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EOG V3 Pocket Bellows Fire Bellowing Tool

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EOG V3 Pocket Bellows Fire Bellowing Tool

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test 1EOG V3 Pocket Bellows Fire Bellowing Tool Thumbnail Imagetest 2EOG V3 Pocket Bellows Fire Bellowing Tooltest 3test 4
test 1EOG V3 Pocket Bellows Fire Bellowing Tool Thumbnail Imagetest 2EOG V3 Pocket Bellows Fire Bellowing Tooltest 3test 4

EOG V3 Pocket Bellows Fire Bellowing Tool

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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EOG V3 Pocket Bellows Fire Bellowing Tool

EOG V3 Pocket Bellows Fire Bellowing Tool



The EOG Pocket Bellows is an ancient fire starting technology moulded into a modern telescopic hand tool.

Epiphany Outdoor found that not only does their telescopic fire bellowing tool work great on weather soaked firewood, it makes starting dry firewood and regulating BBQ/Campfire temperatures for cooking easy while keeping your eyebrows safely on your face and away from the fire and smoke.

Oxygen is nature's gasoline and is the key to wet weather fire starting. Like an engine's fuel injectors, Pocket bellows compresses and focuses oxygen directly into the heart of the fire. The byproduct of this extra oxygen is a significant amount of extra heat which is the key to overcoming wet firewood.

  • Start Rolling Fires with Wet or Dry Firewood In Moments
  • Gives Distance / Keeps Your Face Away from the Fire when Adding Oxygen
  • Compresses & Pin-Point Focuses Oxygen Directly Into a Fire
  • Use It At Home For Your Fireplace, Firepits, or BBQ's
  • Collapses to 9cm For Easy Stowing


Code EOGV301B
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Epiphany Outdoor
Overall Length (cm): 9.0
Product Weight (g): 23g
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Breathe some life into your campfire!Review by
    Be sure to read the instructions first. This clever and compact device works just fine! Instantly intensifies even a modest flame, without needing to add lighter fluid, etc. Takes up not much more space than an average ferro rod. Will it serve as a drinking straw? No. Can it be used as an emergency snorkel? Err... no. Will it turn a timid flicker into a much bigger blaze? Ohh, yes! Lots of pyrotechnic performance from a demure and very reasonably priced bit of kit. HH, cheers to you! (Posted on )
  2. By the wayReview by
    Oxygen is nature's . . . oxygen, no gasoline needed :-) (Posted on )
  3. Good kitReview by
    I bought this as a 'luxury' kit item and it is that, par excellence. It gives excellent control over a small fire (which could obviously be made as big as necessary). However, it is also particularly useful for controlling barbecues ( to heat them up) when used in conjunction with water (to cool them down). My highly practical Polish friends were very impressed! Lightweight, compact and well made. (Posted on )
  4. Helpful tool in wet conditions.Review by
    This and some mayasticks and you can get a fire going even when its raining. Lightweight and compact. Recommended. (Posted on )
  5. Very usefulReview by
    I bought this to resurrect the fire in a wood burning range each morning this winter

    It's great. Ok, it's not clever (it's basically a tube), but it simply does the job of turning a few embers back into a flame, and without blowing smoke back into the kitchen.

    If you've got a stove that you keep in overnight then you'll get good use from this.
    (Posted on )
  6. Superb serviceReview by
    I bought this item for friend so I can't share my experience. But or service of HH 5* as always (Posted on )
  7. Surprisingly good bit of kitReview by
    Firewood in the UK is often damp and this is the perfect antidote. It's well made and should last ages as long as you don't leave it on the ground for someone to stand on.

    One subtlety (not sure if this is a coincidence or deliberate) is that while the tube is 10mm wide at the mouth-end, it's 4mm wide a the fire-end. The air pressure is therefore higher than you 'd get by blowing through a straight tube and it's very focused. Makes a satisfying roaring sound when directed at embers. Great for starting a fire and reviving one that's flagging.

    (Posted on )
  8. Well worth a place in your kitReview by
    I lived and worked in the South of France for a long time and I used to watch friends lighting fires and barbecues with what they called a "Shepherds Bellows". This was basically a stick about 18 inches long,hollowed out with a red hot poker, which they used to blow oxygen into the fire. This a modern ,more portable version, which has the same effect. It saves you getting your eyebrows singed and and a face full of eye-watering smoke. Small (unextended), light and portable - supplied in its own Go Tube. Makes a big difference to starting wet / damp wood as you can supply a concentrated blast of oxygen where you need it. Every BBQ needs one - especially with the weather we keep getting! (Posted on )
  9. Best fire tool ever!Review by
    My kids used to joke about how I could extinguish any fire, but no more I no longer have to find anything to fan the flames back into life, or inhale smoke and puff myself dizzy trying to blow it back into life, just a gentle exhalation down my pocket bellows is enough to raise good charcoal to almost smelting temperature!
    Get one for your fire lighting kit, it's well worth it!
    (Posted on )
  10. Needed some refinement Review by
    Mouth piece on mine was badly sheared with very sharp barbs, needed a fair bit of work to smooth out.

    The product itself works really well and will always be in my pack. If you've ever been out in the snow and thrown all your tinder at a fire you'll wish you had this to drive that damp wood into a roaring saviour
    (Posted on )
  11. Worth itReview by
    Very well made, light but not flimsy, reduces the risk of an ember in the eye when your in the middle of nowhere so a wise addition from a safety perspective too, fits unobtrusively into my pack, very pleased with it highly recommended. (Posted on )
  12. Awesome !Review by
    This works...and offers a great advantage to waving your hat at the fire. Being able to pinpoint the place in the fire that you want to give air to, pays dividends. It really does boost your fire....I'd also recommend it for those whom have wood burning fires at can only make the process easier. It's tiny and lightweight...and now a permanent fixture in my kit. (Posted on )
  13. Brilliant bit of kit!Review by
    I've carried a piece of 8.5mm aluminium tent pole with me for some years to use as an aid to start and keep a fire going, but generally ended up either bending it or having it stick through my rucksack. No more! This collapses into a short, easily pocketed tool and it works brilliantly! Comes in a tough plastic tube to help keep it in pristine condition! Be sure to have a look at the manufacturer's website for hints and videos on using wet wood and tinder. Well recommended and thanks HH for the usual great service! (Posted on )

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