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Condor Kephart

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Condor Kephart

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Condor Kephart

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Available for Delivery



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Condor Kephart

Condor Kephart



You won't regret adding this knife to your pack. The Kaphart is a slimline bushcraft knife with a full tang construction and 1075 high carbon steel blade. It has a nicely shaped hardwood handle which will be comfortable even after long periods of use. Plus it is supplied with a good quality leather belt sheath.


Code CTK24745HC
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Condor
Blade Material: 1075 High Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 10.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.25
Overall Length (cm): 22.1
Handle Material: Wood
Sheath: Leather


  1. Superb general purpose camp knifeReview by
    Horace Kephart knew his stuff when he designed the Kephart knife, and this Condor, Joe Flowers interpretation of the design is an excellent knife. If I am working solely with with wood I usually pick up my Enzo Trapper with Scandi grind, but I personally think that a flat grind makes a better multi purpose knife which is where the condor Kephart excels. It carves wonderful feather sticks, is brilliant at skinning and processing game, and is very good for food prep. It has good edge retention, and although it is an old fashioned design, it has the most confortable handle of any of the knives I own. This knife has become the first knife I pick up for every day use. If I could only take one knife with me on a fishing or hunting trip this would be the knife I would choose, in combination with a small hatchet, though the knife does baton wood well within its blade limitation of 4 1/2 inches, the leather sheath is also of superb quality. (Posted on )
  2. No nonsense everday use knifeReview by
    People who don't like this knife say it looks to much like a kitchen knife. Maybe it does, but it's a damn good kitchen knife. I put a sharper edge bevel on it and sharpened the spine, and it works like a dream. It's easy to keep sharp with some stropping. The blade shape is great for food processing. The thin blade slices better than thick bushcraft knives, and it's surprisingly good at carving wood for a non-scandi-grind. It's also smaller and lighter, and carries comfortably on a belt for a long time. If you don't intend to pound it through pieces of wood it's a great knife for kitchen, garden or the woods (paired with an axe or tomahawk). Easily my most used Condor knife. I have a Condor Bushlore, which is great, and works well, but it doesn't inspire me in the same way as this seemingly plain, but useful knife does.

    The only con besides the edge bevel is the fact that it doesn't fit the sheath. No retention at all. Sheath is the usual Condor quality, it just doesn't hold it as well as the Bushlore or Hudson Bay.
    (Posted on )
  3. Excellent serviceReview by
    I like old traditional knives and tools,and this knife fits the bill ,once I had stripped off the paint on the blade! And then aged it with lemon juice, my wife thinks I am nuts, anyway this arrived promptly and sharp, great in the kitchen and camping and fishing which is what it was designed for , nice one for the collection, thanks to condor and HH (Posted on )
  4. pretty goodReview by
    Not bad, handle is quite narrow and more angular than pictured. Edge was atrocious out of the box with scruffy marks and snags, however it sharpens well and is fantastically sharp with a bit of work. As a traditional knife its good, and once sharpened properly is an excellent all purpose blade, it carves cuts and battons well enough. The sheath is superb. It really is only the handle that lets it down but it does follow a traditional design closely and so thats how it is. Good for delicate knife control though but heavy work found the handle twisting in the palm of the hand a bit.
    I'm glad i own it though, and enjoy using it.
    (Posted on )
  5. simple bladeReview by
    Simple and very likeable knife with wooden handle which feels good in the hand and is not fancy. (understated elegance perhaps?) Very tough leather sheath.
    Blade needed sharpening but takes an edge well.
    I have used it for carving and it works well on various jobs around the garden and keeps its edge for a good while.
    Not afraid to use this as it was not expensive but traditionally shaped blade obviously designed to be versatile and to work hard.

    (Posted on )

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