived well.
      The blade coupler accepts saw blades for wood, metal and Remgrit (made for ceramic tiles)
      Screwdrivers work as expected and the Phillips can be lengthened by fitting the hex adaptor.
      Fiskars scissors are small, but extremely useful. File works on mild steel, brass etc.
      Thankfully the pouch excellent because the MP600 is too big and sharp for pocket carry.
      I keep mine in the car where it is available to tackle a wide range of tasks.
      (Posted on )
    2. My original multitoolReview by
      I have had one of these for quite a few years, maybe 10 years. I liked the idea of having the remgrit saw which would be able to even cut through metal in a pinch if I should have the need.

      I am a have and not need kind of guy. I may not have the strongest grip in the universe but a US army friend of mine told me he had broken several leathermans by gripping too powerfully and that if I wanted a "real" multitool only go with Gerber ones where the handles are together when the pliers are gripped fully closed. I love these multitools/multi-pliers. They are rugged as the day is long.

      Any of the Gerber line which look like this one in terms of the primary design of the pliers, get one. Get one which has what ever secondary options you like, there are ones with saws and files etc. I wanted this one for the coolness of having a tungsten carbide saw on it after my US army friend said he saved the day with his when they were out camping and his buddy lost the key to the padlock on his mobile home they were trekking around in. He took out his trusty Gerber (this one) and 10 minutes later he had cut off the padlock! Now that is a nice extra resource to add to all the other resources this thing has.

      A few years ago when my dad still was a DIY/tinkerer, I removed the knife from the tool to make it legal to carry but I was left with a gap. I asked him if he had anything that could fill the space and he gave me a split washer so I could bend it outwards and it filled the space nicely.

      disclaimer: I am not an Army guy, my friend was and I trusted his judgement and experience in this matter and was and continue 10+ years later, to be very over the moon with my decision. I now have the black bladeless version of this too so I have one specifically for carry.
      (Posted on )

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