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Cold Steel Tanto Lite

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Cold Steel Tanto Lite

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Cold Steel Tanto Lite

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Out Of Stock

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Cold Steel Tanto Lite

Cold Steel Tanto Lite



As a nod to the great success of the Cold Steel Pendleton Lite Hunter, it was decided to make more economical versions of the popular Tanto and Outdoorsman knives. They resemble their more expensive versions in that they feature similar blades, guards, handles, and pommels. The only significant change was the use of slightly thinner 4116 Krupp Stainless Steel blades, and the implementation of less costly materials in the handles.

The handles are made in two parts. They feature a Polypropylene guard, pommel, and core section, which totally envelopes the knives' full tangs. The core is then over-molded in a deeply checkered Kraton for a non-slip grip that's impervious to the elements and is easily cleaned with soap and water.

To carry your knives safely and conveniently in the field, Cold Steel included a pouch-style Cordura sheath complete with belt loop so it can be easily worn on the belt or tucked into your pack or tackle box.


Code CS20T
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Cold Steel
Blade Material: 4116 Krupp Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 15.2
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Overall Length (cm): 29.2
Handle Material: Polymer
Sheath: Cordura®
Product Weight (g): 121


  1. all you could ask forReview by
    Excellent value for money, believe it or not this has become our go to kitchen knife, easy to handle cuts through anything and keeps its edge.
    (Posted on )
  2. Little CrackerReview by
    Very impressed with HH.
    I rang in my order and received it the next day, now that is good customer care.
    Lovely razer sharp knife, well made with a decent blade thickness.
    Good weight
    Happy ? Yes completely.
    (Posted on )
  3. Good for the moneyReview by
    Good knife for the money, razor sharp out of the box, it is very light and secure in the hand with a good grip. This is my first tanto blade and I am impressed with it, I may go for a more expensive one in due course.
    Fantastic service from Hennies as usual of course, Richard , the manager always gives me good advice over the phone if I need it, although I bought this over their website.
    (Posted on )
  4. its good for the priceReview by
    Its a good knife for the money, it is one of the best knifes for 30 box , but when i was chopping wood the point of the knife just broke , i was kind of desapointed but i grinded the point and its like new! a negative thing about the sheath , its that a day after survival use it just starting come apart. (Posted on )
  5. Excellent knife for the priceReview by
    If you need a decent knife on a tight budget you cannot go wrong with this. A large blade that will hold an edge pretty well, it can handle most tasks though the blade isn't took thick so I wouldn't try batoning or any other very outdoor tasks. The sheath is simple but gets the job done, similar to the knife. (Posted on )
  6. Cheap and sharpReview by
    Cheap knife for what you get.
    Got it for ~£30 and on arrival, super sharp. Sharp enough to shave with out of the box!
    As expected, sheath is rather tacky but for a knife under £30, that's to be expected. That said, the sheath is functional so it's all good.

    Superb service by HH as usual.
    (Posted on )
  7. Better than expected!Review by
    5 stars, when you consider the cost. It's a surprisingly good knife with a good very sharp, chunky blade. Not as pretty as a Kobun but every bit as sharp and totally functional. The sheath gets some criticism, but ok, it does its job and anything better would push the price up. Well pleased, another good addition to the collection and I've had my fix. As for HH, you must get bored with all the praise! Great job! (Posted on )
  8. quite good really :)Review by
    For the price this is a very high value knife. 4116 steel appears to be a cheap option but it performs well with household tasks and is much more fun to use than a paper/cardboard shredder. (Posted on )
  9. Twenty seven quid? Really?Review by
    Hard to argue with value like this. Delivered from Heinnie, scary sharp. So much so, that an accidental touch with the point left me bleeding profusely.

    They say you get what you pay for, but you're getting an awful lot more than you're paying for here. Handle is a bit tacky, the sheath is usable but barely. And there's evidence of grinder marks on the blade. But it's twenty seven quid. And it's hard to imagine that you can get more knife for your money than this.

    Hard to imagine anyone could be disappointed with what they get for what they're spending. Cheap and very, very cheerful - enjoy it!
    (Posted on )
  10. I'll agree with…Review by
    I'll agree with the earlier reviews, very good value, great looking and razor sharp.
    A superb knife, excellent build quality, I have a more traditional Japanese tanto with all the trimmings, great for display but I'd not want to take it with me on a camping weekend, this tanto lite looks and feels like it could handle any cutting task you threw at it. It feels good in the hand, well balanced and easy to control.
    Very pleased with this purchase..
    (Posted on )
  11. SUPERBReview by
    You get a lot of knife for your money here, this is my first tanto and I am well pleased with it. Beautifully made and balanced the knife has a precise and sinister quality to it (which I love) and came razor sharp right out the box, sheath is poor but does the job and for the money you cant complain. Delivery fantastic too. (Posted on )
  12. Exactly what is says on the tinReview by
    Agree completely with Paul, A nice cheap tanto that won't let you down. Perfect for every day use but also looks nice as part of my cold steel shelf. (Posted on )
  13. Great knife good…Review by
    Great knife good edge and handle poor
    sheath very good value for money and
    delivered the next day as always.
    (Posted on )

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