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EKA Swede 8

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Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

EKA Swede 8

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EKA Swede 8

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

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EKA Swede 8

EKA Swede 8



The EKA Swede range is a series of folding knives with a world reputation for top class design and functionality. All models are assembled using screws makings the knives strong and the blade motion adjustable.

The EKA Swede 8 is a heavy duty folding knife for hunting and outdoor activities. There is a choice of a rubber or bubinga wood handle with an effective and strong locking mechanism. The knife blade is made from Sandvik Steel 12C27 and hardened to 57 -59 HRC.


Code EKA605604-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: EKA
Blade Material: Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 8.3
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.0
Overall Length (cm): 18.5
Lock Type: Back Lock
Pocket Clip: No


  1. Best folding knife I ownReview by
    I ordered the 8 and the 10 and ended up keeping the 8. The 10 felt oversized for me and like it was too much blade for a folding knife. The 8 is spot on though. A really good size and very well made. Solid build, really good design for bushcraft/woodcraft. Fit and finish is great and this feels like a high quality tool. The blade is wickedly sharp and I like the thickness, blade shape, and the grind. Really pleased with this knife. (Posted on )
  2. Great quality well made in Sweden Review by
    Following the usual great service from Hennie my EKA Swede 8 with wooden handle arrived.
    This knife has met all my expectations, as I already own several knives by EKA and knew what to expect. The quality of materials and finish is superb. Razor sharp as to be expected from EKA with a very secure locking mechanism.
    A great looking functional knife with the advantage of being held together with screws, which I was able to adjust to get the right opening pressure for me.
    I'm sure it will last a lifetime of use, as my EDC is an EKA, and is over 45 years old and still going strong, if looking a little old fashioned and a bit battered but with a razor edge.
    (Posted on )
  3. Traditional pocket knifeReview by
    Just got this and it's very nice too. Sharp OTB and feels great in the hand. More of a traditional folder with no pocket clip to catch or add to the weight. Sandvik steel with nice wooden handle with textured finish and EKA badge. lanyard hole on the wooden one though which is usful too. Brilliant service from HH as usual. (Posted on )
  4. Something different.Review by
    A solid feeling filing knife with a secure back lock. The wood handled version looks classy and unthreatening whilst the Sandvik steel and Scandinavian grind sets this apart from most other folding knives in this price bracket. Quality seems good and the blade is sharp out of the box. I really like it. (Posted on )
  5. My favourite pocket knifeReview by
    I have had an older version of the Bubinga model for around 3 years. It was probably a couple of years old when it was given to me by a friend who bought it from HH. So, the knife has a bit of sentimental value to me, but regardless, I absolutely love it for its classic beauty and functionality. I've used it very hard!

    The knife is a great little carver. I've mainly used it for bushcraft type chores - carving wood, etc. My guess is it would make a good skinner as well, if need be. The lockup is still rock solid, and the Bubinga handle has held up well. I just give it a light oil treatment now and then. The blade is all scratched up from use, but that just makes it mine.

    I also really like the steel. It takes a great edge and holds up very well. This is a great classic pocket knife. Highly recommended!
    (Posted on )
  6. Great EDCReview by
    What a great little knife, it's fairly sharp out of the box (sharp enough for the paper test) but all that's required to get it like a razor is 10 minutes on a good stone. The knife feels very strong and there is very little to no play in the blade whatsoever, it is very comfortable to hold and work with. The gimping is sharp enough to provide you with a solid grip for your thumb but not so sharp it is uncomfortable. There are better knives out there for the same price maybe a little more, but for just a cheap edc it is comfy, holds it's edge well and is something you can just throw in your pocket you can't go wrong.
    Also to add heinnie's customer service is superb, all the staff are very polite and helpful
    Thanks again
    (Posted on )
  7. Outstanding Knife .Review by
    First of all I have to say how sharp out of the box it is , razor sharp is the answer.
    A great knife from Sweden and so simple to clean and maintain five stars for me . great service as imagined .
    (Posted on )
  8. Still superb!Review by
    This is a short update to the review I posted in 2011.
    Four years on and the knife is still going strong and performing faultlessly. I have the 'black' version which is used mainly in the field for small game (rabbit & pigeon) prep, with a little camp work too such as making pegs etc.
    It is built well. Nothing comes loose, it takes and holds an edge very well and for the money is pretty much unbeatable as folding knives go. As said previously, it was bought as a 'back up' to my Fallkniven F1 but to be honest I use EKA more often. In fact I recently bought two Mora knives (from HH) for 'workhorse' jobs which will likely mean the F1 doesn't come out much anymore.
    As folders go, this little knife punches well above its weight and price. I have had Fallkniven U2 and TK4 folders; both were superb but the Swede 8 will do everything they did at a fraction of the price.
    I fully expect it to be still going strong in another four years, though I may well add another one to my collection in the meantime!
    All in all a top knife- buy with confidence.
    (Posted on )
  9. Unbeatable at 30Review by
    After 25 great reviews all I can say is do not hesitate, just get 1. Been using knives in all sorts of environments and different continents for 25 years now and this as a little backup in your survival kit will have you come out smiling every time. (Posted on )
  10. The best delivered by the best HH rocks Review by
    Just got this knife super fast delivery and service as always by HH thanks . This knife is great I've only cut paper and card so far but this knife is so cool, the style is different than pictured, with a great lanyard extension on the but of the knife and a bit more contoured. Feels nice and firm in hand and a very positive lockup. I would recommend this knife to anyone who needs a working knife, it's made with screws so it can be fixed and it looks nice if you collect knives. I got the orange version with the sheath, get one you won't be disappointed. p.s. It comes in a bubble package so be carefully when you open and remove the knife, mine grazed my thumb on its way out lots of red stuff, still I know it was s.o.t.b. thanks again to the great team at Heinnie Hayes if only all company's were this good. (Posted on )
  11. Quality knife at a great priceReview by
    Very well made heavy duty folding knife with a solid lock. The blade is Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel and about 3mm thick. I bought the orange handled version and it feels great in the hand.

    Heinnie's photos currently show the old version of the knife - the new version being an improvement in my opinion. The new one has a scandi instaed of hollow grind, the makers name embossed into the scales, and the back spacer is extended from the handle incorporating a lanyard hole. See the EKA website for photos of the current Swede 8
    (Posted on )
  12. Great little knifeReview by
    Bought this knife for my daughter who is working on a farm. The EKA Swede 8 is perfect for that environment, tough rubber handle, good quality steel which is easy to sharpen and bright orange so she can easily spot it amongst all the brown stuff. Usual faultless service from HH. (Posted on )
  13. eka swede 8Review by
    Great quality highly recommended and the shipping so fast I swear they must have a teleport machine!!!!! (Posted on )
  14. Excellent pocket knifeReview by
    I purchased the Bubinga version of this beautiful little pocket knife. It's intended to be a two-hand opener, but it's fairly easy to open it with one hand. The knife is held together with two simple screws (no torx screws or other strange stuff...), so that you need only a simple screwdriver to disassemble it. Came sharp - but not scary sharp - out of the box. The lock-up is very solid and secure. A pin prevents the blade from touching the backspring when closed.
    Heinnie must update the photos, in fact I received the newer model, as seen on EKA's web page. It has a lanyard hole that protrudes from the backspacer.
    Fast and very professional service from Heinnie. Delivery in 5 days (Italy!)
    (Posted on )
  15. Great steel, strong Lockup and great look !Review by
    This is the perfect pocket knife, the Sandvik blade steel holds an edge and stays sharp for a good while.

    The lockup is really strong and sounds a good clunk/click when engaged.

    The handle is really ergonomic, comfortable and the bubinga wood handle scales make it a little warmer in hand.

    5/5 Stars, Great Knife.

    I will be purchasing the Swede 10 in Orange, as im sure it will prove even more impressive in a larger size and the Orange due to it being an Awesome colour !
    (Posted on )
  16. First impression = great!Review by
    I bought this based on numerous positive reviews, both on here and elsewhere, plus I love all things Swedish - Volvo, Abba etc etc! I ordered one black and one orange; not yet opened the black one, but based on some tinkering with the orange one, I can deduce that this is a solid, weighty, well-finished knife with a great edge out of the box. A small point is that the little EKA oval logo shown on the pic of the orange and bubinga knives is no longer stuck on the scales, not that that bothers me in the slightest - this knife is for grafting, not for show.
    Fabulous service from Heinnie.
    (Posted on )
  17. Great knifeReview by
    I got this knife to use for a bushcraft backup knife. I absolutely love this little beauty. It came razor sharp out of the box and has kept that way through a lot of hard use, easy to sharpen as well. I love the new design, the kraton handle is very grippy and aesthetically pleasing. I have been astounded by the capabilities of this blade, it's pretty much replaced my fixed blade as it's just as strong. If It ever wears out, I will just by another one as it's the best folder I've ever had the pleasure to own. To conclude; it's a great quality knife that performs way above my expectations, I strongly suggest that you purchase this knife. You will not be disappointed. (Posted on )
  18. Great knifeReview by
    I have a total of 56 folding knives in my collection this and the Rat-1 by Ontario share the number one spot as my favourite. (Posted on )
  19. just rightReview by
    Had one of these for some time now.
    Solid, reliable and holds an edge.
    Sadly did not purchase from H/H.
    But my next EKA will come from the guys at H/H.
    I highly Recommend this knife.
    (Posted on )
  20. great edcReview by
    This is a great little knife, had mine for a few months now, does camp, kitchen and hunting chores well, just like the classic Buck folders but half the price. Side play probs are solved if you take bolt out and reduce length very slowly whilst checking often then put thread lock on. Well worth it. (Posted on )
  21. It's Ok...Review by
    Not a bad knife, used this at work to cut turf that I was laying down for a job for about 3-4 weeks. This could be considered abuse to some I guess? It got blunt after about a couple of hours which I guess was to be expected but it still cut through turf ok, gave it a sharpen and it was ready to go again. I see it as a utility blade really.

    Only dissapointment I really have with this is that there was blade play (side to side) from new and tightening the pivot didn't rectify the issue, hence the 3 stars. Nothing to shout about in my opinion, but works as a user. If yours has no blade play then lucky you.
    (Posted on )
  22. ExcellentReview by
    The blade easily takes a very sharp edge and the back-lock feels solid and reliable. Nothing much to say about 12c27; if you have a Mora, you know that it's a high quality stainless steel. There isn't a thumbstud and I don't see it as a problem. This is a classic folding knife; no thumbhole, no clip, like in the old days. Bubinga, although beautiful and really comfortable, might not feel as grippy as kraton.

    For ?24 I couldn't ask for more. Eka Swede 8 is a great bushcraft folding knife.

    Note: despite what some rumors floating on the internet might suggest,
    it is made in Sweden (I sent an email to Johny Kanaan, president of Eka).

    PS:, impeccable as usual.
    (Posted on )
  23. good buyReview by
    Uber delivery as usual.

    Knife is small, but with a nice thick blade and a reassuringly sturdy lock. Simple design, functional, sharp.
    Fits the hand well and has plenty of grip, both from the rubber handle and the blade jimping.

    I have a couple or mora's with 12c27 steel and have been pleased with its performance to date, I expect the same for this nifty little folder.
    For the price, how can you say anything bad about it?
    (Posted on )
  24. mrReview by
    This is a fantastic knife, only had it a week came razor sharp, has already done 5 rabbits and 4 pigeons brilliant value for money, and can tell its a solid knife that will last, and hh brill service. (Posted on )
  25. Great knife, particularily for the priceReview by
    A nice knife that has a crisp and stable locking and has the appearance of a knife costing much more. I feel that the rubber scales actually look nicer and of a higher quality in real life. Oh and also mine came blunt but I have heard the 12C27 is easy to sharpen and keeps an edge well.

    Ridiculously fast shipping as well, thanks Heinnies!
    (Posted on )
  26. Outstanding EDCReview by
    I have been carrying this blade every day since mid-December. I am very impressed. The lock-up is strong with a crisp, reassuring 'snap'; the scales are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally 'grippy'. The jimping is also very functional and not simply an afterthought as other manufacturers are guilty of. Fit and finish is nigh on perfect with only a slight gap between the spacer and the rear of the backlock bar; even after 4 months the blade is still centred with no adjustment necessary. There is a little side-to-side play when the blade is open but that has only developed in the last week or so after some very intense use. The blade is nicely ground out of a decent functional steel; featuring fair edge retention which, when dull, not much effort required to bring back a keen edge. I will be carrying and using this blade on a daily basis for the forseeable future. It is staggering that this is less than ú25 posted, it has the feel and value of a knife 3 or 4 times the price. (Posted on )
  27. Have had the…Review by
    Have had the Bubinga for a while and it is the perfect pocket knife for out in the field.
    Just ordered another in orange.

    This is a knife you must have!
    (Posted on )
  28. fantastic knifeReview by
    what a bargain! fantastic knife strong blade great feel in the hand. out the box great edc & not to big great value & will take some abuse. buy one! (Posted on )
  29. Ordered on the…Review by
    Ordered on the 22nd Feb arrived on 23rd Feb post free - fantastic service.

    The knife is all I wanted at a very competative price at less than ú25 including a carry all knife pouch.
    (Posted on )
  30. Superb!Review by
    Just bought this to compliment my F1 and I have to say I'm very, very impressed! The knife feels solid and of much higher quality than the price suggests. Mine wasn't 'scary' sharp out of the box but didn't take much time putting a decent edge on.
    I've had a Falky U2 previously which was great but, for the money, I prefer this little EKA. Brilliant value and I'm tempted to buy a spare (maybe in Bubinga)!
    (Posted on )
  31. Great little solid…Review by
    Great little solid knife, nice grippy handle and razor sharp out of the box. On par with knives costing much more. Buy one now! (Posted on )
  32. Absolutely stunning, I…Review by
    Absolutely stunning, I got the wood handle, and am very impressed, quality is outstanding and razor sharp steel. Finish is perfect, great size and feels good to use. Well recommended. (Posted on )
  33. solid, quality feel at a very reasonable priceReview by
    In agreement with Mike form Beds.

    Fantastic little knife for the price ? outstanding value. One of the sharpest knives I?ve handled straight from the box; lovely solid feel in thick, reassuringly heavy steel.

    Good sized, sturdy, practical blade with a nice grippy handle too, looks great in orange with a slightly softer matt finish than the pic (on mine at least).

    So impressed I may have to buy one of each!
    (Posted on )
  34. FantastisReview by
    What a fantastic, well made, heavy, very reasonably priced folder. Received it this morning and haven?t been able to put it down. There is no reason it could ever think of not to buy on (or more) of these knives?.. (Posted on )

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