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Civilian Lab Kevlar Clip Wallet

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Civilian Lab Kevlar Clip Wallet

test 1Civilian Lab Kevlar Clip Wallettest 2Civilian Lab Kevlar Clip Wallet test 3Civilian Lab Kevlar Clip Wallettest 4 Civilian Lab Kevlar Clip Wallet

Civilian Lab Kevlar Clip Wallet

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Please note that this item will be dispatched once in stock. We estimate that stock will be here in 4 – 6 Weeks


Civilian Lab Kevlar Clip Wallet

Civilian Lab Kevlar Clip Wallet



You wear a phone on your belt. Now your wallet can be worn the same secure way instead of weighing down your pockets and tearing the linings. Civilian Lab use a military grade stainless steel belt clip with a tip that hooks under the belt edge and makes it difficult to snatch.

Turned around and worn inside your waistband it is virtually unreachable by theives and totally covert. The Civilian Lab Kevlar Clip Wallet is hard wearing and looks good too.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Civilian Lab
Colour: Black
Body Material: Fabric
Dimensions (cm) Non Config: 11cm x 8cm closed


  1. Quality.Review by
    ..Arrived almost instantly..the delivery service here second to none ! ..and I can honestly say that it's a quality piece of's small , neat and takes up next to no space and the stainless clip has inspired great confidence from the start..think I might buy another for my son..Thanks HH ! (Posted on )
  2. would buy again ( in about 20+ years)Review by
    Its a wallet, its Velcro, it has a zip bit. Its fabric can rub if pocket is very thin. Fits lots of stuff.I've had this for well over a year now, if (IF) I lost it I would buy another. The clip was the reason to buy it to begin with, at first it felt weird having it clipped on, soon got used to it & love it. Very secure, can be worn in a variety of ways, I cycle lots, no problem, no worry. Surprising aspect is that my pocket "fits" better, keys/change at the bottom, wallet clipped above.No sign of ware, very well made, only drawback is a light reflection from the clip, like you get from a watch.
    (Posted on )
  3. Really niceReview by
    Turned up next day, as always due to HH's amazing postal service. Wallet is really slim and feels robust, and the Kevlar isn't rough as I expected. All in all a great, spacious wallet considering how slim it is, and the clip is a great addition as it makes this wallet very secure! (Posted on )
  4. MrReview by
    First impression very good, easy to recommend. Soft in touch, hard military grade clip, coin compartment with zipper. Takes 8 cards easy, velcro is tough.
    (Hard to know durability.)
    (Posted on )
  5. DisappointingReview by
    Loved this wallet, could envisage years of use until 7 days after purchase stood up after securely clipping to my belt only to find wallet left behind on the seat.The clip had opened slightly allowing to dislodge. No longer trust this wallet, disappointed, expected better security for the price. (Posted on )
  6. FantasticReview by
    Owned this wallet for years. Have stopped using it for everyday as I needed something smarter. I use it now for going out at night, where I want something very slim for my pocket.

    Used this in Barcelona clipped on the inside of trouser waistband - I don't see how a pickpocket would have been able to get it off me.

    Fantastic product.
    (Posted on )
  7. Superbly strongReview by
    A superb piece of kit- solidly built and packs a lot of stuff into a small, concealable, package. Velcro closure is very strong

    I've easily packed in my 12 cards and cash, the pocket clip places the wallet in just the right place in jeans.

    The only thing to be aware of is that kevlar is a very 'rough' weave and will rub against the skin if worn in the 'inside the waist band' application- hasn't been an issue with me.

    Plus- how cool is it to tell people your wallet's made out of kevlar?
    (Posted on )

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