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CRKT Liong Mah #5 Heinnie® Edition

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CRKT Heinnie Mah Collaboration Red

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test 1CRKT Heinnie Mah Collaboration Redtest 2CRKT Liong Mah #5 Heinnie® Editiontest 3CRKT Heinnie Mah Collaboration Redtest 4 CRKT Heinnie Mah Collaboration Red
test 1CRKT Heinnie Mah Collaboration Redtest 2CRKT Liong Mah #5 Heinnie® Editiontest 3CRKT Heinnie Mah Collaboration Redtest 4 CRKT Heinnie Mah Collaboration Red
test 1CRKT Heinnie Mah Collaboration Redtest 2CRKT Liong Mah #5 Heinnie® Editiontest 3CRKT Heinnie Mah Collaboration Redtest 4 CRKT Heinnie Mah Collaboration Red
test 1CRKT Heinnie Mah Collaboration Redtest 2CRKT Liong Mah #5 Heinnie® Editiontest 3CRKT Heinnie Mah Collaboration Redtest 4 CRKT Heinnie Mah Collaboration Red
test 1CRKT Heinnie Mah Collaboration Redtest 2CRKT Liong Mah #5 Heinnie® Editiontest 3CRKT Heinnie Mah Collaboration Redtest 4 CRKT Heinnie Mah Collaboration Red
test 1CRKT Heinnie Mah Collaboration Redtest 2CRKT Liong Mah #5 Heinnie® Editiontest 3CRKT Heinnie Mah Collaboration Redtest 4 CRKT Heinnie Mah Collaboration Red

CRKT Liong Mah #5 Heinnie® Edition

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Please note that this item will be dispatched once in stock. We estimate that stock will be here in 4 – 6 Weeks


CRKT Liong Mah #5 Heinnie® Edition

CRKT Liong Mah #5 Heinnie® Edition



The CRKT Liong Mah Folder has achieved legendary status as a UK friendly to carry knife. Its simple slip joint mechanism and powerful build has seen it become one of the most popular EDC carry knives on the market. Heinnie Haynes® is proud to now offer this world beating folder in a limited edition form. Each one features the Heinnie logo on the reverse of the blade next to "LIONG MAH DESIGN" etched into the steel. This version has a "Heinnie®" red G10 handle.

Designer Liong Mah has a simple purity to his knife designs, which transcend old style qualities with modern technologies and materials. The 5 model features Mah's deep, hollow ground blade style that provides a stout cutting edge from tip to choil and finger guard. Broadly shaped G10 scales use finger grooves and surface profile to afford versatile grip even with its desirably small stature. You will find the slip joint locking mechanism a refreshing throwback in a contemporary design, and the fob/tether is a nicely added benefit.

Also available - the original 6520 in black is available here.


Code CR6520R
Limited Edition: No
Brand: CRKT
Designer (Text): Liong Mah
Blade Material: 8Cr14MoV Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.4
Closed Length (cm): 9.00
Overall Length (cm): 16.6
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Spear Point
Blade Finish: Satin
Grind: Hollow
Handle Material: G10
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
One Handed Opening: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 121
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Not afraid to use it ! Review by
    Just ordered my second one ! It is a beast of a folder ! I have many others in posher “super steels” (cpm90v etc) but keep coming back to this brute ! I love the open back design it just makes it so easy to clean ! Especially as this thing gets put to all uses. This trip it has been our bread knife ! Fishing knife and I’ve just gouged out a ton of candle wax to make the evening candle last longer. It is the ultimate folder ! Solid thing that does the job because it only costs £25 you are not afraid to abuse it ! Buy one before they are gone. The build quality is worth the £50 price tag of the black version! In the real world it takes an edge easily and comes close to my “super steel” knives. (Posted on )
  2. It is what it isReview by
    Bought the knife without reading the reviews just because I liked the look of it.

    The knife itself feels decently built (sharp edges here and there but not uncomfortable to use), blade was sharp out of the box and sharp enough to shave the back of my hand.

    Overall a decent UK friendly edc knife, if I lose it only £20 gone and happily buy another. Those expecting the world from this knife come back to reality... it's a cheap knife built by an okay brand that gets the job done and cheap enough to not have to stress about it breaking or being lost causing you to delay buying another as a replacement.
    (Posted on )
  3. Excellent company used multiple times best knife I own for price Review by
    Service is excellent I've made an account finally. This crkt folder is the best knife in class in the price range I own a must edc for UK (Posted on )
  4. Quality edc knife, great for all tasks so far. Review by
    I recently bought a MKM Fara and wanted something else that i didn’t have to worry over loosing. The #5 has had me on the fence for a while and after a 10% off for CRKT on the site I decided to buy it. Exceptional service by HH once again, ordered noon on a Friday and through the letterbox by noon on Saturday. The #5s blade is sharp out the box, nice grind and the blade seems nice n chunky. Slipjoint isn’t as strong as some of my other knifes but 90 indent and the finger notch provide peace of mind. All in all for the price I paid and it’s intended use as an everyday carry work knife I’m more than happy. (Posted on )
  5. Nice addition to my collectionReview by
    Been wanting one of these for a while, finally took the plunge, great knife. Sharp out of the box, like the guard that forms from part of the blade when open, should save fingers. Good service and delivery from HH. (Posted on )
  6. Not the best Knife Review by
    This knife is okay, the Slip joint I shocking I had this knife close on me twice narrowly slicing my fingers open. I got this to keep on my desk at work for odd bits as I carry a Spyderco Squeak normally.

    The knife is sharp out the box and has retained its edge well however I have no confidence in this knife as even light office tasks like opening mail can cause it to fold.

    Save your money and get a Spyderco

    (Posted on )
  7. Liong Mah 5 Review by
    Just arrived today, and i have to say i'm very impressed.
    A very nice looking knife, sharp otb smooth action & the fit and finish very good.
    Pocket clip is firm and sits deep in the pocket with two positions.
    With a little practice you can it open one handed.
    Overall i really like it certainly worth the asking price.

    Recommended !!!!!
    (Posted on )
  8. Your mileage may varyReview by
    I'd been thinking about buying one of these for several months, and now I own one I wish I'd been less doubtful, but it's a very personal decision. Lots of criticism has been directed at this model - some of it is accurate.

    I bought this as a less-intimidating alternative to my Byrd Tern, whose blade shape I love, but it does tend to draw a bit of nervous attention. HH service was impeccable as always. Arrived sharp enough out of the box - honed really well with 2-3 strokes on a ceramic rod.

    Do I love mine? Yes. Would I buy it again? Absolutely. Would I recommend it to everyone? Not necessarily.

    To address some of the negativity:

    "Isn't it heavy?" - well, it's heavier than my Opinel No.6, sure, but so is everything else I own. For a blade this size (which contains most of the weight) it's not noticeably overweight - roughly the same as my Kershaw Shuffle.

    "Aren't the handle scales super-sharp?" I mean, the corners did bother my baby-soft hands a bit out of the box, but I spent less than 1 minute with a small file (any hardened steel edge would do) and now they're lovely. See also the inside of the slot - less noticeable to me, but I had the file out, so I rounded it over a bit anyway.

    "Isn't it huge?" it's a fairly deep handle, but not very wide, and the shape lends itself well to in-pocket carry. If you have tiny pockets in your jeans, either be prepared for a bit of stick-out, or tuck it inside the waistband somewhere.

    "What about that goofy pocket-clip?" Well, I think it looks good on the knife (thanks Liong Mah) and it does its job really well. If I find it a bit pointy, I'll round off the corner with a bit of sanding - no problem.

    "Does the lanyard suck?" Not really - it's fairly utilitarian. I'm not usually a 'lanyard guy', but having the lanyard already made me see the utility of it. If I want 550 paracord I'll put some on.

    Will it safely open one-handed? Yes. Is it slow/awkward? Somewhat - if that's an issue, loosen the pivot, or practise. I found a little 'light machine oil' (a.k.a. baby oil) worked wonders for my pivot (smells nice, too!)

    "Does the grip contouring suck?" Not really - it is a bit more purposeful than I'm used to, but it's clearly designed to encourage safe positioning of the hand.

    "Doesn't it collapse on your thumb all the time?" Not if you put your thumb where you're clearly intended to - right over the pivot. If it does slip, you've got a nice big finger-choil to save you from a nasty accident. That said, it's an EDC double-detent friction-folder - if you want to cut down trees, get an axe/saw/etc...

    Is it aggressive-looking? Not in my opinion - but that's a subjective observation.

    YMMV is a good mantra for this knife - there are a lot of subjective factors. Overall, I'm happy with mine. It took me a couple of minutes of TLC to get it running really nicely, but straight out of the box it's a great slicer (passes the 'make me a sandwich' test very nicely).
    (Posted on )
  9. Awesome Review by
    Lovely knife. Super sharp out of the box.
    Nice safe feel to it. Such good value I’m tempted to stock up.

    Only one thing could be better; the handle could be slightly chamfered to help one hand opening. Still possible but not as easy as spyderco.
    (Posted on )
  10. Does the jobReview by
    Its all been said . You get what you pay for. Its like so close to being mega but when you get critical its no where near. Big problem is it wants to close so you've got to be real strong on your grip.
    (Posted on )
  11. Lovely larger EDC knifeReview by
    If you are looking for a good large EDC folder this knife is ideal. Sits nicely in the hand, opens with a good snap and very sharp out of the box. You do not need to spend more than this. (Posted on )
  12. Legal carryReview by
    Firstly HH service is exceptional. Couldn't recommend highly enough.
    Secondly. Just received my new CRKT Liong Mah knife. Ordered as I've been after a legal carry EDC.
    After handling this lovely folder, understand all the fuss. Sits in the hand nicely. Opens cleanly with a half catch at about 90 degree on opening. Nice and sharp. And this version is about half the price of the black version......
    What isn't to like!
    (Posted on )
  13. Great EDC KnifeReview by
    This was my second order with HH, the first being the excellent Boker Tech Tool. Both times the service has been excellent, even down to be able to talk to someone on Facebook messenger at 11:30pm! Delivery was also very quick, even using the cheapest option.

    Like many others have said, the knife comes with a decently sharp edge that can be cleaned up quickly on a fine stone to get hair popping quality.

    This knife has a large profile in the hand, so it may not suit all tastes - however I find the control with more scale reassuring. Some have said that the edges of the scales are a little sharp, but I didn’t really find this to be much of a problem in my use of it to open mail, cut packaging and zip ties and the like. I don’t think it would be suited to bushcraft because of the grip, but then a fixed blade is more appropriate in that setting anyway.

    The detent used in this design is brilliant, the knife can be opened easily with one hand using the ‘spydie flick’. This does mean that the blade isn’t held open with a great deal of force. This is overcome by the use of the oversized choil in front of the index finger groove, with a proper grip this knife cannot close on your fingers.

    My only negative point in this knife is the lanyard/tab. For the fraction of a penny it would cost, there is no excuse for it not being proper 550 paracord instead of a cheap nylon imitation.

    Overall it is an excellent choice for EDC.

    (Posted on )
  14. Great Knife and Exceptional ServiceReview by
    My order was shipped at 17:45 and arrived in Belfast by 12:40 the next day. Not sure how they do it but their delivery service puts almost every other company I've ever shopped with to shame. (I had only selected the most basic "Standard Delivery" option).

    I also contacted them both by phone and email regarding age verification and every member of staff I dealt with was extremely helpful and quick to respond.

    As for the knife - it is exactly as advertised and overall tremendously well made for the price-point. In terms of UK EDC, I think it's near impossible to find a knife of the same quality for less than £35, nevermind £25. Very much worth it.
    (Posted on )
  15. Works great...Review by
    I'm not the reasoning for it first stopping at 90 degrees open, but you can "throw" it open well and it's light and thin enough to clip onto a t-shirt collar.
    Opens very easily with one hand. Arrived sharp enough.
    Your index finger will prevent the blade closing on you fairly good while in use.
    (Posted on )
  16. Beautiful KnifeReview by
    Received today, used at work for a few hours and it's an absolutely beautiful blade to use.

    Nice and sharp out of the box, and will maintain that shape with my new blade medic sharpener. 100% would recommend. First time using HH and what a brilliant company!

    This is about as good as it gets for UK legal knives under £25-£30.
    (Posted on )
  17. Excellent buyReview by
    This is in my regular EDC rotation and a much used knife. Complys with all uk laws and looks great too. As with alot of my kit I like to give it my own twist so I removed the scales and RIT dyed them. This has given them a beautiful bergundy/brown look and the g10 lines compliment that perfectly. I have wound up with a much more beautiful knife than the black or red and for the cheaper price.
    Definate must for an collector or anyone in the market for a decent country edc. I dont reccomend for city cary as it does look more mennacing than it needs to for a standard EDC knife. Some police could easily take this one as unnecisary and confiscate
    (Posted on )
  18. All round good deal - highly recommendedReview by
    Purchased in Red - Heinnie Hayes Special Ed.:

    Blade is a bit heavy for my taste and daily use but came sensible sharp.

    Exactly as shown in online sales pics so no need or grounds for any complaint. Edge came quickly to 'full sharp' with only a very little effort.

    All round, this is is a great UK legal EDC. Given our (UK) restrictive laws this special edition knife is an excellent compromise.

    You need to decide why you are carrying a blade. I have no doubt this one will impress in an urban setting. Lots of steel on show. I have no interest in this area.

    For my work 'on farm' the very heavy blade construction is a little too much. My Svord Pheasant Mini does more work for less effort and lower cost. Not nearly as pretty how ever....

    Others have noted poor finish of scales. OK, the edges are a little abrupt but they must have soft hands if this was anything like a real problem!

    This knife must be a good solid 'highly recommended' in anyone's books. Got to love the Heinnie 'H' on this edition.

    Despite my slight moans, I will be adding a pristine one of these to my knife collection and handing out a couple more as Christmas presents.

    This is a very good knife. Just be certain what you want/need before deciding. In a working farm setting there are better choices IMHO.



    p-s really feel I must add, customer service with Heinnie Hayes is TRULY EXCEPTIONAL. Many many thanks.
    (Posted on )
  19. ExcellentReview by
    Been looking for weeks for a good, solid EDC UK legal pocket knife. Was originally, put off this by the colour as I prefer black for most things but there was no chance of paying almost double for a black one. I just liked the aesthetics of this knife to other brands and I have a non legal carry CRKT I am happy with so trusted the brand. I disregarded any reviews about handle comfort etc as these are personal to the individual but for an EDC it is almost perfect for me. If I go camping or to work I have better knives and I am not going to be carving or cutting leather everyday. This is for my pocket and to use for small everyday tasks on paper, cardboard, string and nylon etc. Pocket clip seems fine and have given it a brief sharpen. I would need to be pedantic to pick faults, especially for the price. (Posted on )
  20. Brilliant EDCReview by
    This is currently my most carried knife, absolutely brilliant knife. The pocket clip is perfectly placed and doesn’t tend to catch on things like other knives I have. The blade was nice and sharp out of the box and is a good size. Easy to open even using only one hand. The little lanyard that came attached is useful for retrieving it from your pocket. The red G10 makes it nice and easy to see as well as making it look less tactical. Over all great EDC, useful for opening packages, cutting rope, slicing fruit and general use. (Posted on )
  21. Cracking EDC !Review by
    Love this knife ! Shaving sharp OTB, wasn't too sure about the red scales at first, but they make it less intimidating in front of others, as does the blade shape, not too pointy. Now to address a couple of comments from others. Yes,the thumb groove is sharp, if it wasn't, the blade would be more difficult to open. And the lanyard..... if you want paracord, stop bleating and change it ! It's not rocket science ! The nylon works OK to pull it out of your pocket, so don't see the problem. Use this at work, opens parcels, cut parcel banding, cuts cable ties, strips cable........... I have other CRKT knives, mostly M16 Big Dogs ( deffo NOT EDC !! ) and you can see similar quality in this knife. My EDC for work. Blindingly fast delivery from HH as usual ! (Posted on )
  22. Perfect, sharp great quality (UK legal) knife at a great priceReview by
    Another amazing quality knife from CRKT, this time elevated with the Heinnie “H” and the red handle. Deep seated pocket clip with small black cord lanyard. Blade opens smoothly and will not fold back on your fingers when held correctly. Perfect for UK every day carry - just be mindful of when and where you carry knives and remain within the law. If CRKT added the “Carson fli*er” to this blade it would make it 6 out of 5 stars :)
    Usual superb Heinnie Haynes delivery and customer service!
    (Posted on )
  23. Lovely bita kit Review by
    This is the best value blade I have. Shaving sharp out of the box. Nice Heinnie coloured G10 (not forgetting the ‘H’ logo). Very cool. This arrived in less than 36 hours on standard delivery.

    Can’t fault it fellas absolutely crackin.

    (Posted on )
  24. great edcReview by
    shaving sharp out the box , really smooth action and uk friendly bargain (Posted on )
  25. WowReview by
    Finest UK carry knife available! (Posted on )
  26. Well worth the waitReview by
    I had this on back order for when new stocks came in. And soon as it was, with the usual great service from HH I had it next day. And can I say, it was worth the wait. I've got several UK legal EDCs but this one is now going to my first daily choice . It's so light, it sits in my hand so perfectly. And not a bad sharp out the box blade. Did CRKT mould my hand for this knife while I slept?? It feels like it. Sure, there's more expensive knives but this is worth every penny. Thanks again for the service (Posted on )
  27. Perfect Review by
    Ordered this knife yesterday morning and no more then 24 hours later it was here, i was going to leave it a few days before reviewing but have found myself using it for nearly everything today, it is exactly what i need in an EDC, two hand opening is my biggest gripe with most other non locking blades like a swiss army style knife, this knife has a lovely smooth one handed open, the blade was hair popping sharp right out the box and seems very robust. The knife is lightweight and easy to loose in your pocket or to carry in a belt hung pouch all in all I think this knife is the perfect UK legal EDC,

    Service from HH was fantastic
    (Posted on )
  28. My favourite Review by
    I collect knives and have around 50 . This knife has all the features I require in an Edc knife - robust sharp stainless blade- one handed opening and closing -easy to clean if it gets gummed up cutting parcel or duck tape - good not too stiff pocket clip - lanyard making it easy to pull out of your pocket- choil design so it can't close on your fingers
    It looks good to . Also really great value , highly recommended.
    (Posted on )
  29. perhaps a matter of tasteReview by
    Had this a few weeks now and like it a lot. Yes the detents don't give a terrific lock up, but any folder that doesn't lock needs to be treated with caution as I learned when I was about eight years old. I like the colour (to my slight suprise), it's less threatening to the public. The blade is thick and not suitable for fine slicing an onion - but let's face it no knife does everything, especially 'legal' edc.
    If you like the looks for the money it's great, sharp out of the box, the clip sits it low and you can take it off if you want same with the lanyard, easy one hand opening and closing. Did spend a minute with 240 grit oxide paper on the back edge of the scales, but at this price I'm delighted with this knife
    (Posted on )
  30. Great EDC knife & Great service from HHReview by
    Ordered this knife Wednesday afternoon and got it Thursday morning.
    Fantastic service.
    I really like this knife for UK legal EDC.
    It feels nice in the hand with a chunky body.
    The blade is a nice shape and sharp.
    Easy one handed opening.
    I like the red scales, a little less intimidating for people.
    Good deep carry clip.
    Good price considering the standard version is double the price.
    I'd get this again.
    (Posted on )
  31. Very SolidReview by
    I've been looking for a general purpose knife for a while, and this certainly looks like it fits the bill. I had to tie down some fencing recently due to storm damage, and this blade made short work of everything I needed it it to. Feels very comfortable in the hand and feels like it'll last a good long while. (Posted on )
  32. Sturdy little knifeReview by
    Fast excellent service from Heinnie Haynes!

    The knife seems good quality, fits my hands comfortably (XL glove size).

    Decently sharp out of the box, like the blade shape a lot.

    Quite happy with this
    (Posted on )
  33. good low price seems well made good bargainReview by
    very quick delivery..excellent price...knife has a good feel to it..for the price you cant beat it..hanging up my victorinox...see how this pans out (Posted on )
  34. Awesome and dangerousReview by
    A very sturdy knife and razor sharp out of the box. I cut my finger almost bone deep when the blade closed on my finger so remember to be careful when working with this.
    The blade lock could be better, but still I'm very happy with this little knife
    (Posted on )
  35. Great little pocket knifeReview by
    I saw the advert for this knife , I loved the blade shape from the off, and for under £25 decided to order one. The reviews are almost all positive, and having received my order the next day ( typically fast Heinnies service) . I opened the box and yep, it is simple a great little pocket knife. Very sharp out of the box, even sharper after a few runs over my strop leather, can be opened one handed , sits nicely in my pocket, and easily performs the tasks I use it for. I’m not a fan of pocket clips so took this off, I find it more comfy in the hand without the clip. Just personal preference!!
    I liked the knife enough that I ordered two more, and gave them as gifts to two of my friends and yes the knife gained 2 more fans.
    . It feels solidly made and should last well. I have other folders that cost up to 7x the price of this CRKT, they all have higher quality blade steel material, and handle scales and construction materials, and are lovely knives, but I am a little precious about most of them, as a result this little LM5 is likely to get more usage than them in every day light tasks , so pound for pound ,I think it is well worth the asking price!!
    (Posted on )
  36. Just what I was looking for.Review by
    Beautiful Knife. Had my eye on this one a few months back until I realised it was no longer available. Ended up buying CRKT Journeyer. The Journeyer was adequate, but I was disappointed with it for a few reasons. When I saw this available, I had to have one.

    It is a solid, robust knife. Not too heavy. The slip joint is smooth and easy to open one handed. The curve at the bottom of the blade ensures is it safe and wont close on you (the journeyer's was too slim). The handle is comfortable. The blade itself was razor out of the box. I just touched it a couple of times to give the burr that extra bite.

    What else is there to say? It is perfect for my use. It looks great, feels great and is a huge improvement on the Journeyer (even though is came first). Less menacing looking as well.

    Heinne as usual was brilliant. It arrived within 24 hours.

    Get it while you can.
    (Posted on )
  37. My New Favourite KnifeReview by
    This is just what I've been looking for. One handed opening, UK Legal Carry, robust design and not too threatening looking. As a bonus, it feels great in the hand. I got rid of the string myself, but I can see it being handy.

    Heinnie Haynes were fantastic as always, lightning fast delivery.
    (Posted on )
  38. Good UK friendly but not perfectReview by
    Firstly, love the limited edition heinnie knives, own a boker tech tool too

    Decent quality knife, excellent for the price. However, if I had the standard LM5, I would be disappointed at the price point.

    Blade steel and temper seem good. Holds a good sharp edge.

    Handle is not the most comfortable, bulky, edges could be more rounded and the slot we here the lock pin would be stored has a sharp corner. Would have been much better without the slot, as not supplied with the locking pin.

    Going to refine the handle with some wet an dry, but apart for that decent EDF at an exceptional price.

    Personally, I prefer the he in is boker tech tool, and if I had paid the £50 for the standard LM5 then it would get 3
    (Posted on )
  39. Why pay twice the price ?Review by
    I agree with the guys above on the design and manufacturing. And why pay twice as much for black ???? (Posted on )
  40. Wow.....but a poor EDC Review by
    I read all the reviews and at this price its worth a

    Build quality is excellent as is the fit and finish although I spent 20 minutes puttimg a radius on all the scake edges......much softer in the hand as a result.....

    Its balanced nicely and moves in the hand for differt grips easily.....

    But heres where i agree with David.....the design for an EDC is for me not great and of little use.....I’ll explin why.... this is just my personal opinion and preference.

    The blade is way too thick, combined with the grind means for any food prep your cleaving more than slicing,, but where that beefy blade would ordinarily excell the indent is so weak its not safe for heavy duty tasks. Simply the blade profile and indent are at odds with any normal user case. Lastly its heavy if you cant use it for heavy tasks.
    Over 40years of carrying just about everything I aways come back to the pefect UK EDC being lightweight, flat grind, brilliant steel and beautifully finished, think original Spyderco UK penkniife with S30V and G10

    To conclude; its worth every penny and then some, and if you like the Slyze Techno then your love this.
    (Posted on )
  41. Very Nice - Slip Joint is pleasantly smooth and easy - Shaving Sharp Review by
    Slip Joint is pleasantly smooth and easy - Shaving Sharp out of the box. Feels solid and well made - very good value at £25 (I think I would have been reasonably happy if I'd paid £50 for the standard edition). Not as nice as the Viper Dan - but 1/5th the price. (Posted on )
  42. Nice little EDC knife with only minor issuesReview by
    Generally this is a very good knife; it's sharp out of the box and the grind, fit and finish and metalwork is all well done.

    The only issues I have with it are that some of the edges are a bit sharp in the hand (the pocket clip especially); the detents are a little weak, so you need to maintain an appropriate hold as you use the knife; the "paracord" lanyard is actually just cheap nylon masquerading as genuine paracord. None of these issues are deal-breakers, but they're enough to knock it down from a five-star rating to a four.

    That said, the knife performs well and looks great. I would describe it as being a medium-duty all-rounder; it's got a reasonable level of strength, the blade is a useful and practical shape and the price is good (why it's so much cheaper than the black version I can't fathom, but I'm not that bothered).
    (Posted on )
  43. Top notchReview by
    Ordered 15:40 on Thursday and delivered 09:20 the following morning: impressive. I like this knife: solid construction feels good in the hand; sharp out of the box; red colour makes it difficult to lose; nice halfway stop in the folding action, clips neatly into my pocket leaving only the clip showing; no chance of folding the blade onto my fingers when used correctly. At this price, go get one. AAA Service from Heinnie Haynes. (Posted on )
  44. Super EDC Review by
    Had my eye on this knife for a few weeks before I ordered one as I'm starting to build quite a collection. So try to limit my buys to the ones I can't refuse after reading lots of online reviews and videos this CRKT was on its way to me. I really like this heinnie Haynes special edition, the Red carbon fibre G10 scales are so well crafted eye catching with a fine pattern and functional feeling good a true in hand. The blade is amazing strong and robust holding a well honed razor sharp edge. The steel is true and feels positive while cutting, cable ties, heavy strapping, packing, rope and food are a ease and the blade still produced a very fine feather stick. The finger chore is genius preventing any accidental blade closures on your fingers or slips onto blade, with the correct grip and thumb on the rear jimping it's a soild work knife all day. Also the grove on blade that assists in opening makes a excellent hold for fine work with the flat of handle in hand. The slip joint has a firm 90° stop and is not to aggressive when returning blade even one handed. The deep seat pocket clip is just that sitting securely and not pronounced of the pocket with the lanyard to aid retrieval. Can't go wrong with this Uk friendly carry top class service from heinnie as always. (Posted on )
  45. Excellent valueReview by
    Heinne Haynes do it again, , beautifully crafted knife ordered one day and arriving on my doorstep the next. Blade came out of the box hair shaving sharp , the slip joint is neither to stiff nor to loose and a perfect legal uk carry and all with nice grippy scales in stunning Heinne red. This blade is easily worth twice it's selling price , do yourself a favour and get one whilst they last. (Posted on )
  46. A great Christmas presentReview by
    My sister bought me this knife for Christmas. It's great, UK legal carry friendly and well made. Plus it's a bargain. (Posted on )
  47. Exceeded my expectationsReview by
    I wasn't sure what to expect with a "limited edition" knife but this one is great. Great fit and finish, sharp out of the box, the red colour is really nice.

    Can't complain at all.
    (Posted on )
  48. Almost PerfectReview by
    Love the design and price of this. For me there isn't really anything similar at £25.

    By that, I mean a pretty well made, one-hand opening, UK-friendly slip-joint.

    For me it's just a little bit hefty & flashy for an EDC. But, when I do carry it I really appreciate the OHO and weaker slip-joint (yes that's a pro IMO here), because it makes it effortless to use and doesn't feel unsafe because of the choil. It's incredibly practical in use, for a UK Friendly folder.

    In the end I still carry my Boker Tech Tool for EDC just because it's lighter and a lot less likely to draw attention... But other than that the CRKT is much more convenient to have on hand.

    (Posted on )
  49. Get oneReview by
    Go the 6 last year and was so happy top see tghis one again I got one. I agree with last chap not sure what floors David can see in it but mines perfcet, it doesn't pretend to be anything it aint so take it for what it is a EDC Uk friendly red slippy that juts simply works and works very well. Thanks HH for recommissioning this ever popular blade (Posted on )
  50. Just buy it already! Review by
    For a small UK friendly pocket knife its damn near perfect, its the right size, light weight, sturdy and has a nice blade shape and thickness.... I have no idea what the guy who says this knife is a 'fundamental fail' uses his knives for but he's using this one wrong because I've had 0 problems with this and feel its as safe as another pocket knife for the usual day to day cutting tasks. Its limited edition and unique and £20 cheaper than the original black scaled one.... Theres nothing to not like about this! (Posted on )
  51. Great valueReview by
    I bought this as a bit of a collector's item as I love the collaborations with HH. The knife looked great value and didn't disappoint. Nice box, safely delivered. I was worried this would be too small but the blade is very deep with nice solid slip joint, and safe finger grips with jimping. Feels nice in the hand, very safe. Love it. (Posted on )
  52. Just arrived todayReview by
    Love it just amazing.
    The finish is great the red is not a bright as I though so that is a good thing.
    The lanyard is rubbish so I redid that but if that is the only thing I can complain about the knife must be good.

    A UK carry open and close with one hand AMAZING
    (Posted on )
  53. Simply The Best BuyReview by
    Great quality, finished to a extremely high standard. My new favorite EDC..
    Simply the best buy of 2017...
    (Posted on )
  54. Excellent at twice the price !Review by
    Ive always loved the simplicity of the knife form for all the jobs you can use it for so I buy a fair few different ones each yr (especially unusual ones) to add to the collection , bought one of the black ones a couple of years ago and even though I’ve got quite a big old pile of knives now I still seem to always keep coming back to this one time after time ! For me it’s just got the lot , Shape is good , nice weight some times I’ll even forget it’s in my pocket , easy to open one handed , balance is spot on and it holds its edge realy well , so can’t fault it at all really .
    Would I recommend it ? Most definitely . Would I pay more for one ? Again a big yes .
    If your after a sweet little EDC then this is definitely the one for the job .
    (Posted on )
  55. Hennie bargainReview by
    Brilliant knife for the price! And love the colour (Posted on )
  56. Great uk legal Hennie specialReview by
    I've had the standard #6 as my edc for around 3 years and found it a great little knife. So when this came along at £25 i dam near fell of the chair.
    The standard black #5 is £47. At first i thought, oh dear someones gona get the sack for this. However it looks like the price is correct. I really dont know how you guys do it.
    So in closing if you havent already bought one, do it now. Your never going to find a better edc imo for just £25.
    (Posted on )
  57. Lovely Heinnie EditionReview by
    Ordered this as soon as I received the email about it as it will go perfectly with my existing Boker Plus Tech Tool 1 (HH edition). (Posted on )
  58. Well worth the discount price.Review by
    There are just two 'problems' with this knife that I can see. First the lockup is quite weak. It does not actually have a backspring like a traditional slipjoint, but seems to operate on some kind of detent. If it wasn't for the half stop it would feel more closer to a friction folder. Second the long groove in the blade for opening is quite sharp. A little time taken to smooth this would have made it a lot nicer.

    Because of the weak lockup I would never try to use this knife for anything heavy.....I just could not trust it. But if you want a light duty knife and like the styling then the discount price is very good indeed.

    Its comfortable to hold, seems well made with very good blade centering and was sharp out of the box.

    4 out of 5. Losing one point for the weak lock and sharp thumb groove..............Well worth the price though.

    (Posted on )
  59. Great little knifeReview by
    First of all what service ordered yesterday arrived today, brilliant ! I love this little knife although it’s not small by any means, it’s well made and the blade is sharp out of the box. It’s a great for all those EDC jobs and I don’t see a problem with the blade steel, It’s not a super steel but then it’s easy to sharpen and for the unbelievable price you just can’t go wrong. Just get one before there gone! (Posted on )
  60. Nicely differentReview by
    Been after another #5 since giving mine to my dad a while back. The edges of the G10 are a little sharper than my previous one but that'll be easily sorted through use. (Posted on )
  61. Not sure about the springReview by
    Lovely little knife - nice to use and very sharp - when comparing it with my Laskys and Boker the spring is very weak - as long as it is strong enough this not a problem as the others can be quite frightening with the strength of their springs

    Very well made and finished - I’m sure it will do the job for me
    (Posted on )
  62. Absolute bargain Review by
    I’ve wanted this knife for my uk collection for a long time but being discontinued I couldn’t find one.Until now couldn’t believe Heinnie have now got this wonderful special edition at such a bargain price the knife is everything I expected and more I absolutely love it if you want a good solid edc then this is the one for you and at this price you can’t go wrong (Posted on )
  63. Spot on again! Great knife at a great price.....Review by
    TARDIS fast delivery....I think HH must slip the delivery guys something in their coffee ;-)
    Good looking knife, feels nice in the hand. Blade is chunky in a good way - looks like it can take a decent amount of punishment.
    Love the HH branding, definitely worth the (not very much) money,
    (Posted on )
  64. Superb!Review by
    I've got the original with a aerated blade, and this looks even cooler! Love it. (Posted on )
  65. Bargain! Very nice UK legal knifeReview by
    I thought this was a pricing mistake at first as it is over £20 less than the black handled version and the blade is the same steel.
    This is a lovely looking knife and very well made and sturdy. It is easy to open with the large slot in the blade. Nice to have the option of having a lanyard as so many knives do not.
    Super speedy delivery as well. Thanks very much!
    (Posted on )

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Are these numbered limited editions like the boker tech tools were?
The edition is not numbered
HH answered on 12 February 2018
Hi Tanvir, no these are not numbered sorry
Heinnie Haynes answered on 13 February 2018

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