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Case Sod Buster Junior

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Case Sod Buster Junior

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Case Sod Buster Junior

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Case Sod Buster Junior

Case Sod Buster Junior



Case make traditional pocket knives like no one else. Established in 1889 they have the experience and the history that makes them one of the most popular and sought after manufacturers in the world.

The Sod Buster Junior features a peach seed jigged amber bone handle and a stainless steel skinner blade. The blade is under three inches long and is non- locking making it UK friendly carry at the owners discretion.


Code CA00245
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Case
Blade Material: Stainless steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Overall Length (cm): 16.3
Handle Material: Bone
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No


  1. A Case for the collectionReview by
    Yay, on a whim I ordered and got the last one. Mostly I only buy knives that I will rotate. This is my one and only Case and my one and only bone scales. I'm a G10 man really. 5* because the perfect fit and finish and material selection deserves it. This is a classic but its my £8 Shrade Imperial sod buster which will get carried.

    Out of the box it sliced through a sheet of paper. That's it, on the shelf for now. Thrilled with the purchase.
    (Posted on )
  2. Farmer’s knife made fancy...Review by
    My very first Case pocket knife was a Sodbuster Jr. It was, I think, the first time I’d ever held a nicely finished slipjoint. That was back in the mid 1970’s when Case’s stainless was 440C and the blade profile was more pointy, with subtle swedges and a finer satin grind than the current basic stainless model with black scales. The blade was also flat ground, not the scooped hollow grind currently offered, as on this model under review. The nostalgic Sodbuster Jr. etch with its old fashioned plow design was also much more subtle, like a pleasant memory of bygone times fondly recalled, more so than the vivid depiction of its present iteration. I still have it, much used and much appreciated, and it snaps like a bear trap.

    This example of the familiar well worn farmer’s friend is in a different, more upmarket niche. The Amber jigged bone scales are as noted more slender than the common Delrin handled versions, with definite reduction of bulk in one’s pocket or grasp. The mirror polished stainless blade adds to the dapper good looks of this pocket knife, and the spring pressure on mine is a good balance of smooth operation and firm secure tension. And, with simple technique, the blade can be opened or closed with one hand.

    The blade profile, which Case designates as a skinner, has more versatility than a cursory glance would suggest. Also, the edge thickness is quite minimal on Sodbuster Jrs now produced. A thin edge means a fine slicer, and despite the pronounced hollow grind, the blade does not disappoint in that regard.

    Mine had a slight wire edge out of the box. A few stokes on some single ply cardboard impregnated with buffing compound quickly sorted that. Better than leather for this purpose of removing burrs. A more costly leather strop will be shredded in no time if used to remove burrs, or in this case, wire edges from the manufacturer. Keep your leather strop in good condition by using loaded cardboard instead. Found all this out the hard way.

    A wire edge for a collector signifies that the blade has not been sharpened and with the absence of indications of wear and tear, shows that the knife is new or has not been used. A collector will examine a prospective knife closely, perhaps using a loupe, and given the difficulty of restoring a wire edge to exactly resemble a new Case, the presence of a wire edge all but guarantees that the knife is genuinely either new or new old stock, that is, unused.

    Try just a little bit of oil on the bone scales from time to time. The appearance will gradually improve and acquire a richer colour and an almost translucent quality. Not too much oil, wiped off after a few minutes. Note that I recommend this for Case’s Amber bone models. The more varied dyed colours Case offers I would not oil. At least not much. Time and use, with natural exposure to skin oils and sunlight, etc will pleasantly age the colour of dyed scales. This natural process adds character and charm.

    Putting slimmer bone scales on a friendly and capable agricultural pattern like this one marries the naturally ergonomic proportions with an elegant appearance. So personally it seems to be a good candidate for a ‘gentleman’s folder’ with its gleaming handsome and trim design.

    Thank you Heinnie for making this model available. Well recommended!
    (Posted on )
  3. Nice grandpa poket knifeReview by
    My first Case poket knife is a joy. It came razor sharp and the bone scales feels nice in hand. It is slim (which I like) and the shape of the blade is awesome.
    I haven't had the chance to put it to work till now, but i love it. The walk and talk is something new - diferent from the Vic.

    Heinnie deserves A+ for this order.
    (Posted on )
  4. Just OKReview by
    The bone handle is nice to look at but feels a bit thin in use compared to other Sodbusters. The blade shape is lovely but let down by the steel that makes food taste metally, and produced quite a toolish patina for a gentleman farm folder. Not great value, as you would have to turn this knife into an EDC daily beater then you will fall in love with it. Easy to sharpen. (Posted on )
  5. Get one.Review by
    This made a nice addition to my folding knife collection. I was looking for something that could be used a lot but also something that looked the part too, this knife definitely fit the bill.

    This is a quality knife in every way, and it has a nice strong back spring that gives a reassuring "snap" when you open it..

    The only possible downside is that the edge on my knife was sharp but extremely 'toothy'. But obviously this can be put right in a matter of minutes.
    (Posted on )
  6. Great uk legal edcReview by
    Superb and under rated knife, mine was super sharp out of the box,the handle texture gives extra grip and the fit & finish are great. The style, blade size and shape make it quite a non-threatening knife.
    A really good UK edc, with the usual first class service from Heinnie.
    (Posted on )

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