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Cold Steel Trailmaster Bowie San Mai

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Cold Steel Trailmaster Bowie

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Cold Steel Trailmaster Bowie San Mai

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



Back Order Item

Please note that this item will be dispatched once in stock. We estimate that stock will be here in 4 – 6 Weeks


Cold Steel Trailmaster Bowie San Mai

Cold Steel Trailmaster Bowie San Mai



The broad clip point of the blade is extremely resistant to bending or breaking. The blade-back is equipped with a slightly concave false edge that measures approximately three and a half inches long. Every Trail Master’s® edge has been honed by hand, then given a high speed buff until it is truly razor sharp and capable of easily shaving the hair off one’s arm. This knife is so sharp it will cut at the slightest touch. The Trail Master® balances approximately 3/4in in front of the guard for a slightly blade-heavy feel that is ideal for delivering heavy chopping and slashing strokes. The Trail Master’s® Kraton® handle is 5" long and deeply checkered for a non-slip, shock absorbing grip. What’s more, its contoured cross section helps prevent the knife from shifting or turning in the hand. The double guard is very sturdy and rigidly fixed into place. It is long enough to keep fingers off the blade, yet short enough to avoid being tangled in clothing or equipment when the Trail Master® is drawn.

If you want a Bowie knife that requires minimum maintenance and is practically immune to water, salt, air, or the humidity of a jungle environment, the VG-1 San Mai III® Trail Master® is for you! This Bowie will outperform any other stainless steel Bowie in the world in terms of strength and toughness. And, as an added bonus, the Trail Master® is equipped with a beautiful rolled edge, capable of easily severing 4in or more of free hanging manila rope!


Code CS16JSM
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Cold Steel
Blade Material: VG1 San Mai III
Blade Length (cm): 22.8
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.8
Overall Length (cm): 36.8
Handle Material: Polymer
Product Weight (g): 496


  1. UNBELIEVABLE!Review by
    Unbelievable. That's the only adjective I fell is close enough to describe the Cold Steel Trailmaster Bowtie San Mai!
    I've been looking to add a Bowie Knife to my collection for quite some time,but just couldn't make my mind up which one. I knew I wanted something special that would not only look good on display in my collection but would also perform to the maximum. Now I've been a keen knife collector and aficionado for many many years,having started my first collection when I was just 16 years old under the watchful eyes of my father and in January I will be 60 ,but even so I just wasn't sure were to start.
    Should I go for a Falkniven Modern Bowie with its cos laminated steel or a John Newell Buffalo Horn. Or maybe a Svord Von Tempsky Bowie. Each one has its merits.
    Everyone knows I've long been an advocate of Cold Steel Knives,but did I need a change.
    Unable to decide on my own I rang Nick at HH,who gave me a few ideas but unfortunately before I could make my mind up and order I ended up in hospital again. That was 3 weeks ago. Yesterday I rang H H again and this time it was Richard that answered the phone. Like everyone else at HH he is passionate about his job and so took the time to discuss the various merits of the 3 knives on my shortlist, finishing with the Cold Steel Trailmaster Bowie, which like the Falkniven is also made of laminated steels,(See the video).San Mai steel is well proven and has been around now for a few years. In fact I'd already purchased a Tai Pan a few years ago and it's been the pride of my collection ever since, so why change.I duly ordered a CS Trailmaster yesterday at 2.15pm. It arrived this morning at 9.30am by UPS. Talk about service!
    I couldn't wait to open the box, feeling a bit like a kid at Christmas. I then sat and literally oggled this Unbelievable knife from every angle for an hour.
    I have to say it's everything Cold Steel say it is and more!
    From the ample grip down to the full tsuba styled full stainless steel guard I could feel the forward weighted blade and it was easy to imagine the tremendous chopping or slashing power of this knife.I have pretty big hands but theirs plenty of room for a good solid and safe grip,even with work gloves on.
    Looking down the spine of the 7.5 mm thick blade that looks like a steel girder, strong enough to walk on you can see the thick lamination if you look carefully.Turn the blade sideways on to see the full power of the 3.7cm blade of this colossal knife.
    Why did I even think about buying something else. If I was younger and still using a knife in the field I could use this for every heavy task going and never need to replace it!
    But instead it will have to do as the new top dog in my collection..
    Thanks to all at HH for their usual fantastic standards of service, with special thanks to Richard for the time he took yesterday to ensure I got a knife I'd be over the moon with.

    Many many thanks,
    Dr C Sands.PHD.
    (Posted on )
  2. Not very impressed Review by
    I have used the knife twice and it has chipped the blade in several places near the end of the blade. I was using the knife to make feather sticks in my local woods and was putting it through its paces by hacking at some heavy wood. When I got home and cleaned the blade I noticed it hadn't held up as I hoped to some tuff abuse. I have purchased this knife from heinnie but unfortunately I am unimpressed by the cold steel brand. (Posted on )
  3. Great knifeReview by
    Ive had my trailmaster for 20 years, it dose the jobs a big knife should do very well,
    I do have a few other knives around the same size, i dont feel they match up to the trailmaster, useing this knife hundreds of times from chopping to cutting up my veg ,
    i can say you wont be sorry you bought this knife.
    (Posted on )
  4. This thing is a beast !Review by
    You have to hold this in your hand and see it in the metal to really appreciate the build quality and beauty of it.

    It minces through logs when batoning, chops like a beast and the convex edge is great for cross cut batoning after splitting.

    I would have liked a better finish on the sheath, it doesn't seem to match the quality of the knife, it has good retention and looks and feels really tough though, and I love cordura sheaths.

    This knife will definitely be a firm favoutite, no regrets at all about spending the úúú.
    (Posted on )
  5. Very serious piece of kitReview by
    I love a convex edge, have used all the big knives, inlcuding other CS models and the Falk, even the BBM, to be honest if you can afford any of them they are all good. I chose the TM in San Mai because, it is heavy, strong in a prying fashion, thick, longer than most but small enough to keep using all day, no blade coating and has that convex edge which is simply worth all the money. Stainless as well, it's not perfect though, sheath is simple and could be more pack friendly and knife possibly needs jimping and a choil, which I am currently sorting on mine, however imho this is the "big Chopper" to get. (Posted on )
  6. The best?Review by
    Why'd he owned four of them? d'y think he lost the others? Nah, that'd be stupid wouldn't it. i've owned a few big knives, decent ones, never broke any of them {swapped 'em for tobacco and sweets n things). Only ever trusted one though (the past 4 years) Fallknivens A2. Do yourself a service, look 'em over. (Posted on )
  7. the best bowie!Review by
    I have owned and used 4 trail master bowies and several other large knives, this one in my opinion is the best of the lot! excellent balance, chops, splits and performs really well at all heavy tasks. keeps an edge very well and with a bit of practice can be used for lighter tasks. If your in the market for a Cold Steel bowie the sk5 models ok but a little lighter than the san mai. Go for it pay the extra and get the san mai! (Posted on )

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    Back Order Item

    Please note that this item will be dispatched once in stock. We estimate that stock will be here in 4 – 6 Weeks

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