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Cold Steel Marauder

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Cold Steel Marauder

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Cold Steel Marauder

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Cold Steel Marauder

Cold Steel Marauder



Inspired by the formidable knives of WWII and honoring the name of Merrill's Marauders – also known as Code name Galahad the Marauder Bowie is rugged, relentless and reliable.

Its huge extra broad razor sharp Japanese AUS8A blade, with its continuously curved cutting edge, deep wide blade bevels and formidable clip will cut, hack, shear, chop, slice and pierce with equal ease.

The Marauder's generous full tang is encased in a double quillion sub hilt Kray-Ex handle that is impervious to the elements and incredibly comfortable. Its sturdy and versatile Secure-Ex sheath allows the knife to be fastened comfortably and securely on a belt or pack, or LBV.

Extensively field-tested, the Cold Steel Marauder shines as a Bowie and a reliable hunting knife. Cutting through brush, performing camp chores and dispatching game effortlessly.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Cold Steel
Blade Material: AUS8 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 22.8
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.5
Overall Length (cm): 36.3
Handle Material: Polymer
Sheath: Yes
Product Weight (g): 317


  1. Great knifeReview by
    If your looking for a great knife for little cost you can't go wrong, i use the marauder as a hunting mostly, I have a trail master for my trips out to the wildness, (Posted on )
  2. Worth the moneyReview by
    This is my first bowie and i must say it is superb nice and light not as heavy as it looks which is a good thing. The back cut is not sharpened so you may want to sharpen that if it takes your fancy but i think i will leave mine as it is. The blade is not hair poping sharp but it does shave when a little ammount of force is applied (will be sharpening it soon). otherwise a good blade for the price and the kraton handle is superb. (Posted on )
  3. MARAUDERReview by
    This is one beautiful bowie. If you collect bowie's ( like myself ), then this is one that is hard to pass up. The polished bevel on this is just perfect ( like the recon scout ), the tip is just perfect. I like AUS 8, so no problems there. The palm-swell handle is first class, I like the sub-hilt design. It is very grippy, like most cold steel knives with kraton handles. It comes with a click-fit secure-ex scabbard, which offer a very snug fit. And the retention strap fits well, and snaps firmly closed. Just great value for money ! (Posted on )
  4. WickedReview by
    I own a few (alright most) of the Cold Steel fixed blades but this one is special. For 90 odd quid you get a knife as sharp and piercing as my hugely expensive Natchez Bowie , the steel isn't as good but it is a real slicer.

    I found this out during my first polishing session on the new blade, stopped concentrating for a second and it cut my leather razor strop in half. I then tried it on heavy denim, a leather jacket and a telephone book - all are now dead.

    Buy one.
    (Posted on )

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