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Explorer Watchband Compass

In Stock

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Explorer Watchband Compass

test 1Explorer Watchband Compasstest 2Explorer Watchband Compasstest 3Explorer Watchband Compasstest 4 Explorer Watchband Compass

Explorer Watchband Compass

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Explorer Watchband Compass

Explorer Watchband Compass



Black nylon band with velcro fastening. Compass has black casing and black face. An excellent backup to a larger map scaled compass.

  • Maximum internal strap circumference 20cm
  • Face diameter 25mm
  • Face depth 7mm
  • Specification

    Code EXP19
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: Explorer
    Body Material: Polymer
    Dimensions (cm) Non Config: W x D: 2.5 x 0.7


    1. Compass works fine, strap lets it downReview by
      The compass itself is fine, a little cheaply made but then look at the price. It seems to work okay and the outside ring (the proper name for this escapes me) does actually turn. The strap itself is pretty horrible, wouldn't recommend wearing it it's very hard scratchy plastic and will leave a nasty scrape/rash on softer skin. The compass is easily removable its just a slide clip on the back which does mean it comes off the strap a little too easy, it would work better with a thicker strap or attached to a belt or pocket.
      (Posted on )
    2. Excellent, simple back-up compass.Review by
      Seems accurate enough, great for emergency back-up. You wouldn't want to navigate across Dartmoor with it alone, but perfect for EDC.

      Outstanding service from HH, one of the best kit companies around (if not the best).
      (Posted on )
    3. just the jobReview by
      thank you for the tip.bought this little compass to attach to my watch.the illumination is good but does not last as the dial is painted it relies on the amount of light it is exposed to.the bezel rotates easily with no rattling from the dial.the clip is positive and secure.i have had many button compasses from quality manufacturers and this is equal to is not affected by the watch although it is only two inches from it.when checked next to a quality map reading compass it was accurate.great little compass for the money.the strap is a bit naff and should not be used.apart from that excellent (Posted on )
    4. just the job Review by
      thanks to the team just the job.bought to mount on my watch strap.checked against a quality map reading compass and found to be is not affected by my watch even thought it is only 2 inches away from the casement.the strap is naff but that does not matter at the price.have had many button compasses from some quality manufacturers and this is equal to them.the unidirectional bezel has positive clicks and is easy to rotate.the illumination is ok but because it is paint does not last as it is dependent on the amount of light it is exposed to. over all a good little compass that is worth the 1 95 all day (Posted on )
    5. Strap compassReview by
      Exactly what I was looking for. Hopefully will encourage my grandkids to get outside and away from the computer. Adjustable velcro strap is ideal for fitting on the grandkids and dial is easy to read. Excellent. Fantastic delivery from HH again - ordered one day delivered next! (Posted on )
    6. Very useful.Review by
      Excellent little backup compass with very useful degree measurements surrounding the floating compass.

      It is accurate but can be affected a little easily near any iron based metals for obvious reasons. Why 4 stars only.

      Has proved to be a great addition to my survival tin. I highly recommend this as a backup and is a no brainer at the price.
      (Posted on )
    7. good for getting lostReview by
      Very poor, not a reliable compass, don't buy it unless you really like getting lost by accident. (Posted on )
    8. what yu see is what yu get...Review by
      Really good little compass for the cash and the strap is actually very strong, attaches to sheath without worry. (Posted on )
    9. Not bad for the money.Review by
      Purchased one of these and two of the lanyard/ jacket fob version. Accurate enough for their intended purpose. Build quality is good for the price. The compass itself is the same one Doug Ritter chose for the Adventure Medical Pocket Survival Kit. So enough said. (Posted on )
    10. rubbishReview by
      Inconsistent up to 90 degrees. What you would expect in a xmas cracker. Total waste of money...don't buy one!! (Posted on )
    11. Very HandyReview by
      Smart little compass. Great strap I will use this strap with my Traser H3 as the strap which comes with it is terrible. (Posted on )

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