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Exotac created an evolutionary derivative of the original nanoSTRIKER™ with a larger rod and striker handle. It utilizes the same innovative design as the original, but with just enough extra size and heft to improve its ease of use without making it too big or bulky for key chain carry. The striker handle is 46% bigger, making it easier to grip. The XL version also sports a 33% larger ferrocerium rod, which improves the durability and lifespan of the rod even beyond that of the original nanoSTIKER’s. TIP: Slowly scrape shavings off the rod into a small pile. Use these shavings on top of your tinder bundle for even better sparks! Use the nanoSTRIKER™ to light gas stoves, alcohol stoves, fuel tablets, BBQ grills, etc. Included in the box are a split ring for keyring carry, extra set of o- rings and instruction manual Burns at nearly 5500°F (3000°C) ¼in waterproof ferrocerium & magnesium rod Ferrocerium rod works when wet Lightweight anodized aluminum body Ultra-sharp tungsten carbide striking tool More than 3000 fire-starting strikes per rod Replaceable ferrocerium rod


Code P4-EXO-NANO-XL-$$
Brand: Exotac
Overall Length (cm): 9.5
Product Weight (g): 27g
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Nice little piece of equipmentReview by
    Nice compact fero rod great as an EDC item or even as a little back up in a small kit or in a pack.
    (Posted on )
  2. Good compact fire steelReview by
    I bought Exotac NanoSTRIKER XL in Gunmetal, and I carry it every day as it is so small it just slips into my jeans pocket next to my Swiss Army Knife. The feeling of having a reliable source of ignition on my person is very reassuring. I take it into the woods with me every time and it hasn't failed me yet. Its construction is second to none which is reflected in the price. But if your looking for a water tight firesteel that will last for years look no further.

    (Posted on )
  3. First time user reviewReview by
    I've wanted one of these for a while and eventually got round to getting one. Currently camping in Wales and it is cold. Lit fires many different ways from flint stone and steel, tin can, lens, bowdrill, firedrill, flint and steel. This is a nice and tidy fire striker for EDC, it looks great, feels well made and small enough for attaching to keys and forgetting about. Used this today, cold hands, wind blowing. Got dried weed stems, the hollow kind dock leaves I think and some jute out my pocket. Fluffed jute up, undid rod bit and screwed in cap, undid striker and struck once onto the jute. There weren't even any sparks, just flames. Lit that easily and fast that it almost caught me off guard, put my prepared kindling on and raging fire before you knew it. Not too small to use, excellent item. Bought spare rod too just in case. Nicely presented in box too. (Posted on )
  4. too smallReview by
    I expected this to be twice the size it is due to the price. Nice design but it really is small. (Posted on )
  5. Brilliant piece of kitReview by
    Fantastic piece of kit and worth every penny. Will be very useful up the woods. Easy to use and produces some serious sparks!

    And of course the usual excellent service from HH. Wish all dealers were as good!
    (Posted on )
  6. O.M.GReview by
    Got this in the normal V quick delivery from HH, and as is normal for a male played with it.Now got burnt carpet and a sliced finger from a miss strike.Can't praise this enough,small but mighty.Yes it is waterproof and ican say blood proof as well,BEWARE OF THE STRIKER it's WICKED. (Posted on )
  7. Blown away !Review by
    So far, I had the Light my Fire "FireSteel", which I liked until I received the NanoStriker XL.

    Man, we're not talking about sparks anymore, we're talking about "ignited flying sparks" that still remain (slightly) burning when they hit the ground.

    To put it this way: this thing is AMAZING. Forget about firesteels and get this one. You'll never go back.

    Small, very small.
    Light, very light.
    Small but holds well in your hand.
    Great...I mean FANTASTIC sparks.
    The ferro rod is replaceable.

    Let's face it a bit expensive but you get what you pay for ! ;-)
    (Posted on )

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