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Gerber Moment Fixed

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Gerber Moment Fixed

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Gerber Moment Fixed

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Gerber Moment Fixed

Gerber Moment Fixed



When it’s time to dress your whitetail in the field, a fixed blade knife offers unmatched control, blade security and the all- around utility that hunting demands. From prepping game to setting up camp, the Moment Large Fixed Blade Knife is a utilitarian tool with a 3.63-inch fine edge drop point blade to handle tasks big and small. Add full tang construction and an ergonomic grip, and you’ve got a seriously capable knife that feels as great as it performs.

The first thing you’ll notice when you handle this knife is the comfortable grip and balanced feel of its design. The ergonomic shape of its textured rubber handle is reminiscent of a familiar tool. The handle instills confidence for pushing and pulling actions, and feels secure in all conditions. A well-placed guard, thumb traction jimping and the choil speak to Gerber’s more than 60 years of crafting hunting knives. You can rest assured this tool has plenty of hands-on experience behind its feel and function.

No two hunting trips are the same. Each outing puts different demands on you and your equipment, your knife included. A versatile hunting blade needs to handle anticipated work like cleaning game and camp tasks, as well as the unforeseen prying and scraping duties that are sure to arise. The drop point shape allows for great control and ease of use, while its full tang design and glass bead finish are up for the unexpected demands of any hunting trip. The full-size blade is as versatile as it is stout, so you can focus on the adventure of the hunt, not whether you have the right tool for the job.

The Moment Fixed Blade slides easily into its nylon scabbard for safekeeping in your pack. Strap the sheath on your belt and your knife is within easy reach; there’s a metal snap closure to keep the knife securely seated where it belongs while you battle the brush to locate your game or find the perfect camp.


Code G2197
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Gerber
Blade Material: 5Cr15MoV
Blade Length (cm): 9.2
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Overall Length (cm): 21.9
Handle Material: Rubber
Sheath: Yes
Product Weight (g): 240


  1. No thrills workhorse.Review by
    The Gerber Moment appears to have been designed as a crossover. It has the soft steel blade geometry of a skinner with a handle that would better suit a heavy use/bushcraft knife. I can only assume that this is designed in response to the Buck Paklite Skinner. Where the blade makes for great skinning but the uncomfortable handle stops it being used for much else. The similarities are clear, they are around the same price, the same size, the same hollow ground blades around the same width with softish steels, very similar sheaths, both full tang etc etc.

    So Gerber appear to have addressed the handle problem by saying "to hell with the weight" and adding an inch to the handle lenght before slapping two large rubber grips/scales over a completely solid tang. It's ok, fairly comfortable, not amazing but it's perfectly usable. The only problem is now it's twice the weight of the Buck.

    What do you get in exchange for that extra weight? Truth be told, not much. The steel is too soft and the grind too delicate to replace your bushcraft knife, chopping is out of the question as you'll find 65%-70% of the weight is in the handle and it's not advisable to prepare food with the same knife you use to dress down game so all in all it's still no more usable than the Buck.

    Owning both knives I can also point out that the Buck also has a slightly better quality sheath, better workmanship, better overall finish and benefits from a recurve blade format. The Buck doesn't rattle in the sheath like the Gerber and has a much thinner profile against the body. On the other hand the balance and the handle on the Buck Paklite aren't great, even when wrapped in Paracord. The Gerber is more comfortable with a better feel and better gimping.

    So you want a decent fixed blade skinning knife with a sheath on a budget, what to do? Three choices:

    Buy the Buck Paklite Skinner, wrap the handle in Paracord, modify the plastic sheath liner so that the snap still closes properly and accept the fact that the handle is what it is. Treat the knife as a skinning knife and nothing else.

    Buy the Gerber Moment and put up with the fact it's a little heavy or grab some diamond tipped drill bits and drill out an area in the tang under the scales to drop some 20%-30% of the weight. Treat the knife as a skinning knife and nothing else.

    Buy Something else and save yourself the trouble. Bare in mind any knife that is designed as a skinning knife will probably not practically be capable of much more even if you spend more money. This is because skinning knives usually have a soft steel that's hollow ground. This makes them perfect for skinning but virtually useless for heavy bushcraft. Bushcraft knifes can handle both jobs but aren't as ideal of dressing down game.

    If you need one knife to do it all, consider a bushcraft knife, if you need need a skinner then neither Buck Paklite or the Gerber Moment are bad value and it comes down to a weight vs comfort decision. Looking at it on paper I'd have to go with the Buck but if I'm honest I prefer the Gerber and I couldn't tell you why.

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