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First Aid M3 Medic Bag

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First Aid M3 Medic Bag

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First Aid M3 Medic Bag

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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First Aid M3 Medic Bag

First Aid M3 Medic Bag



Used by military medics. Comes in an olive drab nylon shoulder bag measuring 9.5in x 6in x 7in. Comes with a complete set of items listed below:

  • EFA First Aid Instructions.
  • Pill Bottle
  • 16 Bandage Strips 1in x 3in
  • 10 Pain Relievers
  • 2 Bandage Gauzes, 2in x 4.5 yds.
  • 2 Triple Antibiotic Packages
  • Elastic Bandage, 6in
  • 2 First Aid Cream Packages
  • Triangular Bandage, 40in x 40in x 56in
  • Burn Aid Package
  • Field Dressing
  • 2 Tape, Rolls, Adhesive
  • 4 Sterile Sponges, 4in x 4in
  • SAM / Universial Splint
  • 4 Abdominal Packs, 5in x 9in
  • Eye Pad
  • EMT Shears, 7.25in
  • 16 Alcohol Wipes
  • Pair of Tweezers
  • 15 Lodine Wipes
  • Stainless Steel Hemostat, 5in
  • 15 Antiseptic BZK Wipes
  • Suture Set
  • 15 Clean Wipes
  • Lip Treatment
  • 2 Tounge Depressors
  • Sterile Flushing Solution
  • Airway
  • Hand Soap
  • 2 Instant Ice Packs
  • 6 Safety Pins
  • 2 Pairs of Latex Examination Gloves
  • Torniquet


Code FA108
Limited Edition: No
Brand: First Aid


  1. Perfect for a comprehensive home or car FAKReview by
    One reviewer mentions five only has four as far as I can see but they provide ample space for a kit suited to extended car/caravan trips or as a home kit where you might want to have something more comprehensive than a basic FAK. I was pleased with the contents and also the fact that even with items that would meet most needs, there's still room to add more. personally, I'd move the small Individual sachets of pain meds into a pocket FAK and put store-bought packs of paracetamol, ibuprofen, antihistamines and stomach tablets in the has the space. Overall, I would recommend, but it is entirely possible to find lower-priced comprehensive kits out there...this one is a bit on the expensive side. (Posted on )
  2. Great kitReview by
    Very good advanced kit. Every outdoors person should have one. The pack itself has room to put in all the other bits you need. The pack has five compartments so its easy to organise and have what you want to hand. All I've added is a dentist kit and more dressings. Will also add some Quickclot. First aid training is recommended before using anything like this. (Posted on )
  3. A great advanced first aid kitReview by
    I bought this bag because it's highly modular and very versatile. It is also compact and resilient enough for my needs.
    It only loses a star for the fact the bag isn't waterproof. The other four come from the capacity , the flexibility and security this bag provides.
    This kit suits people who want to be able to provide more than a plaster and an antiseptic wipe, I highly recommend this for keeping in your car or ATV to be able to provide care if you have to wait more than half an hour for an ambulance to arrive. If you are into camping, hill walking, wild living or shooting then you should own one.
    There is gear provided here like sutures, SAM splints and antibiotic gel that you should research before you use but it's all available online . I want to stock up on some more sutures, some one way CPR valves and others bits and bobs for it my self and that is a great thing about this bag it's got space to add to it!

    This bag is well worth your money !!!
    (Posted on )

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