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Condor Bushlore

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Condor Bushlore

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test 1Condor Bushloretest 2Condor Bushloretest 3Condor Bushloretest 4 Condor Bushlore
test 1Condor Bushloretest 2Condor Bushloretest 3Condor Bushloretest 4 Condor Bushlore
test 1Condor Bushloretest 2Condor Bushloretest 3Condor Bushloretest 4 Condor Bushlore
test 1Condor Bushloretest 2Condor Bushloretest 3Condor Bushloretest 4 Condor Bushlore

Condor Bushlore

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Out Of Stock

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Condor Bushlore

Condor Bushlore



The Condor Bushlore is one of our top selling outdoor knives. It is a superior camp knife which has been crafted with hard-use in mind. The 1075 Carbon Steel blade is a great steel, and when you couple the steel with the Scandi grind you get one very strong and effective cutting tool. The blade length is pretty much perfect for all your bushcraft and outdoor needs, not too long that it’s a burden, not too short that it can’t perform heavy duty tasks. The fact that it is full tang is also a great asset!

The handle on this version of the Condor Bushlore is hard wood. This gives the knife a nice weight balance and grip. The swell of the handle is shaped almost perfectly for the average sized hand, with a sizable finger choil as a good safety feature. To top this off the handle is also fitted with brass pins, which look really smart!

The Condor Bushlore also comes complete with a sturdy brown leather sheath which is perfectly sized to fit the knife. It also has a good sized belt loop meaning it can be used with pretty much any width belt.


Code CTK23243HC
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Condor
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 10.7
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Overall Length (cm): 24.1
Handle Material: Wood
Blade Shape: Spear Point
Blade Type: Plain
Grind: Scandi
Sheath: Leather
Product Weight (g): 173
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Mid price Knife with a high end sheathReview by
    This Knife feels good in hand, the weight & balance is very good.
    The grip is very comfortable with even a larger hand there is plenty of room for all your digits.
    HH awesome costumer service, as always
    (Posted on )
  2. Excellent all roundReview by
    Perfect service from this company. The knife arrived within 24 hours of ordering.
    The knife itself is razor sharp straight from the box. It feels well made and solid. But not too heavy. The handle is good quality and nicely shaped for my hand. The knife feels well balanced when I hold it and I feel quite confident of it’s construction and build quality. I’ve used it a few times for splitting wood for feather sticks and my wood stove and it went through the wood with ease and made a straight split. I am more than happy to recommend it. The sheath is very well made and robust too. No issues at all, or regrets about buying it.
    (Posted on )
  3. Best brother ever little brotherReview by
    My brother bought this for me about four years ago and I still grin every time I use it . The knife sings when cutting wood and it glides through meat and fish . Definitely not the most expensive and you need to do some work looking after it but well worth the effort and time. (Posted on )
  4. Typically (good !) Condor KnifeReview by
    A good, no nonsense product, which seems typical of the Condors I now own.
    Takes, and keeps a good edge, just beware that it is a carbon steel, so moisture can be an enemy.
    To my way of thinking, the Condors seem to fill the middle ground between some excellent "budget" knives, I'm specifically thinking Mora here, and the more expensive flavours.
    At the risk of giving my age away, they remind me very much of "Eastern block" engineering, perhaps not the prettiest around, but really feeling massively "over engineered" and inspiring confidence when put to hard work - same applies to the very substantial sheath too.
    Service from HH is the standard which I judge all others by now, and most are found wanting !
    (Posted on )
  5. Amazing knife! would 100% recommend!Review by
    Great knife, came shaving sharp! no quality faults. Amazing knife for the price! Mine came with a perfect scandi grind! (Posted on )
  6. Great looks performs admirablyReview by
    I purchased this knife a while ago, as a spur of the moment purchase as I could see these going up in price exponentially. My initial thoughts were that this is the perfect knife, however like many have stated the 1075 steel rusts very readily.

    Like most I realised this when I pulled the knife out of its sheath and found that the hair shaving edge was dulled by rust. So like most again, I resharpened the edge to remove the pitting, and I have again a very unusable lovely knife. I used vasoline on the inside of the sheath to prevent any further rusting.

    That aside there is something magical about this knife, it performs beautifully and if you want to strike a fire rod, I advise put in a 90° angle on the back of the spine, as out-of-the-box it will not strike a rod. Unlike some of my blades, this one I feel more inclined to picking up and taking out for a hard days use, for that alone it is worth the money.

    Recommended, if you can afford, but remember that this knife is not the bargain it once was, so think about the other types of bushcraft knives which are available, before you take plunge on this one.

    As for the distributor, I can recommend only Heinnie for their precognitive service(they know I want to purchase a knife before I do!!!) and their exceptional after sales service.
    (Posted on )
  7. Great blade for the price Review by
    This knife reallt impressed for the price its strong and light holds a great edge and has quite a chunky handle which i personally prefer. The only thing preventing this from getting 5 stars is the sheath as with most knives there is no left handed option. Come on manufacturers start recognising the lefties. (Posted on )
  8. Can 80 people be wrongReview by
    Absolute quality bushcrfating blade, as long as you know what your getting there wont be any problems, its high carbon so will rust so keep dry and oiled (olive is best imo) keeping knife in a damp envirnment without oiled is asking for trouble. Its best to know and repsect and learn about your tools first before using them its not the tools fault it cant look after istelf. A* blade and service from HH (Posted on )
  9. PoorReview by
    Within one day of opening it leaving it in the sheath over night the next morning I went to a friend and it was starting to go rusty.
    Honest opinion it might be a good price but you will be constantly wondering each time you take it out the sheath I wonder what colour the blade will be.

    Avoid !
    (Posted on )
  10. Worth Every PennyReview by
    Excellent knife and Sheath, a bigger handle than you might think, will fit a large hand very comfortably. Speedy delivery and well packaged (Posted on )
  11. Very goodReview by
    Flawless out of the box and a year after, I can say only "minus excellent", Why not excelent? Because the steel is little soft, the edge can be bended a little if used hard, But not dammaged! Repeared in seconds with a back of the swiss-knife. And thats all negative about it. Fantastic for wood carving, cuts, splits, build a shelter, cuts mushroms,... I'm wearing it as neck-knife for a day or weekend hikes, but more often as a tool for spoons carving. Carbon steel, wood, brass and leather...traditional, romantic, not high-tech as RealSteel Bushcraft II. Keeps razor sharp with sharpening steel and leather strop. Works every weekend.. My favorite! Higly recommended. (Posted on )
  12. I must have got a bad oneReview by
    God knows what I did with my fieldcrafter but I can't find it anywhere, so it needed replacing. Having heard all the glowing reviews, about the Bushlore , I decided to buy one. Needless to say the service from HH was first class,....pity I can't say the same about the knife. Out of the box, the handle felt rough in places and I could clearly see a mini bevel on the Scandi grind. I toyed with the idea of sending it back for another, but knew I would hand finish the knife anyway, so off to the workbench with it. The blade was reasonably sharp, but it did not cut paper very well and would not take hairs off the forearm. I started with the handle and used some 180 and 320 grit paper and soon had the handle as smooth as glass and a shape more suited to my hand. I palmed some gunstock oil into the scales which made the grain pop and sealed it beautifully. Next was to sort the blade. Mine had a 3mm ricasso, which I thought they had done away with. I used magic marker to colour in the scandi grind and started on a 800 grit whetstone. After a few strokes on either side and looking at the marker pen, you could see the scandi grind was all over the place and the grind at the ricasso had been hollow ground. I was really beginning to suspect after all the glowing reviews, that I had got a 'Friday afternoon special' and this one had slipped through quality control. Working through a number of grits down to a 6000, I had a true scandi grind (apart from 4mm in front of the ricasso) after a good stropping session, the blade would now pop hairs from your arm and fall through paper. i was suppose to have gone deer stalking early afternoon, but had to cancel. I told my shoot partner that if he bagged one, would he call me as I had a new knife to test. A few hours later I had a call that he had dropped a stag with a broken leg. He was only a ten minute drive away and I was soon christening the knife as I used it to field dress the deer. The blade cut well and was easy to steer. I was impressed how delicate you could be when working around organs , but also how hefty it was when taking the legs off. The blade never dulled and held its edge, but I did tickle it on the strop after cleaning. I am thoroughly impressed with the sheath, which is of superb quality and you would normally find with a much more expensive knife. I actually found it hard to justify the 3 stars I gave the knife, as out of the box quality was very poor, but as I said I'm convinced I got a bad one. As the knife stands now, I would give it five stars, but it did take some major fettling to get it right. I'm half tempted to buy another just to see if it's as bad as the one I got. At the end of the day you can't ignore the price and I now have a knife that looks and behaves like a blade costing over 3 times the initial outlay. (Posted on )
  13. An excellent outdoor knife...Review by
    I am fortunate to own more than a few decent knives, many of which cost a great deal more than this Condor, and yet, this is by far my favourite knife. Sure it doesn't have all the bells and whistles, it's not made from some supersteel and its finish is not up there with the best ; nevertheless there is a certain honest charm to this knife. It is plenty tough, has an excellent blade shape for bushcraft/campcraft etc and is made to a perfectly adequate standard for hard outdoor use. Any quibbles for me are purely cosmetic (there are a few machining marks in the steel, the handle isn't perfectly matched etc) but this just serves to give the knife a bit of character. I have found when heading out on woodland trips that this is the knife I always take now. I have trust that it won't let me down, and if the worst should happen and I break or lose the knife I won't be too upset. All in all, it's a solid working tool... if you are in the market for a bushcraft knife on a budget and fancy something more substantial and organic feeling than a Mora (not knocking them by the way, they are excellent in their own right) then this is the knife for you. In fact I would even recommend that folks in the market for a high end bushcraft knife consider this too...and spend the money saved on something else shiny from Heinnie! (Posted on )
  14. Very impressedReview by
    I couldn't be happier with this knife! Has a very nice plain finish. Comes razor sharp out the box! Well worth the money. Just keep in mind being carbon steel it will take some maintenance to avoid rust so that is worth considering before purchasing this knife.

    Yet again Heinnie Haynes provided some of the best service I have ever received from an online supplier. This is the 6th knife I have bought from them and the only people i will ever by knifes from.
    (Posted on )
  15. niceReview by
    for the money this knife is excellent.the handle is large enough for large hands and comfortable for smaller is more than capable around camp.from fires,food prep and general camp tasks.the sheath is well made. with good stitch work backed upped by solid rivets.the belt loop is large at 2 1/4 inches or 60mm .over all a good knife perfect for the beginner or the seasoned outdoors man.thanks chaps as always excellent (Posted on )
  16. Condor bushlore - Excellent value Review by
    Great knife for the price, I have a lot of blades and this is my go to option more often than not. Edge needed a little work out of the box but is shaving sharp now.

    Would defiantly recommend this knife to anybody.
    (Posted on )
  17. An Astonishing Blade for the Price, Matched By A Consistently Excellent Service From The Heinnie Haynes TeamReview by
    The Heinnie Haynes Team as most of us already know are a great bunch of people who excel in providing an outstanding quality of service . I have worked within the courier and freight business for the last thirty years and HH must manage their shipping providers exceptionally well as I have never noted a delivery service that comes close to the highly recognised delivery service which HH ensures.

    Now on to the Condor Bushlore itself: I had been looking for a knife that fit blade requirements for bushcraft whilst having versatility for general purpose, This is the knife: priced well to use as functioning cutlery in the field rather than set behind glass for collectors only, fits well in the hand and will not fail providing as with all high carbon blades it is cleaned and oiled following prolonged use. Yes the blade on occasion may come out of the box a little dull but getting a blade to a personal preference is all a part of it. Another Excellent Knife made by Condor & fulfilled by Heinnie Haynes. I do not know of a bushcraft orientated knife anywhere near 50GBP which betters the Bushlore .
    (Posted on )
  18. Better than it looksReview by
    Cracking bushcraft knife. Ugly as sin, but certainly does what it says on the tin. Well made, sturdy and should last a while. Quite sharp OOTB. Good with a firesteel, gives massive showers of sparks due to carbon steel blade The sheath is probably the bes thing about it. I bought it to use and abuse it. The reviews and the price speak for themselves. Need a no-nonsense bushcraft knife? Get one of these!
    (Posted on )
  19. Excellent knifeReview by
    Condor make good no frills blades and this is one of their best - very comfortable hardwood handle scales, very sharp scandi grind, for the price I have only praise for the knife. It may not have the "cachet" of the Woodlore original but it is certainly good enough to use for any bushcraft task. HH service exemplary as usual. (Posted on )
  20. Excellent knife and service from HHReview by
    The knife came well packaged from HH in just a few days from GB to Slovenia. The blade is razor sharp out of the box. The scales are made out of brown wood. The sheath is made out of thick brown leather with new logo of Condor. Overall fit and finish is on the level of more expensive knife. Obviously the quality of the production and quality control are improved to high level. Hope the knife will lasts without mechanical failure . (Posted on )
  21. Excellent knife and service from HHReview by
    The knife came by post in excellent package, few days after the order. Fantastic value for money. It is razor sharp out of the box. No (visible) flaws in workmanship or finish.Just passed it few times on my leather strop and the blade was equally sharp on its full length. The sheath is made out of thick brown leather which makes god pair with brown scales. Also no visible flaws on the sheath. Engineering and workmanship is on the level of many times expensive knifes. Hope it will last. (Posted on )
  22. dont believe what people sayReview by
    ordered friday afternoon and received saturday morning but did not pay extra for next day shipping... amazing!!!
    knife came well packaged, in the box we have all seen on youtube.
    as we all know, condor altered this knife in 2011, moving from 5mm thick to 3mm, i have heard the previous model described as a crowbar, handle scales were smooth, because i had heard bad things i bought sandpaper to smooth them down which after finishing with linseed oil gave a perfect finish.
    i personally don't like the satin/bead blast finish, would prefer to see metal but thats me.
    DID NEED SHARPENING, seemed inconsistently sharp out the box with the tip being much sharper the near the handle. hopefully when i get a 6k grit stone i will be able to get a mirror finish.
    in short... buy this knife. awesome service from this company that i will be using in the near future, the knife is an essential piece of kit that everyone must have
    (Posted on )
  23. Amazing value for moneyReview by
    Well , first off I ordered this knife on the 28/10/14 at 11AM, I received the knife 9AM 29/10/14!!!!
    The knife has no defaults on it nor the sheath, the edge was ground perfectly and the sheath is worth £40 on its own, quality of the leather is ace!
    The knife arrived sharp enough to replace my Gillette Fusion.
    The handles fit in my size large hand very well and has a great palm swell.
    I spent a long time, searching for a good all-round bush crafty type do most things smallish knife, if I paid £100 for this knife I would still give it 5 stars
    (Posted on )
  24. Excellent Bushcraft toolReview by
    I still can't believe that this knife costs £35. It is perfectly balanced, razor sharp and the handle has been really well finished. Plus the sheath is the quality of a more expensive kinfe.
    Hennies service is outstanding ,I ordered it yesterday afternoon and it arrived this morning . My advice is if you are thinkng about getting one don't waste time thinking. Just order one.
    (Posted on )
  25. My Favorite knifeReview by
    This is the knife I use most it's the one I reach for when I need a knife. It's low priced, strong, sharp, easy to look after and I don't have to worry about damaging an expensive knife. My only problem is my other knives, I just don't need them. There are better knives but I love this one. (Posted on )
  26. Highly RecommendedReview by
    Having read many reviews on the Condor Bushlore I knew that the knife had been improved since being introduced, however I was still slightly concerned as to what the example I received would be like.
    Well, I need not have had any concerns.
    The knife arrived literally shaving sharp with perfect even grind.
    The hardwood handles were smooth & contoured & the pins & lanyard ferrule were perfectly smooth to the surface. An extremely comfortable grip & the fit & finish is equal to knives 10 times the price.
    The sheath is really good for the price made of thick well stiched leather.
    I couldn't be more happy with this purchase & would certainly recommend it to anyone.
    In line with Heinnie's excellent service I received the package 2 days after ordering & that was with the standard shipping. 5 stars all round.
    (Posted on )
  27. Great knife, Great priceReview by
    I recently purchased the Condor Bushlore for use and abuse whilst wild camping, and for general camp activities. Took it to Devon with me last week along with my trusty Mora Companion and my newly purchased Cold Steel Finn Bear.

    Out of the box it was sharp enough to be put straight to work, however a few minutes on the stone got it sharp enough to shave my arm with. Unlike a lot of these reviews, my Condor came in perfect condition, with no imperfections as far as I could tell.

    Whilst in Devon I cut down several saplings and branches with ease, the proceeded to use the Bushlore to craft a nice homemade ashtray with my harvested wood :) The blade didn't hold a good edge for very long, but it is very easy to sharpen, and it is a very easy knife to work with, even for delicate bits of whittling. It is very comfortable in the hand and has great balance and weight.

    My only issue with the knife is that the oiled handle soon became a not-very-oiled handle, and has become quite rough to the touch after only a week of heavy use. I'm going to have to rub some oil into the handle again as soon as I get the chance.

    HH service was impeccable, ordered on the Saturday, received on Wednesday! even though one of the knives I ordered was supposedly out of stock and I would have to wait 21 days for delivery....
    (Posted on )
  28. Good. Review by
    This is a great knife received today. Reasonably weighty, enough for it to be classed as sturdy and robust, which it is. Came sharp enough to cut paper if pulled tight enough, not quite sharp enough to cut my arm hair so I will need to give it few licks of the strop/belt. The only issue was that I thought the sheath was a little too tight for the knifes handle. It takes a little tugging to pull it out again. I'm sure it will loosen up over a few days or so of putting it in and out during use.

    All in all well worth the money. I hope my mum doesn't shout at me for buying a knife without her permission. I am 21 now so I don't have to listen to her advice anymore hahaha.
    (Posted on )
  29. Great Bushcraft KnifeReview by
    First off HH service was vey good, Top class..

    The Bushlore Knife surprised me, I was unsure if I should order as it seemed too cheap for a 'proper' bushcraft knife!
    However, it is a great piece of kit, nice razor sharp blade, great wooden handle and really good robust feel. Good quality all round, feels great in the hand and fits snug in the leather sheath which is also great quality.

    Definitely recommend..
    (Posted on )
  30. Fantastic!Review by
    Owned mostly folding knives up until I needed a fixed blade knife for work and for basic bushcraft.

    Bought this on the 50+ positive reviews it had received on Hennie and it truly does deserve the credit it has been given.

    It was razor sharp out of the box and I learnt to be careful with it very fast as there are several nicks in my fingers that I didn't notice or feel until I saw the blood!

    The leather pouch included is great, hold the knife safely and securely.

    For £30 you really can't go wrong with this knife, its an excellent piece of kit to add to your inventory.
    (Posted on )
  31. Well worth the moneyReview by
    Really pleased, firstly with the HH service, may see the knife cheaper on a couple of other sites, but stick with one you can trust to deliver safely and quickly. Secondly, knife came sharp enough to shave hairs on forearm, solid feel to it, comfortable handle sits well in a fairly large hand, have tried it making kindling, cutting rope, worked fine, and prepped veg afterwards. Really good sheath - thick leather, very secure fit. Well pleased with it as a knife, sure I will get long service from it. Trying at camp this weekend. (Posted on )
  32. Thanks HenniesReview by
    Ordered this mid afternoon with standard delivery and it came next morning, thanks guys, top service. The Bushlore has a good heft to it and is very comfortable in the hand. From the box it cut paper with ease and after a bit of stropping the hairs on my arm jumped ship from fear of the approaching blade! Seriously though it took little effort to get it to a razor finish, A far more bushcrafty feel to it than anything else in it,s price range. Well worth the few bucks it cost. (Posted on )
  33. new or old?Review by
    My condor bushlore just arrived today in switzerland. I watched some reviews on youtbe and bought it from heinnie's. I must say they have a really nice support and ship very fast, even abroad! But I had to pay like 20 pounds additional duty on my package, wich wasn't mentioned while I was ordering it. [parcel was sent from the EU to a non-EU country]
    But hte quality of the knive looks really good, but I'm not quite sure if it's the newest version of it, because i read, that the newest version got a 4.5mm blade but this one is only 3. anyway, I'm going to test it soon in the wood. Btw, the sheath is great!
    (Posted on )
  34. Better than knives costing 3 times as muchReview by
    I'd read dozens of reports on this knife including the negative reviews. At this price, I decided it was worth the risk.

    I needn't have worried. The quality and finish of the knife I received was spot on. The scales are much better wood than shown in most of the photos and are a much deeper walnut type colour and even show some grain and figuring. they are actually very classy and comfortable. The blade was very sharp. it cut paper easily, but struggled a little as a razor :) It juts a took a couple of passes over the strop and it was razor sharp!
    It seems that Condor have really improved their QC!
    (Posted on )
  35. Superb knife.Review by
    Super quick delivery, just before Christmas as well.
    Did not know what to expect finish wise on the knife, but was pleasantly surprised to find it only needed a light sanding with 800 grit, and then some finishing oil. Scales had some nice figuring as a bonus. Very sharp blade straight from the box, knew it was a good 1075 high carbon steel, my knife had good even grinds.
    These knives are superb value, and HH are a super company to deal with.
    (Posted on )
  36. Was I lucky?Review by
    I ordered both this and the mini bushlore knife aware of the generally good reviews but with apparent 'variables' in quality control. Well I don't know if I was just lucky or if the QC has improved, but both were excellent straight out of the box. Both easily shaved the hairs on my arms without any stropping or sharpening needed (incidentally none of my Esee's which I love came that sharp out the box). Both have really nice grained handles. Yes they need oiling/waxing, but I shall enjoy doing that and look forward to the result. I have yet to see how the steel (1075) holds up compared with my 1095's but at this price all I can say is WOW. As usual Heinnie's service (online and over the phone) was exceptional! (Posted on )
  37. Condor BushloreReview by
    I've just come back from my first outing with the Condor Bushlore.
    What a great knife for the money. Robust, sharp (after a bit of a strop) and fits the hand well. No hot spots at all and easy to control.
    Nice even grind, needed a strop to get it hair popping sharp but still came sharper than a lot of more expensive knives I've had.
    Mine actually has a bit of figuring in the wood on one scale, it almost looks like a custom knife from that side. Heh heh!
    Hey, seriously, why pay more? This is all the knife you'll need for 30 quid!
    And buy it from Heinnie - you won't get better service!
    (Posted on )
  38. colin the 88 driverReview by
    Bought this knife as it looked functional as opposed to others that just look nice but cost an arm and a leg, it's a tool not a focal point, I've just put mine over the oilstone and cut myself picking it up, this is a fine quality piece of kit, priced very well and if you lose it it's only 30 quid, what more do you need ? (Posted on )
  39. FantasticReview by
    A five star service and a five star knife. Paper cutting edge straight from the box. I've applied two coats of linseed oil after a light sanding on the handle and it looks superb. I would really recommend this knife to anyone. The sheath is quality. Put this together with the outstanding service of HH and you've got one very happy chappy. (Posted on )
  40. Wow!Review by
    Ordered this Sat evening and received it today - Tuesday - any way you look at it that is exemplary service. The knife is every bit as good as previous reviews illuminate. I am well chuffed, this knife is a classic at this price point, and will prove a much loved tool for me in years to come. Happy, happy, happy! (Posted on )
  41. Wow!Review by
    Ordered this Sat evening and received it today - Tuesday - any way you look at it that is exemplary service. The knife is every bit as good as previous reviews illuminate. I am well chuffed, this knife is a classic at this price point, and will prove a much loved tool for me in years to come. Happy, happy, happy! (Posted on )
  42. Darreyl Edwards.Review by
    After reading some very good reviews of this 'affordable' knife, I ordered one. I'd read these blades 'can be' a little rough around the edges f&f wise and the blade edge, 'can be' a bit dull OTB?
    But they still represent great value for money!? Unless I've just been VERY lucky? Mine is BLOODY SUPERB for the money! F&f is great, the edge is paper cutting sharp and I haven't even touched it with stone or leather yet!
    All I've done is, given the lovely leather sheath its first 'feed' of bees wax, given the h/wood slabs a couple of rubs with a little pure Tung Oil and knocked off a tiny 'pip' bur that was on the very tip of the blade with ceramic rod.
    I own blades in the ú200 bracket, and I can honestly tell the reader, this is going to be a 'favourite' workhorse knife for me!
    Just buy one now Guys & Gals, I know you'll be as pleasantly surprised with your bargain as I was!
    Do I need say - HH service simply ROCKS? No...I didn't think so!! :-)
    ATB, Dazza.
    (Posted on )
  43. ImpressedReview by
    Service - First class.
    Sheath - Very good.
    Knife - Seriously impressed. Sharp out of the box but razor sharp after a few passes on the strop. The handle was okay but nothing some light file work and sanding couldn't resolve. Now a thing of beauty and a delight to hold and use.
    (Posted on )
  44. Thanks Condor and HH!Review by
    I was surprised by the quality and materials. Well, some scratches here and there, bit dull edge, but nothing you couldn't fix as owner of such type of knife/tool. And surprisingly it looked much better than in most of the pictures! Was comfy in the hands too. (Posted on )
  45. Outstanding serviceReview by
    Knife arrived within 24hrs of ordering, outstanding service. The knife is great quality, was sharp from box but not shaving sharp. Took it to Japanese waterstone then strop, can now remove the hair from my arm. The sheath is very good quality, needed a little heating up to loosen it as knife was difficult to remove and replace. Handle was finished well. I highly recommend this knife, should last a lifetime. (Posted on )
  46. Condor bushloreReview by
    I've had the knife a few days and was having difficulty getting it sharper than it arrived. It was not bad but not shaving sharp as I have seen on YouTube reviews.

    I saw a tip on YouTube about using the unglazed bottom edge of a ceramic mug to sharpen a knife. Three or four light strokes at the same angle one would use a sharpening stone, a good strop on the back of a leather belt and the knife is much sharper! It cuts paper and the hairs on my arm. There is more potential as I am inexperienced in sharpening large-ish blades but am amazed at the result and the improvement. I previously tried a Gerber pocket diamond sharpener (coarse and fine) and an Arkansas stone. The mug was much better!
    (Posted on )
  47. Condor BushloreReview by
    I've just received mine today, 13 September 2013. As usual Heinnie Haynes customer service was excellent.

    Fit and finish on the knife is good although a little "rustic" and although I've not yet tested it seems reasonably sharp out of the box. It is hefty without being clumsy and the handle is comfortable even for my small hands. I am very pleased indeed with my purchase.
    (Posted on )
  48. it cant be beaten on price!Review by
    First rate Heinnie service as usual. The bushlore will not disappoint, it isn't a really expensive blade but what you get for your money is a solid knife that performs well and won't let you down. Comfortable in hand and capable of a variety of tasks. My go to tool in the woods. (Posted on )
  49. R CaulfieldReview by
    Agree with other reviewers, good knife but needs a little finishing. The Scandinavia grind on mine resulted in an inclusive angle of 17 degrees which chipped after a bit of chopping. I put a small secondary bevel on it and now it's fantastic. I love the chunky blade and the sheath is very good. (Posted on )
  50. Top KnifeReview by
    I was considering buying a top quality general purpose knife and was happy to spend ú100+ but read the reviews and decided to try a cheap option (not my usual choice)... Very impressed! Can't believe the basic quality for the money, best ú30 I've spent in a long time. Usual HH service SUPERB (Posted on )
  51. MrReview by
    Next day delivery at no cost, many thanks HH!! Good solid knife, blade now razor sharp after a couple of hours on the stone. A light sanding and a lick of linseed oil, you've got a knife comparable to those 5 times its price!! I kid you not, an excellent tool, buy one, you won't regret it and it will last an age. (Posted on )
  52. condor bushlore knifeReview by
    Everybody else has all ready said it what a knife. One thing though this great knife has a shaped to the hand handle and it fits well. If you're into the great outdoors get one. It's the best. Cheers Heinnie you will always be the best. (Posted on )
  53. Bushlore KnifeReview by
    For the price it's a fantastic knife and easily compete's with more expensive knives. Simple and effective as a bushcraft tool, it's probably the most valuable piece of hardware in my kit! I am very happy with the extremely fast delivery and will be ordering again, very soon! (Posted on )
  54. Value KnifeReview by
    I finally got around to picking one of these up and like everyone else I am glad I did.

    In truth I was expecting it to arrive dull with a semi finished handle, but mine arrived paper cutting sharp and the handle is factory finish smooth with some bite left in it for grip. I personally do not like super smooth handles.

    Nice simple folded leather sheath.
    Not that it matters in the long run, but the knife comes in a quality box wrapped in a bag with paper on the blade and some leaflets.
    Considering the price one might expect it to arrive in reused newspaper nothing else.

    Will probably pick up the mini as well now.
    (Posted on )
  55. Condor bushloreReview by
    It looks good feels good and it is good. After a days chopping and whittling it's still nice and sharp. This is the knife I will be using for everything. My F1 will now stay at home and I will take the Condor everywhere. (Posted on )
  56. It's a long long road to get it sharpReview by
    Dullest knife I've ever bought, but once you are able to reprofile its awkward grind and sharpen it to shaving sharpness it's going to serve you well, it's very robust, it's not going to break down on you. The balance is awkward, if you baton on the blade it resonates through the handle making long term batoning a painful job. (Posted on )
  57. Great knife for bushcraftReview by
    Great, solid knife. It took a long time to get the blade sharp but once you're there, it holds its edge well and is easy to resharpen. Worth the money & the time spent on it. (Posted on )
  58. Condor BushloreReview by
    Had this for a while now and I got to say it's a very good purchase for the price. Full tang it's good for bushcraft. I have worked on the finish of the handle to make it more smooth with a bit of sand paper looks great now. Very happy with the HH service and this knife.

    If your a Mora fan and want something more sturdy buy one you want be disappointed.
    (Posted on )
  59. very happy with mine!Review by
    I love mine! Surprisingly weighty tool that comes finished a bit rough around the edges but lets face it your going to use it outdoors so who cares! The edge is reasonable out of the box and can be finished on a strop. The handles are thick and ergonomic. Compared to a Mora which I also use this feels more sturdy and has a full tang so will take no end of battoning. (Posted on )
  60. Condor BushloreReview by
    Good feel to the handle. Applied Linseed and it's taken on a nice deep red hue. Useable out of the box but I gave it 5 mins on the leather strop to get it really sharp. This is one of those do-it-all knives with 1075 steel that will do almost anything from feather sticks to batoning and will probably go in my emergency bugout rucksack. The sheath is superb and the whole deal is probably the best you're going to get for ú32. Bargain. (Posted on )
  61. Fantastic, but a little too thickReview by
    Would be a 5 star knife, but it's just too thick for me.
    The sheath is great as is usual for Condor knives, and the knife feels great in the hand.
    If you're looking for a knife that can split logs whilst staying compact and wearable, this is it. If you want something to make feather sticks, go for a Mora, something a bit thinner.
    (Posted on )
  62. AmazingReview by
    Got my new Bushlore two days ago and I must say it's got to be the best blade I have seen in this price range. The sheath is second to none, quality and craftmanship are outstanding in both knife and sheath. You will need to play about with it just a bit as you do with all knives just to get as you like it.

    Great Knife, Great Service.
    (Posted on )
  63. Bushlore part 2Review by
    I have now had this knife a couple of weeks fettled to how I like it. It has now been out on two bushcrafting weekend where I used the knife extensively and I have to say that it performed extremely well. I like it a lot. (Posted on )
  64. How do they do it for the moneyReview by
    The picture does not do this knife justice, well designed, feels great in the hand and quite substantial. Yet again the sheath is well made and solid. Received it this morning so can't wait to use this. Great service from HH again, many thanks. (Posted on )
  65. Great for what it is!Review by
    The blade had no edge and the handle was a bit rough. Now I could moan like some others but this knife is what it is .. a very low cost knife which once fettled a bit is a good bushcraft knife for hard work without worrying about damaging an expensive blade or handle on an expensive knife.
    After spending some time with a stone the blade is what it should be and the handle is getting there after a light sand and two coats of oil. Two more coats and I will be pleased with this working knife.
    (Posted on )
  66. Nice knifeReview by
    My one came lovely and sharp out of the box. Great heavy duty sheath.

    It is a heavyweight knife. If I had seen it in the flesh I might have bought the mini bushlaw. I find it a little too hefty for fine carving. However, this is a beast! I have used it like a machete cutting diagonally through 1" thick hazel branches with one blow.

    The handle is not finished to a high shine but this makes the handle very non slip in the wet. It feels great in the hand and I would challenge anyone to find a better knife for the same money...or even more!
    (Posted on )
  67. BushloreReview by
    Super fast delivery well done Heinnie. Good solid knife will last for years, I gave it a few licks on my butchers steel I could shave the hair of my arm (glad I was taught how to use a steel when I was a butcher lol). All in all a good outdoor knife for ú32 to the door very happy :)
    (Posted on )
  68. YOYOBOY666999Review by
    Ordered 07/08/2012 p.m. arrived 08/08/2012 13:00 hrs as always a great service from H.H. WOW - unboxed and impressed, for the price, the sheath is excellent, and I make many sheaths and pouches myself. The knife looks even better in the flesh. Condor have improved the 2011 design to make the 2012 version a joy to use. I have placed a vid of the unboxing on my YouTube site YOYOBOY666999. Have a look you will not be let down if you buy one of these knives. Beats waiting months or years and paying hundreds of pounds from some other sources. Once again thanks to H.H. for their fantastic customer service. It's a shame other companies aren't as good. (Posted on )
  69. No Beating Around The BushReview by
    Great knife for the money. You can really use this knife without getting too precious. Definitely needs to be sharpened properly though. Excellent sheath too. (Posted on )
  70. Condor BushloreReview by
    Ordered this late Saturday and had it Tuesday morning. Great service HH, thanks. This is a very robust knife that comes with an excellent sheath and a lifetime warranty. But for the fact that it was as blunt as a badgers bottom when I took it out of the box I'd have given it a solid 5. It took me about an hour to reprofile the edge with a 200 grade stone and another hour to get it razor sharp. Ten minutes on the handle with fine grade paper followed by a bit of oil and I'm well chuffed with the result.
    Think of this as a quality knife that arives in need of finishing and you've got yourself an absolute bargain.
    (Posted on )
  71. Great knifeReview by
    This is my first fixed blade knife since my younger "survival knife" days. So although I am no expert, this knife seems excellent for the cost. The sheath is very strong and finished well, the knife feels solid, sharp, and the handle is excellent, no rough spots and the rivets are ground flush. I might add a couple of coats of varnish, but other than that, it's a great knife for the money, get one, you will not regret it. (Posted on )
  72. David TReview by
    The usual fast service from HH. Very pleased with the knife. Came shave sharp and in time for an overnight camp. Processed all the wood for the fire and was still shave-sharp after. A good solid knife well worth the money! I'd been thinking over whether to get one or not, I'm glad I did. (Posted on )
  73. bushloreReview by
    Got this knife today (excellent service by Heinnie again) didn't really expect much as I've read a lot of bad reviews but I was suprised! It's a great knife! Yes the finish isn't perfect but it's certainly acceptable. Feels solid in the hand and very workable. For ú30 it's money well spent. Thanks Heinnie! (Posted on )
  74. great but.....Review by
    Quality tool. I bought mine earlier in year and have been toying with a re-grind really glad I studied up on other peeps mods. Re-ground the short grind and now is razor sharp finished with a diamond hone
    great tool goto knife for stalking and hunting. Great service from HH.
    (Posted on )
  75. Excellent KnifeReview by
    This 2011 version is excellent. A huge inprovement on the earlier model. I don't think you could get a better knife for the money. A lot stronger and better looking than a Mora. (Posted on )
  76. Colin from UKReview by
    Out of the box basic sharp blade wood tad rough in places, no biggy,
    Sand paper sorted the handle oiled to finish.
    1075 blade so hard at the end three days honing on a Fine marble oil stone then stroped to mirror finish using pink jewelers rouse the blade is razor sharp and fit for any task.
    By far the best outdoor blade ever owned at an unbelievable price next day delivery (not two year waiting list?)
    A must have piece of kit outstanding guys 10 out of 10.
    (Posted on )
  77. For god sake…Review by
    For god sake some people will moan about anything. This knife is a bargain for the money i'ts easy to sharpen, holds a good edge. The 2011 model is strong plus this is hand made and only ú30. Best hand made bushy knife for the money. A real good camp /work horse knife. (Posted on )
  78. CrudeReview by
    I was disappointed with this crudely made and poorly finished knife-shaped object which arrived blunt and is hard to sharpen. It is very substantial and seems more crowbar than knife. (Posted on )
  79. Updated Version in Stock?Review by
    The illustration on this page has changed and currently shows a knife with an edge ground all the way to the handle. This could possibly be the updated version of the knife referred to in my earlier review (Posted on )
  80. QualityReview by
    A quality knife for a cheap price, This is a great knife and very sharp strong blade also nice to hold and well balanced.

    I am happy with my purchase.
    (Posted on )
  81. Wait for the updated versionReview by
    Thanks to the over the top blade thickness and uneven blade grind this knife has an effective cutting edge of something like only 3 inches on a heavy, 9 inch long knife. The blade thickness also makes slicing cuts very difficult. The steel quality, handle and sheath are all excellent but the flaws in the blade design mean that this is a poor bushcrafting knife. I have read on Condor's website that an updated version has been produced for 2011 with a thinner, more usable blade thickness and an edge that is ground all the way to the handle. I suspect that would be a brilliant knife. I'd wait for that (Posted on )
  82. Great value.Review by
    I've never owned a Ray Mears woodlore knife, probably never will, for as much as I admire the man, I think ú250 for what is basically a woodsman's tool is a tad over the top, and it sure as hell isn't going to be 8 times better than the Condor version at ú30. So it needs fettling and an edge putting on it, so what, and it won't break the bank or my heart if I'm so stupid as to loose it. (Posted on )
  83. Rock SolidReview by
    This knife will take an absolute bashing. From the moment you grip it the first thing that strikes you is the weight - this thing has a thick blade and is a full tang so there's no room for air within. Nice, full wood scales - could do with some refining but its open to customisation.

    Blade is carbon heat treated steel so its tough, meaning it will keep an edge like no other but takes a while longer than most knives to sharpen. You will have to keep it clean and lubricated though when not in use for long, as contact with the air makes the blade rust (on all carbon steel blades). A can of WD40 and a rag will be enough though, nothing medical.
    (Posted on )
  84. Great valueReview by
    For the price you can't fault it. The handle was a little rough, 2 mins with some superfine paper and it was sorted. Sharp out the box but again a few minutes later I had achieved an impressive edge using a DC4. The gap between the edge and the handle may take some getting used to though. And whereas I love a heavier knife, it is thick, at least 4.5mm and it feels like it would be almost impossible to bend. (Posted on )
  85. Condor BushloreReview by
    As stated by other owners, this is one serious knife for the price. A fitting & decent leather sheath inc. The beauty with this knife, is its raw state allowing you to customise it as you so wish, if you so wish and will handle hard work but still look gorgeous. Great bush craft/survival knife. Excellent service from Hennie Haynes as always, thankyou. (Posted on )
  86. Great value for moneyReview by
    This is a serious bit of kit with a nice sheath also. The wooden handle needed a good going over with some wire wool but it's now really smooth. The blade does not have a sharp enough angle to it though. I tried to cut a 2" piece of willow with it and it was hard work but my Mora Clipper went through it like butter because of the sharper blade angle (I'm sure there is a technical term for this!). All in all though fantastic value for money. (Posted on )
  87. HEFTY PIECE OF KITReview by
    This would tackle anything you could throw at it. Out of the box you could'nt not call it sharp. But 5,mins with a Smiths sharpener it was razor sharp. I like the chunky handle it suits me (big hands). The only thing i'll to it is a couple of coats of yacht varnish to handle. BEAUTIFUL. (Posted on )
  88. Unrefined but strongReview by
    Arrived from Heinnie after some a month's waiting for stock (not a problem unique to here). It is quite blunt out of the box but sharpens up well enough. The blade is over 4mm thick with no taper, so the knife feels strong and heavy, and the handle needs work to smooth out imperfections. Good enough for the price; won't win any beauty contests. (Posted on )
  89. BushloreReview by
    Good Knife for the money, Great take on the Woodlore knife used by Ray Mears. Practical and affordable. New handle scales and custom sheath, Should be a good project knife. Love it (Posted on )
  90. Condor BushloreReview by
    What a great knife, perfect for customising. Sharpened up a treat, has plenty of wood in the handle so you can whittle it to a perfect fit. Usable sheath, great value for money. (Posted on )

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Hello, Is this knife shipped from the UK or from the USA? Thank you, Tiago
Hello all shipped from our warehouse in S Wales UK
Heinnie Haynes answered on 31 May 2017

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