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Finnish Wilderness Puukko

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Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

Finnish Wilderness Puukko

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Finnish Wilderness Puukko

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

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Finnish Wilderness Puukko

Finnish Wilderness Puukko



This is a fine piece of handcraft made in the Finnish part of Lapland in a traditional northern Scandinavian way. This is a great multi-pupose knife that will stand tough usage in the forest, for hunting, fishing, carving, etc. It is available with a 65mm (2in), 76mm (3in) or 105mm (4 1/8in) blade, is very sharp and is made from quality high carbon steel hardened to HRC 63-65 and tempered to HRC 59 to balance ductility and brittleness. The blade extends with an internal tang secured to the top of the handle with a rivet. The blade is natural unpolished carbon black except for the grind.

The handle is made from a combination of curly birch, thin layers of leather and reindeer antler. It has a well designed shape which fits well in the hand and it it is finished off very smoothly without being slippery. The sheath is made from wet-formed cow hide and it has a reindeer leather belt hanger attached to it.


Code WILD-100151-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Finnish Wilderness
Blade Material: High Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 10.6
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Handle Material: Curly Birch
Sheath: Leather


  1. Way better than expectedReview by
    I am a huge fan of full handled short bladed sheath knives in 'bucket' style leather sheaths that pretty much enclose the knife, they make excellent tool knifes and are brilliant for those jobs like rigging a boat or pruning where anything longer than a few inches could end up in an injury and anything without the handle won't have enough oomph for the job.

    So I was delighted to see this knife offered at this price and bought one straight off.

    I must have been so excited I appear to have ordered two as this morning, 14 hours after ordering, a pair were delivered! Oops! I haven't decided whether to return one yet or not. I might hold onto it as a gift for my son when he reaches 11 later this year.

    So - the knife - well I opted for the smallest blade and am very pleased I did so, it's an aggressive wee thing with some serious thickness to it and decent heft. The large handle gives it decent control. Do not be expecting ceremonial or hereditary Puukko knife here, this, instead, is a highly useable tool version. It's also very well made indeed for this price point - I especially like the sheath which has a softness to it and grips the swell of the ergonomic handle very well indeed . On the pommel is a simple brass stud where the tang has been peened solidly into the hilt. The handle is beautiful in the way that wood of this type is and each example of this knife will have its own character, I can see this by comparing the two I ordered.
    I should imagine it will patina down beautifully over the years and become a firm friend.
    The blade wasn't razor sharp on delivery but a few passes of a Lanky blade doctor sorted this out and it's now acceptably sharp. The carbon steel seems to be of nice quality and all in all I am very pleased with the package.
    (Posted on )
  2. Brilliant knifeReview by
    Had to choose between this or a Karesuand Boar to replace a mislaid Mora Clipper. Chose this as it was significantly cheaper, but OMG what a knife! Razor sharp, great to look at and a quality sheath. And yes it slices through wood, meat and veg with ease. A perfect bushcraft knife. (Posted on )
  3. Great value PuukkoReview by
    A fantastic budget traditional Puukko. Was shaving sharp on arrival, but need to get rid of that second bevel. A very tactile knife. (Posted on )
  4. good with a bit of workReview by
    Fancied one of these for some time as something a bit easier on the eye than a Mora. After several hours work getting rid of the secondary bevel, I am left with a capable, sharp, quirky looking knife that fulfills all my needs. (Posted on )
  5. good basic working knivesReview by
    I have both the 2.5 & 4.00 inch
    versions and I highly rate them both, okay there not perhaps perfect in finish, but for good honest working knives you won't do better for the money.
    I rate them a full 5/5
    Recommended !!
    (Posted on )
  6. You get what you pay forReview by
    While this knife is okay for 30 quid, it is not the bargain that some of the other reviewers would have you believe. If I'd paid much more for it, I would not be happy. Almost every part of the knife is uneven and unsymetrical, from the grind of the blade to the shaping of the handle, but the worst aspect of the knife, is that instead of a true scandi grind/single bevel, it came with a slight secondary bevel that took me hours to remove. (Posted on )
  7. Counter intuitiveReview by
    I bought this on a whim cos it's so cheap. What I got was amazing. This knife is now..with a few strokes of home improvement hair popping sharp. Have not tested it in the field yet (gimme a week!) but the ergos are delicious. You would think with a knife this affordable that everything went on the simply gorgeous handle stack arrangement and fit'n'finish. No. The stock is thick enough for what British bushcrafters need: I had my BRKT Bravo 1 ("worth 10 times" this knife) stolen recently. I bought this Puukko on spec, having bought a Maartinni and a Mora in the past. So far, this knife beats all of them...I will update if it lets me down in the field but if you have the price of a cheap night out on it and buy this'll see you right for a bunch of nights out under your tarp. (Posted on )
  8. Excellent !Review by
    Top piece of kit. Super value for money. Very pleased with it !

    As always brilliant service from Heinne.
    (Posted on )
  9. Rock SolidReview by
    Love this knife, used and abused in the house - after moving in was the only sharp knife I could lay my hands on so was used in Kitchen as well as various other tasks. I've also practiced no-spin throwing at the dart-board (not ideal shape for this due to the curve at the end of the handle) but stood up to all abuse. I wish there was a bigger range from this maker! (Posted on )
  10. That's a whittlin'Review by
    The second I removed this fantastic knife from it's supple reindeer sheath, my fingers were overcome with an irresistable urge to start whittling and feathering wood. It's so much more than a knife; it's a companion for life. (Posted on )
  11. Gem for a bargainReview by
    Got this knife for Christmas, and already love it the blade came shaving sharp out the box, and the handle is so smooht and nice to hold, sheath is a tight fit and secure, not sure about the leather belt loop, feels strong but thin, absolutely love this knife, it is replacing my Mora Clipper as my bushcraft knife, only problem with it out of the box is it doesn't strike a fire steel that well, but it's easy to change that. Conclusion gem of a knife and for a bargain price, get it when you can.
    Stay safe
    God bless
    (Posted on )
  12. A thing of beauty...Review by
    What can I say that hasn't already been said about these knives. For the price they are truly awesome pieces of crafts-manship. Already had the small version, loved it to bits, but so did my wife, so she's got the knife and I got the penny, and an excuse buy the bigger one. Small tip, when storing the knife, wrap a poly freezer bag round the handle before pushing it back into the sheath; keeps the leather stretched just that little bit to make for a smoother fit when next you use it. (Posted on )
  13. Puukko KnifeReview by
    Bought in 2007, it has been used & abused daily (farmer). It's been sharpened so many times it's blade is now 2.5". I can just about make out the makers engraved name on the blade 'Ranhaiuie ? Finland'

    The handle shape was simpler back then, not so undulated, but has always felt comfortable and safe.
    The whole knife is well made, very solid and well balanced. The sheath's belt hanger flaps around alot(eventually breaking), but I made a new thick loop out of bear leather which solved that.

    The steel sharpens very easily, but soon looses its edge, which is my only complaint (this may have been remedied since 2007)
    It has tightened screws, opened manhole covers, been left outside for days in the rain, but still soldiers on. The leather sheath is still supple, with all its stitching in-tact, the plastic guard inside has not cracked. The handle is still solid, the rivet hasn't budged (despite being used as a hammer)
    For ú35 it has been fantastic value, and has never let me down.
    (Posted on )
  14. Great ToolReview by
    Spent the day cutting and sharpening stakes, did this with ease, keeping a good edge. Great tool, mind your fingers! (Posted on )
  15. Big isn't always beautiful.Review by
    How in hell's name can anyone produce a knife this good for under ú30.00? If a certain Mr. Mears had his name on it, it wouldn't retail for a penny less than ú200.00. It's small but beautifully formed, a joy to hold, and razor sharp FTB. We are going to have fun together. Cheers Heinnie. (Posted on )

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