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EKA Nordic W12

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Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

EKA Nordic W12

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EKA Nordic W12

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days



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EKA Nordic W12

EKA Nordic W12



EKA knives are known throughout the world for elegance, functional design and first-class materials. Each knife is subject to the most rigorous quality control. To work with an EKA-knife; feel the grip, the strength and the excellent sharpness, is something above the ordinary.

The EKA Nordic W12 Wood is built for just about anything: survival, adventure, hunting and wilderness living. Beefy 4 mm thick modified drop point blade with full tang construction, make it ideal for heavy duty use. Textured thumb grip on blade back for better control. Ergonomic checkered oiled wooden handles offer an optimum grip in adverse conditions, assembled with precision machine screws allowing user to disassemble for cleaning.

  • Textured thumb grip - Pronounced finger guard
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Lanyard hole for parachute cord
  • Field hammer pommel
  • Supplied with kydex belt sheath


Code EKA614321
Limited Edition: No
Brand: EKA
Blade Material: Swedish Sandvik
Blade Length (cm): 12.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.4
Overall Length (cm): 23.0
Blade Colour: Satin
Handle Material: Wood
Blade Finish: Satin
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Type: Plain
Sheath: Kydex with Firesteel and Lanyard
Product Weight (g): 238


  1. A really competent "survival" knifeReview by
    I have the orange handled version because I prefer G10. Its not excessively orange just a tad "oranger" than wood. A business like "survival" knife avoiding an excessively tactical appearance. The 4mm stock gives it a really solid and nicely weighted feel in the hand. Full tang with a small pommel. 12C27 won't suit everybody but I value its excellent corrosion resistance and ease of working. More about that in a moment. A simple kydex sheath which the knife clicks into thanks to the handle screw heads. First thing I did was to remove the pull through sharpener fire steel combo. Who wants a carbide pull-through? Well not me. Ex-factory the spine does draw a spark but not greatly because it is not that sharp. Well we know how to deal with that and 12C27 is easy worked. Done.

    I wouldn't say my sample was particularly sharp ex-factory and another sharpening issue became evident when I used my Lansky. The 25deg position wouldn't dress the bevel on one side. I can see the stock has a very slight twist. So it has been factory sharpened on an orthogonal datum but the Lansky sharpens on a stock datum. I'm still working away with the course hone. Getting better but not there yet. Maybe I need to invest in a diamond hone. The 12C27 is responding fine to the re-profiling progress.

    I'm more interested in bush-crafting than "survival" so mostly I favour and use a Mora Scandi grind but for more general purpose use the W12 is a great go to.
    (Posted on )
  2. Excellent knife, excellent value.Review by
    I bought one of these from HH a few months ago and have been waiting to use it before posting a review. In short, it is a lot of knife for the money. The built quality is excellent (I have the orange synthetic handle version), the steel is very good quality 12C27, the sheath is well made and provides a secure grip. Aside from the knife being great, the sheath has a very clever design allowing it to be clipped to a belt securely without removing the belt, and easily removed again.

    The only issues are very minor - the sheath needed a slight reshaping to allow the knife to be removed more easily, but that's personal preference; and the fire steel is mounted in the wrong place, but can be moved; and the fire steel is quite soft.

    All in all an excellent bit of gear,
    (Posted on )
  3. lovely toolReview by
    I really want to give this five stars but it came dull and took quite a bit of sharpening. Shouldn't have to do that with a knife of this price. It has been brilliant so far though. Comfortable and easy to use and holds its edge well, now my main bushcraft knife. The sheath is very good too although I removed the ferro rod and holder (just personal preference). Overall excellent. (Posted on )
  4. Quality and valueReview by
    If you need a reliable and practical general purpose outdoor knife, this will do the job. I am very impressed with the quality of the knife and sheath. Really well made, the knife has a superb decent blade with full tang construction. I went for wood because I like the look and feel. The sheath is excellent, practical and well designed. All in all an amazing knife for the price. There is even a firesteel and sharpener attached. (Removable) . All for under £100.00? Hard to beat. (Posted on )
  5. A superb knife for the serious bushcrafterReview by
    I have been lucky enough to have had one of these on loan to me for the past few months and as soon as I saw them for sale on Heinnie I jumped at the chance and bought one for myself.

    The build quality is superb overall with the blade being well balanced and tough enough to handle most tasks thrown at it. The wooden handle is genius in its design and manufacture.

    The drop point has been well contoured and shaped. The blade arrives very well sharpened ready for use.

    The kydex sheath is well produced. I have never been a fan of kydex but in this case it has been well thought out. The firesteel is fine and the field sharpener is of good quality although with a blade like this all you need to do is strop it regularly to maintain its edge.

    I think this knife will be serving me well for years to come. Top notch service from Heinnie as always.
    (Posted on )

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