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Fallkniven H1 3G Zytel

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Fallkniven H1 3G Zytel

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Fallkniven H1 3G Zytel

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Fallkniven H1 3G Zytel

Fallkniven H1 3G Zytel



This is Fallkniven's first true hunting knife, built upon centuries of the knife-making art in our part of the world. This strong, straight and very handy knife dates its origin from the ancient times of North-Scandinavian knife-making. Due to this heritage, it lacks a standard finger guard, but the grip safety is enhanced by the ergonomically shaped handle made of thermorun plastic with a textured pattern. With a handle this shape, you should be an experienced hunter or outdoorsman to ensure you can safely handle such a classic yet advanced design as the H1 Hunting Knife.

The Model H1 will surely be your first choice for such use, as everything on this knife is matched for maximum capability in countless situations: the sharp, strong and tough steel, the 0.2" blade thickness, the razor-sharp convex-ground blade, the straight, ergonomic handle in tacky Thermorun rubber, and the extremely compact size. Among experienced hunters and true outdoorsmen the H1 Hunting Knife will become the obvious choice; the lack of finger guards is no loss for those who can handle a knife.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Fallkniven
Blade Material: 3G
Blade Length (cm): 10.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.5
Overall Length (cm): 21.0
Blade Colour: Satin
Handle Colour: Black
Handle Material (Text): Thermorun
Blade Hardness (HRC): 62 HRC
Sheath: Zytel
Product Weight (g): 180g


  1. Beautiful KnifeReview by
    Bought this Fallkniven H1 3G knife over three years ago now. Razor sharp out the box. Comfortable with a good grip handle, looks good and can cut! Not had reason to sharpen it on the wet stones yet, still sharp as the day it arrived ( with a little stropping), that said i've only used it for trips out 8/9 weeks a year. Bought it for game & fish prep and it didn't disappoint. I did read some comments about the 3G chipping after extreme use and the difficulties in sharpening due to the hardness of the steel, but if your into battoning foot wide logs with massive knots and iron nails, then use your axe and reconsider your priorites . No guard but that hasn't been a problem. I think it adds to the feel of the thing. Plastic sheath is basic but functional. It does need to be secured by the popper strap as without, it will fall out if you have it on your belt running through the bush, but standard for Fallkniven and you don't have to worry about blood & cuts as you would in a leather sheath. It has a good 90 degree spine if you needed to throw a few sparks. I have it as a game & fish prepper and keep it as a permanent addition in the top pouch in my ruck. It compliments my O1 carbon steel custom made bushcraft knife ( and is easier to look after if i'm in the canoe) over all can't fault it. Personally I feel it beats the F1 3G hands down for edge / blade strength, comfort & style and is more UK appropriate than an S1 or A1 leg bruiser. I would have given it a 5 + star, but £300 is a lot of beer tokens for a production knife. But again you only get what you pay for and its a Fallkniven!! Can't fault the HH service either, quick delivery. Over all a good purchase and a good purchasing experience. (Posted on )

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