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Condor Golok Machete

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Condor Golok Machete

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Condor Golok Machete

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

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Condor Golok Machete

Condor Golok Machete



The Condor Golok is an Indonesian design that encompasses a thick full tang blade with a pronounced taper. The result is an outstanding combination of cutting power which will soon prepare your camp site or trail. The Golok machete is heavy duty yet well balanced. The classic blade has the chopping power of an axe with the versatility of a machete.


Code CTK41014HCS
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Condor
Blade Material: 1075 High Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 36.9
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.6
Overall Length (cm): 53.3
Handle Material: Wood


  1. OOPSReview by
    My earlier review regarding Golok and Waxoyl I forgot to mention I pre-treated the Handle to a double layer of Boiled Linseed. The Waxoyl is for the Superb Steel. (Posted on )
  2. Needs respect.Review by
    Bought one of these from Heine. First Impressions? A serious bit of kit. First job, Wipe it with Waxoyl. Take it back and play a bit. Green branch 2" thick and have a hack. Weight is forward and choppy. Going to need to practice. Wiped with Waxoyl and inspected, Not a mark on it. Diamond superfine (1200) Sharpener ordered. This will last a lifetime with a bit of TLC. (Posted on )
  3. Very impressed!!Review by
    Looks great, well made quality machete. The golok is so sharp straight out of the box and feels good in the hand. Comes with a good quality sheath that fits tight. I am very impressed and just need the jungle to give it a good run out. HH are just awesome with a great site, good prices and outstanding delivery. I have used them several times and they are brilliant. (Posted on )
  4. Nice blade miffed at sheath thoughReview by
    I'm gonna keep this one short and sweet.
    The golok is a fine tool, well made, great for packing out in the wilderness.
    Heinnie did sell just the golok with no sheath at a reasonable £30-£35 and now for some reason [HH says - Condor changed the specificatio, sorry, not alot we can do about that] you have no option but to buy the sheath with it when the sheath isn't worth squat.
    It's poor fitting to the golok and slop's on your belt...really naff bit of leatherwork and not worth having to be honest...

    3 stars for the set as the sheath is not much cop...
    Shame as the golok is a prime tool...
    (Posted on )
  5. Great piece of kitReview by
    All knives, etc' are a compromise, but if you want a well balanced workhorse this will do the job, one slight personal gripe is the sheath is too large, I would have preffered something a little less bulky and easier to tie to my webbing (Posted on )
  6. Fantastic!!Review by
    Lovely, thick and well made piece of kit. I was looking for a machete in between 12" and 18" and this fits the bill perfectly. Comfy in hand and sharp out of the box. Handle was a little dry so oiled right away which makes it look even better.
    Comes with a sheath which I never realised, so had to send 2nd one I'd bought back. Saved myself ú20 so no biggy!

    HH speedy as ever in posting!
    (Posted on )
  7. Curious bladeReview by
    I gave this a 2 rating because although the steel is good, the angle of the edge is very shallow like an axe so it doesn't penetrate very deeply into wood and takes 3 or 4 cuts to chop through a branch as thick as my arm, whereas my Tramontina or Ontario would take 1 or 2 cuts. It is also unbalanced with a heavy handle. If you are looking for a small machete I would recommend the 15inch (blade) Tramontina which is readily available and is excellent steel. I do a fair bit of path clearance and I mainly use Tramontina and Ontario. (Posted on )
  8. Beautiful BeastReview by
    Beautiful to look at and equally beautiful to hold, this is a quality product at a quality price. The Heinnie Haynes service and delivery really is second to none. (Posted on )
  9. Full Tang BolokReview by
    Just received this Machete from H.H. This is the newer FULL TANG version not the one in the photo. Great feel and excellent balance.

    Leather sheath is superb quality.

    Overall 5/5 !

    Great super fast service from H.H. too.
    (Posted on )
  10. awesomeReview by
    Bought this in 2011 what a great machete. HH is a only 4 miles from me so it's great, also I got the full tang model (the one in the picture is not) so I was well happy, make sure its full tang. Also bought the great leather sheath aswell. Thanks HH. (Posted on )
  11. Well madeReview by
    Very thick blade with good distal taper to point gives a well balanced feel when handled. Handle lovely to grip with good area to hold for someone with big hands like myself. If you need a decent machete at an economical price then look no further than this one. (Posted on )
  12. Better than expectedReview by
    Ordered this item late monday night, delivered first post Wednesday, I don't know who you're bribing at Royal Mail, but they're worth every penny, cheers Heinnie. As to the machete, it's just plain awesome, from the design of the handle through to the weight and balance of the blade. I gave it a quick try out in the garden and would still be there had my wife not rushed out to save the shrubbery. Great piece of kit. (Posted on )
  13. Golok plus sheathReview by
    After watching on Youtube the cutting performance of the Condor Golok; I wanted to buy one but no sheath put me off.
    Now Heinnies have both so I have bought the Golok plus shealth.
    This new Golok is the full tang version.
    The shealth is well made and fit the Golok securely.
    It comes sharp ready for chopping.Did the paper cutting test on it.
    Next into the back garden to do chopping.
    No problems chopping no twisting or bending like thinner blades.
    I have many cutting machetes from other brands but if you have to buy one then buy the Condor Golok.
    (Posted on )
  14. Best value GolokReview by
    I have been looking to buy a decent machete. I loved the look of this and seen good reviews on Youtube.

    Treated the handle with linseed. Lovely.

    Well balanced. Excellent for a short machete.Good quality.

    Shame that the sheath is never available on Heinnie - bought one from USA.
    (Posted on )
  15. BazookaReview by
    If you are in a "2012" situation you will be happy to have this golok by your side.

    It came pretty sharp but a few minutes of stropping brought it to shaving sharp. Cuts hardwood like its no business. Needs some mods to be useful for smaller tasks but overall a great bushcraft/camping companion. 4/5 because the blade was bent at an angle from the handle, havent been able to fix that yet...the blade has a very high tensile strength.
    (Posted on )

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