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Claude Dozorme Capucin Olive

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Claude Dozorme Capucin Olive

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Claude Dozorme Capucin Olive

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Claude Dozorme Capucin Olive

Claude Dozorme Capucin Olive



The model Capucin is considered one of France's oldest blade forms and is native to the Pyrenees. The new Capucin Olive manufactured by Claude Dozorme in Thiers, is a purist and handmade folding knife without locking. The 9.5 cm steel (X50CrMoV15) blade with its 8.5 cm cutting edge can be opened via the blade cutout. The blade passage of Capucin Olive can be adjusted by using the supplied key. The handle is from a solid and beautifully grained piece of olive wood and fits comfortably in your hand. An elegant steak knife for the French moments in life.# *Please note this no longer has extended tang - awaiting new photographs)


Code 01DZ002
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Claude Dozorme
Blade Material: X50CRMOVI5
Blade Length (cm): 8.9
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Overall Length (cm): 21.6
Handle Material: Olive Wood
Lock Type: Non-locking
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No


  1. Blunt as old Harry - but otherwise greatReview by
    I love this knife. It's very ergonomic, looks great and is very functional. The only thing that I found a bit bizarre was how blunt it was out of the box. It was so blunt that I wondered if it was deliberately left in that state so that the end user had to put their own edge on it to suit personal preference. I put a twenty degree edge on it and it is now as sharp as a razor, cutting everything I've tried it on well.

    Bluntness aside, the knife is simple, elegant and well-made, and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes friction folders.
    (Posted on )
  2. Sharper than a sharp thingReview by
    Very sharp, in fact sharper that something that is very sharp. (Posted on )
  3. Nice but unexpectedly blunt knifeReview by
    Knife is beautiful but surprisingly blunt out of the box.
    A lot of thanks to Julie and Richard for the support while ordering.
    Nice service + very speedy delivery.
    (Posted on )
  4. Good general purpose knife.Review by
    I wasn't after a "good general purpose knife" but a tactical folder applicable to the tactics of feasting and quaffing. I'd just pootled across Europe by rail and found my EKA Swede 38 a bit short and the standard Douk-Douk a bit prone to tarnishing when hacking at victuals so was pleased at the excuse for yet another cutlery purchase.

    The Claude Dozorme looked about right, if a little pointy for buttering bread, with its reduced metal to metal contact (so no bits of black stuff in the salad) and tang extension for levering the tops off ale.

    Alas, some numpty has gone and punched a slot in the blade. It's not like the thing needs a nail nick with that whacking great blade and tang to hang onto. It's just a hideous wee orifice for collecting butter, bits of salami and shavings of cucumber. What should be a quick wipe on the nearest maiden's tresses or passing dog is now a laborious exercise in winklery with a toothpick.

    Two choices - either give it to the good lady wife who is still enjoying the Mora Companion (carbon, naturally) or set about it with an angle grinder and, with cunning precision, turn the slot into a bottle opener.

    The b lade is sharp, the handle lovely, fit & finish just fine. To paraphrase Siegfried Farnon, this is a good knife. This is a very good knife. But it is not the Black Forest Gateau chib I was hoping for. That one, risible detail has gone and set off at least two of my neuroses which can only be treated with the acquisition of, say, a stainless Opinel No. 10 with corkscrew. Well, there's more decent wine than ale on the continent.
    (Posted on )

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