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CRKT Mah-chete

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CRKT Mah-chete

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CRKT Mah-chete

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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CRKT Mah-chete

CRKT Mah-chete



A blade that's curved up to make brush go down hard.

Liong Mah was looking for a survival machete he could use in a variety of situations. So he designed one with a distinctive upswept overall shape. A walnut handle with lanyard holes allows for a forward carry that's secure—unlike the grass it'll encounter.

With designer Liong Mah designs, form follows function, and for this knife's namesake from Palm Bay, Florida, the Mah-chete™ is no exception. The Mah-chete™ is a survival machete that fits in your backpack, and is ready to tackle even the biggest reeds and grass, and every feature of this tool is focused on helping you conserve energy, for when you need it most.

Lanyard holes in the comfortable walnut handle allow for a secure forward carry, while the upswept overall shape maximizes cutting performance, and the hand ground carbon steel blade with hammer-forged finish is crafted to stay sharp. The Mah-chete™ comes equipped with a reinforced nylon sheath that has a drop down option so you can strap it to your leg. There's also extra paracord attached to the sheath for survival emergencies. Not that you'll be in them for long with this blade.

If you're searching for a machete that likes picking on grasses more than three times its size, the Mah-chete™ has your back in survival situations. 

Liong Mah is a designer working in New York City. He says, "As a kid my uncle would give me pocket knives and I would see what I could change to improve the design. My books would have knife drawings in them instead of school work. About ten years ago I started reading books on how to build folders.This helped me understand the anatomy of a folding knife. I learned how to use AutoCAD and that has really helped me to create my designs. I like to blend old styles with modern materials, to create a knife with that is safe, functional and beautiful. I prefer blade and handle materials that are low maintenance, because I know that most people do not want to have to oil and wipe down their blade each time they use it. Doing collaborations has helped me bring out my ideas. I have been very lucky to work with some of the best makers in the industry, including Allen Elishewitz, John W. Smith, Howard Viele, Edward Baca, Phil Boguszewski, Jeremy Marsh, Brad Southard and Keith Edick." 


Code CR3100
Limited Edition: No
Brand: CRKT
Designer: Liong Mah
Designer (Text): Liong Mah
Blade Material: 1075 Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 30.5
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.4
Overall Length (cm): 44.3
Blade Hardness (HRC): 50-55
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Type: Plain
Grind: Concave
Handle Material: Walnut
Sheath: Black Nylon
Product Weight (g): 545
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. A Nice Design That Was Badly Made Review by

    It's a big chunk of steel for the price.

    It's been more comfortable to wield than it originally looked like it would be.

    The sheath is okay.


    I don't know who put the grind on this thing, it must've been someone who's blind.  It was a total mess.  Deep scratches up both sides of the blade, a badly uneven grind, and I counted six massive flat spots along the length of the edge.  It was a disaster: I tried to slice a piece of paper with it, it bent the paper.  It didn't even rip it, it bent it.

    The quality control folks are equally to blame.  It was a massive mess, and that's the truth.


    Even though it started out badly, after a lot of work it did sharpen up pretty well.

    I've got to admit it, it's still good value for the money, so I'd still recommend it, if it's the type of blade you're looking for.

    Top job as always from the staff at Heinnie.

    (Posted on )
  2. UniqueReview by
    A very unique blade shape with an unusual grind make this a really nice large knife. The weight is low, yet it feels very strong and the point is superb.
    The design and excellent construction means it would be at home carving cooked meat, butchering game or cutting the wood to cook the meat. Equally good at relatively fine work or carrying out a serious war crime.
    I found nothing the MAHchete wasn't good at and a joy to use.
    (Posted on )
  3. What a beastReview by
    I received this knife in the usual speedy fashion and after getting the box home (didn't want to scare the office peoples) I got through the packaging (with the help of another sharp and shiny of course...) and hurried over to the ext room to show my wife "look what I got". Her reply summed this knife up immediately "What a beast".

    From tip to toe this blade is a single piece of very well finished steel, the surface is smooth and well machined which almost gives it a soft feeling as the only sharp edge is the one that matters. It came with a perfectly usable edge, albeit not quite as keen as I would normally have on a blade (that's just me, nothing against any production knife for that) but that can easily be remedied upon its first sharpening session.

    In hand it feels lighter than some much smaller fixed blade knives that I own due to the full tang and walnut handle slabs adding a bit of extra weight to the back end.

    The gentle curve and dropped edge means that the portion of the blade best used when chopping is presented to the work in a similar way to that seen with the kings of chopping knives, the Kukhri whilst still allowing for other tasks such as slicing splitting. I have no doubt that it could even be pressed into an adequate food preparation role if needed.

    The sheath is a tough, plastic sheet backed nylon which looks perfectly at home strapped to the side of any pack and is not short of a few mounting options given the large amount of hollow rivets down each side. The belt loop can be used in a couple of ways with the knife being placed high or low on the leg and a length of paracord is provided to enable the tip to be tied to the leg, preventing excessive movement when walking.

    The retention strap serves its purpose but does get in the way somewhat when drawing the knife out or putting it away. I can see this strap getting a few slices into it over time.

    All in, good knife, get one.
    (Posted on )

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