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Fallkniven Whetstones

In Stock

Available for Delivery

Fallkniven Whetstones

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Fallkniven Whetstones

In Stock

Available for Delivery

From: €18.00
  • 7.4 x 2.4
  • 10.0 x 3.1
  • Available for Backorder
  • No Longer Available

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Fallkniven Whetstones

Fallkniven Whetstones

From: €18.00


The Fallkniven DC3 (7.4 x 2.4cm) and Fallkniven DC4 (10.0 x 3.1cm) are a combination diamond/ceramic whetstone that will handle all your sharpening needs. The DC3 and DC4 whetstones consist of a fine diamond stone (25 micron) and a very special ceramic stone, made of synthetic sapphire.

The advantage of these materials is that, over long periods of use, they will keep their flat shape which is important when sharpening your knife. And, since these materials are ultra sharp they will sharpen any steel, even the extremely hard powder steels.

You do not need to lubricate these stones, but now and then you should consider cleaning them with warm water and liquid soap. The stones might feel coarse from the start but will become smoother after some use. A leather pouch is included.


Code FAKDC-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Fallkniven
Stone: Mixed


  1. A first experienceReview by
    So a dc4 is my first Fallkniven stone, and after a couple of weeks, imy initial opinion is that this is great, hav e actually put a shaving edge on a £1 penknife

    As for longevity, time will tell (obviously)
    (Posted on )
  2. Just right and easy to useReview by
    Put to the test as soon as I unwrapped it and within a few minutes I had tidied up several blades back to near perfection. I don't like my large utility blades to be razor sharp as they cut well using force but my little blades were dull, now clean and sharp.
    Stunning delivery from HH as I ordered a bunch of stuff late Friday afternoon and they arrived first thing Saturday morning.
    Many thanks HH
    (Posted on )
  3. Dc4Review by
    Fantastic little stone does what it says, the only issue is the diamond side has worn away with the first use, i was quite disappointed as I only reconditioned 1 knife. Saying that the synthetic sapphire side is grate and puts a really nice edge on my knifes, i would still recommend the DC4 despite the disappointment but it is definitely something to consider when choosing your sharpening stone. (Posted on )
  4. great product Review by
    I got mine long time ago and definitely impressed with it when i was using it until I lost it , unfortunately due to the nice small portable size . I certainly am going to buy a another one and this time I try not to loose it :) (Posted on )
  5. These are great...Review by
    Brilliant stones that can touch up knives quick and give razor sharpness.

    I carry mine with spyderco a double stuff and I've never needed more.

    The dc4 gets it sharp quick. The spyderco refines the edge more slowly. But makes it last for ages.

    In summary
    Get 1
    (Posted on )
  6. Everyone should get itReview by
    No need to have fancy machinery or fixed angles for sharpening...

    Add a strop with some compound and you can get a razor sharp edge everytime.

    Great with 600 grit and 2000 grit dual stone to sharpen all your knives either at the field or at home.

    Quick tutorial:
    With most edges (except convex)
    1st- start off with the diamond side until the edge seems polished and aligned. It can now cut papper pretty well.
    2nd-change to the ceramic side and do the same. It can now cut pretty smothly.
    3rd-pass it on the strop with some fine/very fine compound (or both). You now can cut your beard.

    Convex edges can be mantained with a strop. Use te stone for nicks.
    Check youtube for correct technique.
    (Posted on )
  7. DC 4 - DecentReview by
    I've just received my DC4 and to help bed it in I took our kitchen knives through a quick sharpen.
    Initially the stone is very rough, but this quickly beds in after running a few blades over it.

    My stone had no real high or low spots.

    For me its a great little product to supplement my Lansky system.

    Heinnie provided and excellent service, ordered and delivered in less than 24 hours!
    (Posted on )
  8. farmer's friendReview by
    I have a copuple of these scattered around my work overalls, and they are cracking to put an edge on a knife. I have a coupolle of mora's for cutting bailer twine, which soon takes the edge off, but a Fakkkerniven DC4 will have the edge back in no time. They wear down eventiually, but that's no problem, just buy another. they're not expensive, and this is comng from me, a farmer!! (Posted on )
  9. SadReview by
    Have a couple of Fallkniven stones including the dc521. The dc3 is in my edc and I've hardly used it but The gold diamond side is almost worn off. And I'm down to bare metal.. I suspect a bad batch as I haven't had the problem on the larger. It should be great... But execution on this occasions leaves a little to be desired! (Posted on )
  10. OopsReview by
    Forgot to rate this item. (Posted on )
  11. Got 2Review by
    Got 1 years ago. It is now totally smooth, got newer, rougher stone 2 years ago. It's starting to get smooth so may order a third stone. 3 different grits. Both of these split from diamond surface but I glued them back. They are great for the task (Posted on )
  12. new ones compared to the older ones are dirtReview by
    Bought one of these years ago and its perfect. new one however is not as good in that the ceramic side is more like a coarse sharpening stone instead of the smooth polishing ceramic of old (Posted on )
  13. Super bit of kitReview by
    I had one of these before and lost it!! My replacement came in record time and is a great item to anyone's kit. Already been used ... just need a plaster now!! (Posted on )
  14. DC3/DC4Review by
    I already own an DC3 & decided to get the DC4 because of the slight increase in size,
    I've had great results with my DC3 & now with the DC4, I.M.O. you can't get a better pocket stone for ease of use & price.
    Although there are reports of the stones splitting, neither of mine ever have.
    I'd highly recommend either if these stones for all of your sharpening needs, and before you think you need something larger, let me just add that I've had great results putting an edge on one of my 10inch blades with a DC3.
    (Posted on )
  15. Fit and finish…Review by
    Fit and finish is ok... could be a lot better though, it's a bit small will be ok for a blade up to about 3inch (Posted on )
  16. Very nice product…Review by
    Very nice product and a well made little pouch.

    Puts a great edge on all blades even though it can take a little elbow grease.

    Those saying it has raised edges, try a little less pressure as I suspect your blade is flexing on not entirely flush to the stone.

    Wish I brought the DC4 as I'm using it for my kitchen blades now!
    (Posted on )
  17. Incredible serviceReview by
    DC3 is a great stone, I've had one before and this was as expected. However, the delivery service was well beyond what I expected, I was thinking of paying for a faster delivery. But ordered at 23.30 on a Tuesday and was delivered at 9.30 Saturday morning! First time of using HH, well impressed, will certainly be using again. (Posted on )
  18. This has been…Review by
    This has been my go to sharpener for the past 5 by years. The diamond side is quite aggressive and puts a good edge quickly, the ceramic side gets smoother with use can polish the edge to razor sharp. It can be a bit small for very large knives but fine for anything around the 4 inch mark. (Posted on )
  19. Seriously GoodReview by
    No quality issues at all, seen the bad reviews and got it anyway, mine cuts through the blade and delivers a perfect edge, have recommended it to friends and they like theirs. This is a seriously good sharpener for small pockets. (Posted on )
  20. Great little stone. Decent price.Review by
    No quality issues as yet after several months. Use this stone and a short leather strop for my small knives and it works very well indeed. Really handy if you just need to get an edge back quickly. Nice pouch makes it easy to carry and store.
    (Posted on )
  21. Okay but with reserveReview by
    I bought several ones of all versions in these years.
    I found very disappointing a lack of consistency within quality assurance of these great stones.
    The latest one are fine for sharpening but worse than the first years one. In the middle I found many versions, many glueing issues, many inconsistencies in the ceramic side...

    The latest one have the diamond side glued with a strange black gummy glue. Not as resistant as the first version. Plus the ceramic side is no more polishing and it's noticeably coarser than the first versions.

    The smaller in previous versions had a fantastic ceramic weaving, polishing fantastic. Now no.

    Well they are great stones for the use in the field, anyway but they are losing ground from other competitors due this not improving politics. Sorry Fallkniven.

    But anytime excellent experience from Heinnie. Number One Service.
    (Posted on )
  22. Fantastic sharpener for the fieldReview by
    I use this sharpener out in the field as it is light, brings a razor sharp edge quickly (and I am no expert when it comes to sharpening) and sits in my Ribz pack unnoticed until needed.

    I have also used this to sharpen my axe in the field and with some platform innovation I was able to meet all of my sharpening needs easily.

    Practical little sharpener that is convenient and works extremely well.

    HH service continues to amaze, Awesome.
    (Posted on )
  23. Good Product, Great ServiceReview by
    A great product for the price. Fantastic fast service from Heinnie. (Posted on )
  24. UsefulReview by
    Less-than-a-day delivery, as usual, from Heinnie. No surprise there then! No problems with quality of stone, but I hope it becomes less coarse on the sapphire side as my benchstone is chert/cutlers' greenstone, which can't be beat for finish. Still, highly practical with a v. nice pouch and affordable Fallkniven kit! (Posted on )
  25. Great buyReview by
    Received stone today sharpened 4 multiblade knives and 4 single blade knives including a bushcraft knife in no time. Again great service from HH. (Posted on )
  26. Great.Review by
    Simply a nicely put together piece of kit.
    Great! Recommended.
    (Posted on )
  27. DC4 arrived with…Review by
    DC4 arrived with no quality control issues as previous reviews, sharpens my gear no problems, would recommend to anyone wanting a handy stowable sharpening stone comes with leather sheath a nice touch! The service from H.H was awsome. (Posted on )
  28. Great little stoneReview by
    It's great. Know there have been some quality issues but Fallkniven have a new supplier now and it is genuinely a great little sharpener.

    Remember, it's less than ú15 delivered so whilst you may have to glue it back together down the line it does represent very good value for money.

    Both sides perfectly flat and easy to use. I have just ordered the all new DC521 off the back of it so if you have been clicking to view this item 3 times a night for the last week just go for it.

    You won't be disappointed and remember, this is HH you are ordering from. Even if the older reviews turn out to be right for yours they will replace/refund in no time!

    (Posted on )
  29. dc4Review by
    This is a great little stone. It sharpens anything easily despite its size. The pouch is amazing and fits well, also Heinnie Haynes delivered next day even with the cheapest method of postage!!! (Posted on )
  30. Very nice pocket…Review by
    Very nice pocket sharpener. People seem to have a few complaints with it but mine is pretty good. Gets a knife from dull to razor sharp in no time at all. (Posted on )
  31. Seems like quality improvedReview by
    It's been a while since I wanted to get the DC4 version of this product, but I held back by negative reviews. However, lately there was some positive feedback regarding latest batches so I decided to give it a go. I can confirm that the quality is decent, nowhere near as bad as it would seem from the negative reviews. It's not perfect but it's more than good enough to get the job done. I can recommend this product, given it's affordable price. Superb service from HH as usual. (Posted on )
  32. Not as good as the older modelsReview by
    Ok, it's been said more than once that the quality of materials/workmanship isn't as good as older models.
    My original DC4 is about 10 years old and works amazingly well. I bought a new one about 12 mths ago and i'ts not a patch on old faithful.
    Using the older models diamond side I gently smoothed out the sapphire side of the new one. Now works well.
    NB old and new models will separate in my experience, glue back together with arildite (using elastic bands to keep everything flush
    (Posted on )
  33. Glad I made the jump!Review by
    Firstly, amazing service as usual from HH, always outstanding! With regards to the product, after reading some reviews saying that they'd had problems with poorly constructed stones and inadequate grinding surfaces, I was unsure if I should bother buying. However if my product is anything to go by, previous reviews must be based on either a bad batch or Fallkniven have put the boot up the Quality Control team because mine is absolutely spot on. Couldn't be happier. Brilliantly constructed, no lumps or uneven surfaces on the stone, fits nice and snug in a well constructed sheath. Quality!

    Thanks again!
    (Posted on )
  34. Super quick EdgeReview by
    Nice pocket stone. Easy and quick to get a razor edge. No oil or water needed so clean to use. (Posted on )
  35. ReviewReview by
    DC4 version I got is good and functional, it came flat on both sides, not brilliantly put together (the gold diamond plate was glued to the ceramic stone at an angle instead of completely square (minor overhang)).
    DC3 version came with a few bumps on both diamond and ceramic surfaces which dug small chips into the blades edge. 10/10 for Heinnie services.
    (Posted on )
  36. new DC4Review by
    I bought several DC4 and DC3 and they worked with me in every environment on the field.
    This last DC4 seems very different from the others.
    First of all the stone is not smooth ceramic/waved ceramic (DC3) as the previous ones. It's a black stone more spongier, for sure it's not polishing as before.
    Sounds strange to me, why Fallkniven they are doing like that. I prefer for sure the smooth (sometimes no... but worth to condition flat) sapphire stone againt the diamonds.
    Excellent service from HH as usual, all over the world.
    (Posted on )
  37. Not impressed with product's quality!Review by
    Since both sides were without any bumps like the "bad batch" from a while back, I was really chuffed... until I actually used it. Why? Because after using it once I ended up with two seperate stones.
    It's going back ASAP and not for a replacement. In my opinion it's obviously not a batch issue.
    (Posted on )
  38. pretty goodReview by
    Although the surface was not good to start with, using the stone on a cheaper knife for a while the surface improved greatly. It will never totally replace my oil stone it's a great bit of kit to carry with you when light weight camping.
    (Posted on )
  39. Not smooth ceramicReview by
    I agree with the other reviewers that the ceramic edge has small raised dots that make sharpening surface uneven. Sharpens well though would prefer a smooth surface (Posted on )
  40. Poor reflection of the older productReview by
    These are not the same as they ones from a few years back. The diamond coating is never going to last and the fit and finish is poor compared to what they used to be. The ceramic side is very poorly finished. This is my last. (Posted on )
  41. TerribleReview by
    These newer DC4's are utter crap compared to the older ones, my ceramic side is very uneven with little bumps on it, but also the knife doesn't even touch the middle of the stone because the edges are raised up, what complete crap, Fallknifen shouldn't make something so bad compared to their knifes. (Posted on )
  42. FIVE STARReview by
    A wonderfull little stone, you get a very sharp edge. (Posted on )
  43. Got my first…Review by
    Got my first DC4 a few years ago and had to return it to HH for replacement. The diamond surface had started to bubble. HH replced it without question. Replacement has been excellen. HH - best service on the net. (Posted on )
  44. Great stone for the fieldReview by
    I find the negative comments about the stone at odds with my experience. Sharpening everything from my gerber, sak to my Japanese cleaver is a doddle. Big plus is that Heinnie is a good few pound cheaper than you know whos website!! excellent. (Posted on )
  45. MagnifikaReview by
    Perfectly smooth and level on both sides... I'm guessing heinnie got in a new batch? (Posted on )
  46. Reviewed review.Review by
    Followed DBs advice and dressed the ceramic side. I used aluminium oxide to get an improvement, then the diamond side fell off. However, after relentlessly dressing the stone it isn't too bad. It's put a very good edge on an older knife. I think fallkniven are trying to cut costs by turning these out unfinished. (Posted on )
  47. Quality check..... all good.Review by
    If you have any doubts when buying one of these then please just do as i did, email the kind guys at Heinnie and ask them to quality check before despatch.. got mine yesterday and both ceramic and diamond sides were flat and ready to go! used an old blade first to break it in. 1 star dropped due a tiny, tiny gap in bonding between layers but can't see it being a problem.

    Great stone, excellent service as always.
    (Posted on )
  48. good stone but needs preperationReview by
    First of all I have the DC3 which is superb, this version is somewhat rougher and will damage your blade if you don't smooth out ceramic side first, at least my one will so be careful before you let rip on your prized blade, diamond surface is awesome though. (Posted on )
  49. SuperbReview by
    I love mine! Got it last year and has been around the world with me. Still going strong! (Posted on )
  50. WTFReview by
    Had an original dc4, nice bit of kit, currently on my second later generation model. Appalled at the quality, i'd already sent one back 'cos' i'd assumed it was from a bad batch.
    The replacement is even worse. The ceramic matrix has varying degrees of density ranging from soft to very hard.
    It is a knife wrecker, nothing else.
    I'll not be using it on my f13g.
    Come on Fallkniven, sort it out.
    (Posted on )
  51. The ceramic side SUCKS!Review by
    Initial impressions; Nice size, sheath and weight for " the field ". Big enough to sharpen sub 8 inch knife without having to do it in sections.

    The ceramic side sucks horribly, it is concave, so only the sides make contact with the blade. There are also lumps along the middle that actually put small chips in the nice edge you just made the the diamond side.
    (Posted on )
  52. Decent field sharpenerReview by
    Much heavier than I expected. Good size for the field.

    Diamond is very course when first used

    Synthetic sapphire side was not 100% flat as there were very small bumps in random places. Scratches blade a lot and does not give a very fine finish cosmetically, but it does the job to sharpen.

    Interesting to see if both layers stay together as I've heard instances of the adhesive coming loose. Not a deal breaker as both sides can still be used separately or epoxied together if it does happen
    (Posted on )
  53. Design change on DC4Review by
    The original DC4 has fine grooves on its ceramic side, which is no longer the case in the new design. The latest version of DC4 adopted a smooth surface on its ceramic side. Nevertheless, the smooth side on mine is not as flat as something I would normally expect from Fallkniven. The diamond side remains the same, and is very effective to remove metal quickly. Hence, 3 stars for overall performance. (Posted on )
  54. good for the money, dmt's better.Review by
    the diamond plate is fantastic, takes off metal fast, cleanly and leave a good edge.
    that was the good part, the bad part is the diamond plate is warped and bent in the middle, not very noticeable but its there, the ceramic and diamond plate seperated and needed to be super glued back together.
    (Posted on )
  55. INTERESTINGReview by
    (Posted on )
  56. Brilliant!!!Review by
    Easy to use, easy to clean, sharpens great - have even sharpened an axe on this little thing! (Posted on )
  57. amazing serviceReview by
    received my dc4 this morning i would just like to add, the service at Heine Haynes, is outstanding, i have never dealt with a company like it, the dc4, is a must, it keeps all your knives in tip top condition, highly recommended. (Posted on )
  58. Better late than neverReview by
    Absolutely brilliant little sharpener. Ideal for your pocket, only wish they done a larger one, and I'd got one sooner. (Posted on )
  59. Fantastic!Review by
    Excellent piece of kit, super fast next day delivery and lowest price around from Heinnie's. Easily sharpened even my crappy old blunt knives so they could shave paper and hair, and keeps my decent blades in great shape too. Highly recommended! (Posted on )
  60. Top level productReview by
    This has finally permitted me to sharpen decently all my knives without problems.
    After some trial runs on my cheaper blades (successful) I even sharpened my costlier blades with ease. Very good price and very fast delivery.
    (Posted on )
  61. Unbeatable field sharpenerReview by
    Excellent tool for sharpening in the field. A bit small for a home set-up and better for touching up a blade rather than reprofiling but when used to bring life to a dull edge it is amazing, hair popping blades are possible with just a little practice. (Posted on )
  62. Sharper is saferReview by
    Awesome bit of kit. Be safe be sharp. Get one you won't be unhappy. (Posted on )
  63. Great service , Great productReview by
    I have bought one of these DC4's before but was "misplaced", so good i bought another ! Not only the sharpness but the finish is exellent . My first time buying from Heinnie but will not be the last , Great service great product ! (Posted on )
  64. Outstanding service & quality! Kudos to HHReview by
    Thanks again for providing an excellent service and of course the product works wonders! The gentlemen at HH are most polite and patient and give the best advice. You are an exemplary business concern. (Posted on )
  65. Razor sharpnessReview by
    I had to leave another comment...A few strokes on the coarse side then the ceramic one and finnish off with a strop loaded with green polishing compound and you have a razor sharp edge..literally. No need to buy expensive japanese waterstones. (Posted on )
  66. Where have you been all my life?Review by
    This baby really works. Dug out my old scout knife,never used for 20years, this brought the edge like only took a few minutes. Nice one HH. And THANX for your customers who took the trouble to recommend it. (Posted on )
  67. Great bit of kitReview by
    First product from HH and will now definately be my last. Bought this stone in the hope it could restore an old battered hunting knife. The knife now has a nice sharp edge, shreds paper and shaves hair. Top Notch. Only stone you should ever need. (Posted on )
  68. Fantastic product!Review by
    A shooting companion sharpened my dull knife with one of these. The results were so amazing I ordered one straight away. This is the best sharpener I have ever used. Excellent product in a great little case supplied by HH via a first class service! (Posted on )
  69. A brilliant product.Review by
    A brilliant product.

    I have had mine for about a year, tried various different sharpening solutions and this is just great.

    Small and thin enough to take with you, the ceramic side is perfect to retouch the edge on the blade, while the diamond side will sort out the small nicks that you get from time to time.

    (Posted on )
  70. very goodReview by
    Great bit of kit, especially for its price, its only small but it doesn't need to be big.
    I'm better with the Spyderco Sharpmaker, obviously, as its easier to get an edge, but I'm getting there with this.
    (Posted on )
  71. DC 3 WhetstoneReview by
    Awesome piece of sharpening kit, light and strong. Two pieces for the price of one, now thats a winner in my mind. The diamond plate removes so much steel with so little effort, use the diamond side then sapphire then strop on a leather belt covered with polishing compound and you've got yourself a razors edge that will take off the hairs on your arm. Works without water.
    Thanks again Heinnie Hays
    (Posted on )
  72. Razor finishReview by
    Brilliant, low maintainence piece of kit. Ceramic side puts an edge on knives that will shave you and push cut paper. (Posted on )
  73. Great SharpenerReview by
    I bought this to try to put the edge back onto a well worn and abused blade on a Leatherman Wave.

    After a few swipes on the coarse side, a faint edge was back. I finished the sharpening process on Spyderco's sharpmaker and the the blade is nearly razor sharp again.

    This is a fantastic performing product considering the much more expensive sharpmaker couldn't initially revive the blade.
    (Posted on )
  74. The best that's availableReview by
    This stone really is the real deal, handy size and easy to use. I use mine almost every day.
    The coarse diamond rapidly revoves any bluntness and the ceramic side always produces a surprising and perfect razor edge. The best low maintenance whetstone in the world. Fact. Supplied at an excellent price with customer service to match.
    Long live Heinnie Haynes!
    (Posted on )
  75. very goodReview by
    This wheatstone is very good, compact, lightweight and easy to use (after a little practise lol) and I recieved mine hassle free brilliant both the kit and Heinnie. (Posted on )
  76. DC 4Review by
    Great bit of kit. Keep dry. (the stone will separate from the metal if it is in water for a while ). Leather pouch retains water and makes it difficult to extract sharpener. Better in a nylon pouch. (Posted on )

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