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CRKT Woods Chogan T-Hawk

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CRKT Woods Chogan T-Hawk

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CRKT Woods Chogan T-Hawk

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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CRKT Woods Chogan T-Hawk

CRKT Woods Chogan T-Hawk



Build a nice log cabin fire. Heck, build a nice log cabin home.

The Woods Chogan is designed by Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical to make your life easy when you're off the grid. The design for this t-hawk evolved from the popular and original Chogan Tactical Tomahawk. The Woods Chogan is made from a solid chunk of 1055 carbon steel that is hot forged into a rock-solid head and features a hammer finish. The t-hawk has primary and secondary edge bevels that are flat ground to cut through timber like a beaver. A hammer head is useful for pounding in nails and tent stakes.

The thick wood handle is made in the USA from Tennessee hickory. It's comfortable in hand and sealed with a lacquer coat that adds durability when you're in the backcountry.

The Woods Chogan T-Hawk isn't your friend when you're busting your chops in the forest; it's your sidekick.

Sheath available separately.


Code CR2730
Limited Edition: No
Brand: CRKT
Overall Length (cm): 49.0
Blade Material: 1055 Carbon Steel
Blade Hardness (HRC): 50-55 HRC
Handle Material: Hickory
Sheath: No
Product Weight (g): 970
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video
GTIN: 00794023273007


  1. What a hawkReview by
    As with mostly everyone who reviewed this it comes dull but, I am over the moon with it. It is an excellent bush chaft hawk with a little TLC I can see it becoming a must not leave with out item for camping trips to excursions out into the woods, I love it. It packs away simply and easily then when needed ready to use in seconds (Posted on )
  2. Simple, superb. Review by
    Great hawk! Chunky enough to be used as a large hatchet, but small enough to have some great bushcraft applications.
    It did come blunt. Very, very blunt. But with a little elbow grease (sold separately) it took a fine edge.
    As mentioned in a few other reviews the shaft is a little on the slick side, but nothing a bit of sandpaper and some linseed oil wouldn't fix a treat.
    I'd highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for a nice, versatile camp tool.
    And once again HH smashed the service out of the ball park!
    (Posted on )
  3. Good hawk/axeReview by
    As usual fast delivery from HH!
    First impressions were good, far heavier than my coldsteel trail hawk and better finish on the head but not happy with the varnished handle , the temporary sheath did it's job until I could make a leather one. The worst thing was the cutting edge, very blunt with around 0.5 mm of flat edge, this isn't a problem for me to sharpen but it could be for some customers.
    After sharpening and making a leather mask I took it out for a day in the woods to put it through its paces .Various camp tasks were a breeze ,chopping, splitting and hammering stakes in the ground mainly but it was also fine at more delicate tasks . Splitting was the biggest surprise it was as good as a GB SFA.
    I will be sanding the varnish off the handle and oiling it as it was slippery to hold in the rain.
    If you like the look of a hawk but think they are more of a gimmick then think again this WORKS, just be prepared to sharpen it.
    (Posted on )
  4. Excellent design, excellent axe!Review by
    Excellently designed small axe, with a heavy head that doesn't jam like my Fiskars. Stripped the clear coat and lacquer of mine, hones up real nice.

    Hard to patina, so I guess better corrosion resistance than 1095 and also super easy to sharpen. Hickory and walnut oil looks great.

    Cover wise it comes with a rubber edge cover and a very useful thick plastics head cover so no need for the leather accessory (unless you really want it).

    Strips downs nicely for packing etc, perfect versatile axe!
    (Posted on )
  5. Excellent designReview by
    One very capable small axe, well designed heavy head stops it jamming like my Fiskars. Stripped the clear coat of mine and honed it up all round. Hard to patina so I guess good corrosion resistance... Walnut oil & hickory, love it. (Posted on )
  6. Much better this time!Review by
    The first hawk, mentioned below, had to go back, since it had or developed a crack from the mid of the bit and up! A real Monday specimen, that was. Not good for the QC at CRKT. HH arranged a UPS pick up at my doorstep – thumbs up.

    This new one is better in all aspects and I’m really looking forward to use it for some heavy work. It took an edge quite fast, with the Lansky Puck. Grain orientation is good, and I’m planning on stripping the handle and giving it some boiled linseed oil.
    (Posted on )
  7. Almost a project hawk...Review by
    Came about as sharp as a table spoon. Easily fixed and holds a good edge. I like the proportions and it feels good in hand. The shaft has nice straight grains, only they are oriented horizontal, nor vertical. They must be busy at CRKT, since they sent the hawk out, looking like a feather stick, from putting the head on. That was also easily fixed. I’m hoping the handle will hold up, since it can’t be fixed, only replaced.

    I did not get this, for it to be a wall decoration, so it will be put to proper use. Nor did I want a “project hawk” like the CS ones, but I really think they should do a better job finishing their products at CRKT.
    (Posted on )
  8. Very goodReview by
    Arrived after a little wait as out of stock but HH kept me updated.

    When arrived it was put straight to use brushing 30 8’ tall fir trees. Only needed sharpening the once an out of box was going through 2” thick branches with a half hearted swing.

    Thought the head was little small at first but have been proved wrong.
    Shaft is good and will be easy to replace if ever damaged.
    Nice balance.

    Only improvement? Maybe a little bit of chequering or a couple of leather bands shrunk onto the handle to improve grip as bit slippy when hands get sweaty.
    (Posted on )

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