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Extrema Ratio ADRA Ordinanza 17° Stormo

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Extrema Ratio A.D.R.A. Ordinanza

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Extrema Ratio ADRA Ordinanza 17° Stormo

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Extrema Ratio ADRA Ordinanza 17° Stormo

Extrema Ratio ADRA Ordinanza 17° Stormo



The A.D.R.A. (Arditi Distruttori Regia Aeronautica) operated during World War II in the North African territories and were awarderd two silver medals of honour. Today, that unit is known as the 17° Stormo Incursori, a special unit of the Italian Airforce who carry knives of this type. It is a truly extraordinary example of Extrema's art.

The blade is black BOHLER N690 stainless whilst the handle uses roughened Polyamide. It is supplied in a carry case, with belt and leg sheath.

The “Arditi Distruttori della Regia Aeronautica” (lit. royal air force brave destroyers) were an Italian battalion serving in the North African terratories during WW2, and were awarded two silver medals of honour. They were tasked with complex sabotage operations against airfields, which they accomplished employing then unprecedented guerrilla tactics.

Now the 17° Stormo Incursori (17th Raiders Wing) of the Italian Air Force picks up their glorious heritage as a special force. As a tangible token of continuity, members of the 17th line up and parade carrying knives at their belts, as the Arditi used to carry. This ADRA, with its classic European shape, was designed for and with strong input from the commanders and operatives of the 17th. Thus begins its road of honour and duty.

Extrema Ratio ADRA ORDINANZA 17° STORMO is black oxide-coated with 17th Stormo logo. It is presented in ABS engraved case with an ankle sheath and a sand-coloured parade belt sheath.


Code ER-04.1000.0313/BLK-O
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Extrema Ratio
Blade Material: N690 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 17.8
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.63
Overall Length (cm): 31.1
Blade Colour: Black
Handle Material: Polymer
Blade Coating: Mil-C-13924 Black Oxide
Blade Finish: Black
Blade Hardness (HRC): 58
Blade Shape: Spear Point
Blade Type: Pointed Tip
Sheath: Yes
Product Weight (g): 331


  1. IncredibleReview by
    Very sorry for late review. I bought this knife from HH back in 2009 (so very late review) when I was working in North Africa.
    Whilst I agree with the previous review in nearly everything I must point out that this is, ultimately, a military commando's dive knife and the straps are design to secure the sheath around the lower calf and just above the ankle.
    10 years later, with albeit a fairly easy work life, this knife has never let me down and still looks good, and very deadly.
    Of all my knives this is my favourite purely for its build quality and for what it is designed for. My other Extrema knife is my workhorse for all rough and ready jobs and is strong at whatever I need it for. Hmmm I should leave a review on that too!!!
    HH, Thank you for many years providing an outstanding service with outstanding quality products.
    (Posted on )
  2. MrReview by
    Out of the box this is an impressive knife, large, sharp and well balanced. I bought this as my take on the modern day commando knife. Being military I wanted something to replace the fairburn Sykes I was issued, something similar but more suited to modern conflict. The handle is a textured material that will not slip from your hand even with wet gloves. And the pommel is capable of breaking windscreens. The blade itself is 7.5 inches double sided with sabre point and serrations on one side. The knife can be disassembled for maintenance, a must in my eyes.
    It's supplied in a carry case with two sheaths. A ceremonial style sheath (which I found better for use tucked behind the ammo pouch of my isreali cot vest) and a thigh pouch - which is a bit strange, there's no belt loop so it just straps round your thigh, and if you've got any sort of muscle in your legs it's a very very tight fit. overall a fearsome looking knife, maybe too pretty for use though.
    (Posted on )

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